Best Vacuum Cleaner Under 100 – Top Vacuum Cleaner On Budget

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best vacuum cleaner under 100
One part of adult life that few people like to do, but we must do, is vacuuming.
It can be a pain to clean the floors from pet hair, allergens, dirt, and other pollutants, but if you want a clean house, it must be done.
Vacuums come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.
If you’re moving into a house for the first time, or you need a vacuum and don’t want to spend too much, read on.
We’ll give you a guide to help you purchase vacuums as well as tell you which vacuums are good for less than a Benjamin.

What Are the Best Vacuums Under $100?

A good vacuum can cost hundreds of dollars. At least, that’s how it used to be. Nowadays, with technology improving and a competitive market, you can find vacuum cleaners for much less that do a whole lot more. We shall tell you the best vacuums out there and where to find them.

Black and Decker Airswivel
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Bissel Cleanview Onepass Vacuum
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Hoover Windtunnel 2 Rewind Whole House
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Bissell Readyclean
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Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik
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Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet-Dry
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Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum
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Eureka Blaze 3-in-One
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Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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First Pick: Black and Decker Airswivel

This is a great budget vacuum that you can find for about $50 or so. It’s simple to use, yet it’s quite strong for what the price is. It has a nice 170 degree motion range and a crevice tool to make it easier to reach those pesky spots.
It’s bagless as well, and with two liters, you should be able to make the cleanup process much easier. Not only do you spend less due to it being bagless, but you can also clean the filters and don’t have to buy any more.
Black & Decker is a good brand for a reason.


Robot vacuum cleaners used to be a luxury item. You imagined them cleaning the floors of mansions, and you didn’t expect it to be in an article about budget cleaning.
Robot vacuums can clean the floors automatically and can detect obstacles so they don’t bump into them, as well as detect when they’re about to fall off the stairs.
While they don’t have the deep cleaning power that normal vacuums do, they are great for hardwood floors, reaching under furniture, and providing regular cleanings.
Pyle Pure Clean goes for about $70. That is quite amazing. For the price, you get two hours of cleaning per charge, side brushes, obstacle detection, and much more.
No longer is this little robot buddy an expensive item. You can buy it for quite cheap, and it’s worth checking out.

Third Pick : Bissel Cleanview Onepass Vacuum

This vacuum goes for about $70 on Amazon, and it’s quite nice. It can suck up dirt as well as some vacuums that cost much more. Its suction technology is a force to be reckoned with, and it has a handheld brush to clean furniture and floors.
There are no bags for this vacuums, and it does have a washable filter. You can use its extension wand for other tough to reach spots as well. Overall, we highly recommend this vacuum out.

Fourth Pick : Hoover Windtunnel 2 Rewind Whole House

This vacuum is for those who want to break the budget. At $100, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s quite powerful. There are multiple suction channels to make it easier to grab deep dirt and with its attachments, you can be able to reach multiple spots that are normally hard to reach.
It’s a nice canister vacuum, but there are other options that do cost less, so it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Fifth Pick : Bissell Readyclean

This vacuum is about $89 and does a whole lot more than your average vacuum. This vacuum uses wet suction, which is great for stained carpets and carpets that require more cleaning than the average vacuum.
This vacuum uses hot water and a cleaning solution to clean your carpets. With its scrub brushes, the process is made a whole lot easier. In addition, you can use these brushes to clean hardwood and other tough surfaces as well, making this vacuum a hit no matter who you are.
This vacuum is great if you’ve found yourself needing to use professional cleaning services quite a few times. Check it out.

Sixth Pick : Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik

What if your budget is extremely low? Is it possible to find a vacuum for $20 or under? Yes, it is. A stick vacuum is one of the cheapest types of vacuums around.
This vacuum is lightweight and has enough suction to clean some dust and dirt. Also, you can detach and use it as a handheld vac as well.
If you want a vacuum that deep cleans, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you need a vacuum that can clean up some dirt and grime, then you may fall in love with this little thing.

Seventh Pick : Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet-Dry

A wet dry vacuum is another unique kind of vacuum, and this goes for under $30 usually. So what is a wet-dry vac? Simply put, it can suck away messes that are wet or dry.
Some vacs can only handle dry surfaces, and you can damage your vacuum if you suck in some water. This one can do any surface, and it can hold up to 2.5 gallons. It’s great for car cleaning and for daily cleaning as well. While not perfect for deep cleaning, you’ll still fall in love with this little thing.

Eighth Pick : Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum

What if you want a handheld canister vacuum and want to splurge a little? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Shark Rocket is a great suction vacuum that goes for around $90.
It can clean messes, pet hair, and its size makes it easier to carry around the house or when you’re traveling. It has a crevice tool as well to make cleaning much more easy. We say give it a try and see what you can do with it.

