Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Review

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/bigcart_notitle]What we’ve reviewed for you today is a special little sharpener that can sharpen not only your knives but your tools as well. Equipped with a variety of abrasive belts, this handy little tool will provide you with a professional-grade razor sharp edge whether you use it on standard blades, serrated ones and even your shovels and other tools. It is a compact unit so you’ll even be able to take it to your place of work and use it in right then and there.

To sharpen your blade correctly, you’ll need to do it at a right angle. If you’re inexperienced, determining the right angle can be a hassle, and you can easily damage your blade. That’s why Work Sharp manufacturers have implemented guides which are preset to the best sharpening angle taking the guess work out of the equation. The guides are set to two different angles depending on the type of knife used. For example, for your hunting knives you’ll use a fifty degree angle guide and for serrated and thin knives you’ll use a forty degree angle guide. All you have to do is pull the blade through the guide and you have a perfectly sharpened edge.

As I have mentioned earlier, this sharpener is very versatile. Besides knives, it does a great job of sharpening lawn mower blades, gut kooks, pruners and a whole host of other home tools. It can also be used for light grinding.

Work Sharp Specs & Features

  • Sharpens Any Blade You Throw at It;
  • Equipped With Guides for Trouble-Free Sharpening;
  • Causes no Damage to Blade Steel;
  • The Sharpening Belts are Very Easy to Replace;

People Who’ve Tried Work Sharp Have This to Say…

This is one of the most popular sharpeners on Considering that (at the time of writing this review) there were 3200 reviews and that the vast majority of those gave this sharpener a 5 star rating speaks a lot about this unit. Check out the reviews for yourself here.

One customer reported that it took him five swipes for each side to put a convex edge on a blade and a couple of swipes on with a fine blade to make it sharp. He also added that it took him around 35 seconds to change the belt. He also said that, for optimal results, you should pull the blade through the guide a couple of times with the motor turned off, to practice.

Another happy customer said that this particular sharpener has an advantage to other hard sharpeners and sharpening stones in that the belt flexes and allows it to adjust itself to the contours of the blade and prevents grinding off to much metal.

Even chefs find this unit amazing. One ex chef said that it took him a lot of time to master the sharpening stones because no other sharpener could match the results they provided. Until Work Sharp, that is. He was skeptical at first and used it on a beat up old knife and restored it to its previous glory in a couple of minutes.

To summarize, this is a great sharpener which will prove to be handy not only in your kitchen but in your shed as well.

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