Best Vlogging Camera Under 100 – Ultimate 7 Vlogging Camera

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Best Vlogging Camera Under 100Starting a U-Tube Vlog? You are all ready to go except for the camera. What makes a vlog different from a blog? That’s easy.
The vlog is a video blog. It is videos instead of words. If you want a blog on cake making you would write about different cakes, how to bake them and how to decorate them.
With a vlog you will show your followers different cakes, show and tell them how to make it and show them how to decorate it. This is all done with a video camera, now often called a vlogging camera.
Many vlogging cameras are quite expensive but there are still some very good ones for under $100. What should you look for in an under $100 vlogging camera? Which cameras on the market today make the grade? Let’s take a look.
Buying Guide
What makes a good vlogging camera? What are the features you are looking for and can count on in an under $100 camera? What do you need to keep in mind?
Two of the most important things to keep in mind as you begin your search. Those two things are content – what are you going to talk about – and your camera.
You need a good quality camera and the accessories that go with it. What makes a good quality vlogging camera?


  • First stay with recognizable manufacturers with good reputations in cameras – companies like Canon, Sony, Nikon. Even at lower price levels if you know what you are buying, you won’t be sorry.
  • Look for the most important accessories to your vlog and buy a camera that offers good quality in those accessories.
  • What is your content and how will the camera support it?



Best Vlogging Camera Under 100Obviously with a vlog your audio is very important. You can have a top quality picture, but if you viewers can’t hear or understand you because your audio is garbled or quiet.
You won’t have a successful vlog. So, the microphone is one of your most important accessories.
Some cameras will have special microphone but many of them will have a jack for you to add an external microphone. Many do have built in microphones, but those mics can allow for background noise on the video.
Where the mic is on the camera is also important. It needs to be on the front. Pay attention to the specifications and reviews on the microphone or use an external one.

Video Resolution

The Resolution with which your camera records the video is extremely important. Most inexpensive models usually have a 720p HD when you might want one that goes up to 1080p.
This is another area where you will have to decide what is most important to you. You will mostly find point and shoot cameras at this price level.
What type of content you are doing will have an impact on how much resolution you need.
With a personal vlog and a few followers, a resolution of 780p or even 1080p. However, if you gain thousands or tens of thousands of followers you will need a professional camera that is out of this range.


What could weight have to do with the quality of the vlogging camera? Well most vlogs need portability in the camera. This means you need a lightweight camera.
You can’t carry a heavy camera everywhere you go to get your videos. If you don’t need portability, we recommend a more expensive camera.
Manual Settings
More control over settings and outcomes if you need a better focus.

Auto Settings
Good for beginners; can’t change setting.
Effect of Vlogging Platform
You-tube might require a different camera than if your vlog is on Facebook or another site. Your type of camera might be dictated by your vlogging platform.

depends on the company making your camera and the model of the camera.

Best Vlogging Camera Under 100 TABLE

ModelBest FeaturePrice
Sony DSCW800    5x Zoom Lens & 10x Digital Zoom
Check Price
Nikon Coolpix A10 5x Zoom Lens
Check Price
Nikon Coolpix L32            5x Zoom Lens
Check Price
Ivation 20MP Underwater      4x Zoom Lens
Check Price
Canon PowerShot A2300  5x Zoom Lens
Check Price
Yisence HD Underwater     Digital Underwater
Check Price
Digital Vlogging Camera Full  16x ZoomLens
Check Price

Our 1st Pick: Sony DSCW800 Digital

This Sony DSCW 800 is our first choice with cameras that are under $100 because it meets so many of the criteria in our buying guide. First of all, you have a solid reputable brand.
It’s a brand that offers you a history of quality with electronics and cameras. Because you are dealing with a large, reputable company, you receive a good guarantee as well.
The DSCW800 offers you more features than anyone would expect on a camera that is under $100.

  • Maximum resolution of 5152X3864 – highest for a small sensor camera.
  • 20.0 MP Super CDD sensor of 1/2.3” (6.17 x 4.55mm) Provides detailed images.
  • 720 HD Video at 30fps Image Stabilization.
  • Professional 5X Optical Zoom Lens. 35mm equivalent.
  • 360 “ Panorama Sweep
  • Auto Smile Capture Shutter takes a picture anytime it detects a smile. Candid smile shots.
  • Low noise and minimal blur
  • Out of the box easy point and shoot in “Easy” mode.
  • USB charge from computer.
  • “Simplify” is a user friendly interface.
  • Light weight and compact at 125g.
  • Accepts Sony SD cards and Memory Sticks.
  • Affordability with unmatched quality at this price.

The only draw back this camera seems to have is it does not have wireless connectivity. In today’s world there is an obvious need for this. However, it is still the best deal in the under $100 category.

Our 2nd Pick : Nikon Coolpix A10   

The next two cameras on our list are both Nikon Coolpix – where once again you are getting a reputable and reliable brand with an array of features and accessories that are surprising at this price level.
  • The Nikon Coolpix A10 uses AA cells as its power source while almost all other cameras us Li-ion power packs.
  • The Coolpix 10 has a 5Xoptical  zoom allowing for viewing in a wide range of lengths.
  • There are 4 settings in the flash and six filter effects, so your vlog can have the best cinematic views possible at this cost level.
  • There is also the Smart Portrait system with reduced red eye and the Scene Auto Shooter Mode. These modes allow you to adjust according to how much light you need or have.
  • Fun to use and ergonomic in shape. It fits comfortably in your hand and comes in four colors.
  • 15 different scene modes.
  • The stabilization is excellent.
  • If you need to judge your exposure you have to look at the screen from a right angle because the viewing angles are limited.
  • The batteries and the SD card share a compartment and the batteries can fall out when removing or inserting the card.
  • There are some issues in low light with shadows and highlights.
  • The OVGA LCD screen is outdated.

