WORX WG 154 Review – Is It Really Worth The Money?

Gardening and yard work are both exhausting chores. That’s why WORX introduces the WG 154, an electric edger and trimmer that saves you time and gets the work done.

Many people are fed up of the conventional gasoline-fueled gardening machines, the stain it leaves behind, and its storage. What’s more, the mess gets too much to handle as you struggle to maintain your garden.

WORX strives for efficiency and the customer’s convenience. They are one of the top brands known for creating gardening tools and machines. Their aim is to create user friendly, high tech devices to simplify your daily home chores.

This is a lightweight, automatic, and compact device. It is a cordless trimmer. You can easily change its function from a trimmer into an edger, as well. This feature makes it extremely adaptable.

WORX WG 154 Review

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Advanced Features from the WORX WG 154 Edger

The device has built-in advanced features. Those can alter the tool’s functions, according to the work requirements. It’s a no-fuss device, and the tool can switch functions, with one tap of an icon.

The trimmer/edger has a battery power of 20V lithium battery. This shows that it can work for a longer duration. The machine also comes with a fixed front handle, which gives you control and a comfortable experience.

This trimmer is a crowd’s personal favorite, because of its durability and sufficient battery life. It can easily trim the regular weeds and grass and is also great for touchups.

The trimmer can work miracles on a regular yard. However, it might not be as effective for knee-high length grass and weeds.

WORX WG 154 Specs

  • Advanced Features from the WORX WG 154 EdgerProduct Height: 10 inches
  • Cutting Diameter : 10 inch – 12 inch
  • Product Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Battery Power Type: Lithium Ion
  • Charge Time: 5 Hours
  • Color: Orange
  • Cordless/Corded: Cordless
  • Number of Batteries Included: 1
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Voltage (volts): 20

WORX WG Options Available

Remember, each model comes with a different kind of battery, and the chargers may or may not be available.

Product Title
Comes With
1 20 V battery and 1 charger
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Two 20V Power share batteries,  1 Charger
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WORX WG 154 Features

WORX WG 154 is a miracle tool for your garden woes. One of its major features is the adjustable cutting blade.

Trimming and edging are one of the two main tasks it can perform. This means you can cover a large area with just this machine. The 100% single line feed provides optimal cutting performance.

Another attractive aspect is the 3-year warranty. Moreover, if you happen to find a defect in the tool, there is also a money-back guarantee for return within 30 days.

What Makes WORX WG 154 So Awesome

What Makes WORX WG 154 So Awesome

This device is an audience favorite due to its various features. Even so, what are the advantages of WORX WG 154 that have made it so popular in the market? They include:

  • Easy usage for everyone: The tool is easy to use and because it is lightweight, people of all ages or individuals can use this product effectively. It is half the weight, i.e., 4.5 lbs., than that of the average trimmers.
  • The ergonomic features: The tool offers an easy adjustable trimmer and handle.  You can easily change the cutting settings from 10 to 12 inches.  The 10-inch setting is great for trimming the small nits and grits.
  • Three-Year Warranty: The product comes with a three- year warranty and you can also return the product within the span of thirty days.

How to Use the WORTEX WG 154?

  • Insert the battery-powered trimmer into an electronic outlet. Adjust the settings on the device, according to the manual.
  • Place the trimmer line vertically on the ground. This will allow the tool to cut in a narrow manner. It will also give a neat look to the grass.

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User Feedback and Reviews: What People Said About the WORKS WG 154

Customer feedback and tool-related reviews are important and various sites, such as Amazon, provide useful information.  These reviews will tell you about the effectiveness of the product and customer feedback.

Most Common Complaints

  • Not Suitable for Every landscape: This device does its job well, but it’s ideal for a small or a regular-sized lawn. It can’t cut through long weeds or grass. It is a suitable tool for slightly trimming or maintaining the grass if the vegetation is that thick or long.
  • Battery Issues: The battery gets drained quickly. This means you get to trim the lawn in sections. Customers have complained that they had to purchase a new battery after a while.
  • Shaft Length Varies: The shaft length is different, and people might find it difficult to stoop or lower down to adjust it. After a couple of times, you’ll feel it become a nuisance.
  • The Spool Cap’s Quality: The spool cap is of low-quality and it can break easily. Also, the spool quantity is quite less.

Most Common Praises

  • Feel and Weight: The adapter combined with the 20V battery is similar in size and weight to an 18V battery in the same tools, but slightly more ergonomic.
  • Economical Way Forward: The tool has a great performance and is quite inexpensive, in comparison to the other gardening tools on the market.
  • Switches can be used easily: One of the best features of this tool is that it can switch from a trimmer to an edger. The automatic system isn’t that hard to master. Through the flip of a switch, you can easily alter functions.
  • Comfortable Experience: The device has a suitable helix trimmer cord, which is great for cutting grass. The cord is durable and not as thin. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to change it quite often. Also, it provides a nice trim to the lawn.

How Much Does the WORX WG 154 Cost?How Much Does the WORX WG 154 Cost

The WORX grass trimmers WG 154’s price ranges from $62 – $192. One of the best grass trimmers out there is WORKZ WG154, and its cost is around $85. The cheapest ones you could find may cost you around $40.

The device contains a Lithium ion battery and charger. Lithium ion batteries are generally expensive. So, getting a complete set of these batteries is a bonus. The two-tool feature is another great point in the machine’s favor, which makes this device worth the money it costs.


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Why Buy the WORX WG 154?

The WORX WG 154 is a multi-purpose tool, equipped with advanced technology. Grass trimmers and edgers are usually costly. However, with its’ convenient pricing and various features, this one is a worthy purchase.

A striking detail about this machine is that anyone can use it. The device consists of two tools, which are really effective in trimming grass, especially medium sized lawns. The two tools can be easily switched, from an edger to a trimmer and back.

An interesting factor about this machine is its eco-friendly initiative. The device comes with a 20 V Lithium ion battery, which is powerful and lightweight.

The lithium battery provides a power source a more environment-friendlier than machines that utilize gasoline as a power source do. The cordless detail will save you from detangling wires and cords.

Not only is this grass trimmer/edger used for cutting, but it has an extraordinary feature which protects flower beds. The product is definitely versatile, so that you can trim, cut, and manicure your lawn with it.

The device is so lightweight that it can be easily used to trim wide grass patches. You won’t get tired after using it for extended periods of time.

WROX WG 154 is a popular tool. Moreover, it has received a 4-star rating on Amazon and many good reviews. We can surely say that this is an ideal tool for your lawn.

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