Ninth Pick: Eureka Blaze 3-in-One

Here is another stick vacuum, and this one is a bit more expensive than the last, but still cheap at $30.
It takes upright and canister vacuums and combines them both into a vacuum that is great for small areas. So what are the three modes it has?
First, it has upright mode to make it easy to reach those tough spots. Then, you can use the stick mode or handheld mode to clean up tougher spots. With a washable filter and its bagless technology, you can clean anything for not too much. We say it’s worth a purchase.

This robot vacuum cleaner is a bit more expensive, than the last one, but at $90, it’s still budget friendly. Plus, those extra $20 can go a long way. The Pure Clean is a bit friendly towards people with allergies, and it’s better for two story homes.
This is because of is better obstacle detection. Also, there is a HEPA filter to make it easier to store allergens. If you’re ready to clean with style, and you don’t need a deep cleaning vacuum, we say this little robot works well.

What to Consider When Purchasing

When buying a vacuum, there are some things you should think about before you buy. Some people just buy whatever vacuum they see without thinking, and this can end up being a costly mistake. Here are some factors to consider.

Type of Floor

Some houses are skipping out on the carpets for hardwood floors instead, while some houses are mostly carpet. There are vacuums that can tackle both types of floors, while other vacuums specialize in one type of floor only.
An upright vacuum is good for carpeted floors and floors that are in bigger areas. When purchasing an upright vacuum,  look for a floor nozzle and a brushroll. If there are ways to adjust the height, then all the better.
What about for the hardwood people? Alternatively, what about for people who have low-pile carpets? In these cases, canister vacuums work well. They can go under furniture and can clean thin surfaces quite well. Other vacuums designed more for carpets have a hard time sucking up hardwood floors.
As we said, most vacuums have features that appeal to both worlds, but double check.

Allergen Control

Did you know that pollution is much worse inside than outside? If you’re allergic, then you should be cleaning up regularly, especially if you have pets and have a pet allergy.
Look at the vacuum’s filter? Is it HEPA filtered? If so, the vacuum can help improve the quality of your air. Some vacuums use charcoal filtration, which is great for pets because it can control odor.
When searching for a HEPA filter, make sure it’s sealed as well. That way, the allergens will not leak out and instead be sealed in a place where they belong.

Vacuuming Frequency

How often do you vacuum? Once a week? Bi-weekly? Daily? If you vacuum daily, then you should find a vacuum that isn’t a hassle to use. Many vacuums take a while to set up and clean out, and you should reserve those for the weekly vacuums.
So how often should you vacuum? This will depend on the person. Families who get dirty and have pets that shed lots of fur may vacuum every day.
Meanwhile, people who don’t have this situation may vacuum once a week. It all depends on time and how cleanly you want to be.

How Many Floors Do I Have?

This contributes to the hassle concept. If your house has a bunch of floors, it can be troublesome to carry them up every floor. You can trip over cords, drop the vacuum, and hurt yourself or someone else. A vacuum that lacks cords or is lightweight may be better for you.
Some people may consider a vacuum for each floor if their floor has certain needs, but with this being a budget article, you may not consider this as much.

Hard to Reach Spots?

Some people will have spots that are just hard to reach. Under and behind the furniture for example. Some vacuums have a hose you can use to reach those spots, or you can get a stick vacuum to make the process much easier. Try it out and see what you can come up with.

Any Other Surfaces to Consider?

Besides the floors, think about couches and stairs. Will you need a vacuum for those? Will your current vacuum suffice? If so, then you’re in luck. If not, then you may want to consider a vacuum that delivers.
There are vacuums you can get with accessories and extensions to make the process easier. Alternatively, you can buy some smaller vacuums to make the process much easier.

Noise Level

There is no getting around it? Vacuums are noisy. Noise can bother kids, pets, people who are sensitive, neighbors, and anyone else with a sense of hearing. Obviously, a more powerful vacuum is going to be louder, and vice versa.
However, there are powerful vacuums out there that can make less noise because of their soundproof technology. If noise is a consideration, look up some videos on YouTube and see how noisy they are. Chances are, you can find a vacuum that can satisfy your noise tolerance.


Many vacuumers will want a vacuum where they don’t have to change bags often or clean out the brushes too often.No one likes to remove hair and dirt from the brushrolls, but it’s a reality of life.
Some vacuums are equipped so you don’t have to change bags often and they will make cleaning brushrolls easier by detachment. Meanwhile, other  vacuums will make it a problem to clean them out. How much maintenance do you like? The choice is yours.


Vacuuming every day or week can suck… literally. However, it’s something that must be done, and with a good vacuum under $100, you can make the process much more easier.
Which vacuum is the best out of all these can depend on what you’re looking for, which we discussed earlier. Try some out and see which vacuum is the best for the job. Anyway, happy cleaning.

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