Our 3rd Pick : Nikon CoolPic L32

The cousin of the Nikon CoolPic A100 is the Nikon CoolPic L32. This camera is just a little more expensive and while offering much of the same features as the A10, the L32 also offers its own.
  • It has a 3.0 “ LCD screen. It is easy to frame shots and to review them.
  • It has the same Smart Portrait System as the A10.
  • Like the A10 it uses AA batteries. No waiting for batteries to charge.
  • It has 720p HD with sound. Switch from still to video at the touch of the Movie Record button.
  • A good stabilization system in the electronic Vibration Reduction.
  • Built in microphone and widescreen format for videos will be great for your vlog.
  • It feels as if it was made more for video than for still which is what a vlogger wants.
  • The sensor is almost exactly the same as the A10 with 20.1mp and zoom to 130mm.
  • The built in microphone might not be sufficient to meet a vlogger needs.
  • Like the A10, the L32 has no wireless connection.
All in all, it is a very good vlogging camera. Either of these Nikons will do the job well.

Our 4th Pick : Ivation 20MP Underwater  

Here we have a rugged vlogging camera for those of you who go under water for your content. The Ivation is not only waterproof up to ten feet, it is also shockproof and dustproof.
  • Compact and slim it is easy to carry on any underwater journeys.
  • 20 MP for stills and 640X480 for video with a 4x sports digital zoom.
  • The screen is an LCD 2.7” and it has a built in digital flash.
  • Like the Nikons, it too runs on double A batteries so there is no charging batteries.
  • Uses microSD cards with a content limit of 32GB. You won’t be running out of data in the middle of your project.
  • Being waterproof will support your underwater adventures.
  • Being dustproof will support your back road adventures.
  • Being shockproof will support your back road adventures, climbing adventures and sports scenes.
  • Built in ten second timer.
  • Filters available at the touch of a button for preview and playback. There are 10 such filters.
  • They do tend to deplete quickly, and the cost can add up
  • If there is a negative it is the AA batteries which are also a positive.
  • It is not a well known brand outside of these types of cameras.

Our 5th Pick : Canon PowerShot A2300  


Here we have another, if not the most, reputable brand name especially in cameras. Aside from Nikon there might not be another brand associated with cameras as Canon.
This under $100 Canon vlogging camera is a good for more reasons than just its name.
  • The Canon Powershot sports 720p HD for its videos and like the Nikons, has a dedicated movie recording button.
  • 32 Shooting situations with Smart AUTO, proprietary Canon technology that leads to great pictures at the touch of a button.
  • Good stability with Digital IS cuts down on motion blur.
  • 1/2.3” CCD sensor and 16mp for great images.
  • DIGIC 4 image processor exclusive to Canon and increasing the quality of the image. It also uses its Advanced Subject Detection which catches any moving that is not human.
  • Wide angle lens of 28mm – Zooms of 5x optical, 4x digital 20x combined.
  • Stylish, simple and easy to use out of the box.
  • Help button will let beginners learn about and how to use its many features and functions.
  • No Bad Side To Discuss About It
All in all, the Canon A2300 is a wonderful camera for beginning vloggers but experienced vloggers will love the additional features.
The best of these are the optical view finder with pre-existing image features. You do give up some resolution in favor of the additional features.

Our 6th Pick : Yisence HD Underwater

Our last two choices do not have the brand recognition of Canon and Nikon within the world pf professional photography.
However, they are both great choices for the under one hundred dollar market. What makes the Yisence HD Underwater Camera so special?

  • Great compact design including a lanyard so that even in the water you can have it safely attached to your wrist and be ready to shoot at any time.
  • It is dustproof as well for those grand adventure along the old roads, mountains and deserts of the country.
  • It’s lightweight – again making it easy to carry and travel with.
  • Waterproof up to ten feet and for about an hour. Your can take stills or videos under water.
  • 14 optional resolutions and 24MP, with a built in LED flash light.
  • Video at 1920X1080 full HD.
  • Save your videos on an external SD card. With the built in USB port, you can easily transfer your pic or videos.
  • While the effective pixels are at 5.0, the max is at  24MP

Our 7th Pick : Digital Vlogging Camera Full HD1080p 

Finally, we come to the vlogging camera made by Sunlea. They do not have a very recognizable brand at this point.
The Sunlea Digital Vlogging Camera with full HD19=08p and 24.0MP Camcorder is one of the best choices for an $100 or less purchase. Why?
Because it has so many features and if you do any underwater aspect for your vlog, you need a good underwater camera.
For the money you get a lot with the Sunlea, even though you are not getting those age old brand names.
The Sunlea Digital Vlogging Camera has many features and functions to satisfy any vlogger.

  • The camera is designed to be lightweight and compact but still durable and sturdy. Easy to travel with this one.
  • 3.0 inches LCD flip screen that can be rotated 180 degrees. 1080p resolution for video and 24mp for stills. Excellent quality of both videos and stills. Ability to upload the content easily.
  • The flashlight is retractable and also can be popped up for larger shots.
  • Ease of use right out of the box. The Sunlea is user friendly.
  • Built in microphone and speaker.
  • Electronic stabilization so you don’t get blurred images and don’t need a tripod.
  • Built in WIFI connection.


So, you can see that there are a wide variety of digital cameras for vlogging that are priced under $100. I So, you can see that there are a wide variety of digital cameras for vlogging that are priced under $100.  f you include straight up camcorders in your search, then there are a lot more.
These are just the best of the pack. You will need to see which one has the features you need for a price you want to pay.
Given our review of these and your research into any other cameras, we are certain you will find what you need and want for less than $100.
Why not try one of these and see how it meets your vlogging needs?

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