UNIDEN AppCam 21 Review – Possibly The Best Security Camera?

Uniden has been providing innovative technologies for more than 50 years. Their solutions help you stay safe and in touch with your loved ones.

From home security cameras to security systems, their products cover a wide range. You’ll also find they make radio scanners and two-way radios. Thus, Uniden creates products that make it easy to stay connected.

Uniden AppCam Lite keeps you in control. With it, you can see live video from your Uniden AppCam 21with access to an internet connection. You can also group various AppCam 21 cameras together. This will provide you with footage from all over your business or house.

The cam includes a snapshot feature as well. With it, you can capture a still image from the video that you view on your devices. It lets you save lots of recorded files on the cameras MicroSD card too. Moreover, you can record and save videos and snapshots directly to your iPad or iPhone.

Read on till the end to discover all of the UNIDEN AppCam 21’s features. We mention its specifications, people’s complaints, their positive feedback, and its cost.

UNIDEN AppCam 21 Review

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UNIDEN AppCam 21 Specs

  • Easily and instantly watch footage from your Security Camera System.
  • Take snapshots and video with a smartphone.
  • View live video from your smartphone.
  • Get emails from the camera when it notices motion.
  • Choose any installed camera to view.
  • IP Indoor Camera
  • One camera can support two remote users (requires 768 kbps active upload bandwidth at any given time)
  • A wireless camera
  • Night vision
  • Remote View via a free app
  • SKU: RT6-13208-APPCAM21-MRF
  • UPC: 683422381638

UNIDEN AppCam 21 Options Available

Below we compare some alternatives of UNIDEN AppCam 21 that you will find in the market. Let us have a look at them.

Product Name
Video Resolution
Item Weight
UNIDEN AppCam 21
3.00 x 5.00 x 7.00 In.
1080 p
4.1 ounces
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Nooie Baby Monitor, WiFi Camera,
4.9 x 3.1 x 3.1 In.
1080 p
15.4 ounces
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Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom WiFi Indoor Smart Home Camera
2.4 x 2.4 x 5 In.
1080 p
8.8 ounces
Check Price
Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio by Moonybaby
7.6 x 4.9 x 4.8 In.
20.8 ounces
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However, in this guide, our focus will be on the UNIDEN AppCam 21 model.

UNIDEN AppCam 21 Features

  • UNIDEN AppCam 21 FeaturesNo PC Required: You do not need PC interface to view your videos on wireless devices or your smartphones. Uniden’s AppCam system runs to construct a robust home security network.
  • Direct Connection to Router: Uniden AppCam 21 allows you to connect to the camera through your WiFi router. You will only need to set up the network on your smartphones or other wireless devices. Install the cameras, and your system is ready.
  • Indoor WiFi Camera: Another fabulous feature of Uniden AppCam 21 is that it includes an indoor WiFi camera.
  • Remote Access: It gives remote access to recorded and live videos. You can also view the videos via Android or iOS Apps.
  • Single App: Both camera management and viewing options are available in one single app.
  • Extensive Range Recordings: UNIDEN AppCam can record VGA resolution up to 30 ftps.
  • Supports MicroSD card: UNIDEN AppCam 21 can record to microSD cards as well. It supports storage of 32 GB in the form of an SD card.
  • Motion-Detection Recording: This camera device is well-suited and efficient enough for motion-detection recording.
  • Built-in Microphone: UNIDEN AppCam 21 includes a built-in microphone.

What Makes the UNIDEN AppCam 21 So Awesome?

UNIDEN AppCam 21 comes up to be one of the best models from the Uniden company. It lets you monitor indoor activities while you are away from home. It has been designed for indoor use.

Since it is wireless, so it can be kept in any place. Moreover, it can switch to night vision. Therefore, even after the sun sets down, you can still look inside your home.

Below we discuss some more of its remarkable characteristics.

  • Day and Night Use: UNIDEN AppCam 21 is well-suited to both day and night time use.
  • Stand Included: The camera comes with an elegant stand.
  • Quality Video: This incredible camera provides you with high-class quality video with true colors.
  • Easy to Set Up: UNIDEN AppCam 21 does not have complicated features to understand or set it up.
  • Night Vision: The cam provides night vision for up to 15 feet.

What Makes the UNIDEN AppCam 21 So Awesome

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How to Use UNIDEN AppCam 21?

How to Use UNIDEN AppCam 21?

Uniden’s AppCam system works with your smartphones or wireless devices. It creates a robust home security network. You do not need a PC interface to run it. It can work on your wireless devices.

First of all, connect the camera through your WiFi router. Then set up the network on your mobile device. After that, you will have to install the cameras on your wireless devices.

Your network system is done and functioning now. Later, connect your wireless devices to your router. Use Uniden’s AppCam Lite app to access your cameras from wherever you have a WiFi connection.

The wireless AppCam 21 provides top quality videos, whether it is daytime or night. However, if grime, cobwebs, and dust amass on the camera glass, they can reflect light from the infrared LED. That can lower video quality. To overcome this issue, clean the lens glass with a soft cloth quite often.

User Feedback and Reviews: What People Said About the UNIDEN AppCam 21?

Before you go to buy this fantastic UNIDEN AppCam 21, you may like to know what its consumers are saying about it.

Most Common Complaints

  • Costly Compared to Other Competitors: Some people complained that the UNIDEN AppCam 21 is pricier as compared to others of its ilk.
  • No Instant Customer Support: Some of the customers found it a little hard to contact customer support service at Uniden when they required it.

Most Common Praises

  • Best Night Vision: People are admiring its night vision range. It is optimal as compared to other scrutiny cameras at similar prices.
  • Video Field is Sufficient: UNIDEN AppCam 21 provides an adequate video field that offers 1080p resolution.
  • Motion Detection: This cam is highly efficient in detecting even little motions. You can get the alerts on your smartphones or any other connected devices.

How Much Does the UNIDEN AppCam 21 Cost?

Uniden is a leading dealer of security cameras. Their newer camera system that is offered in UNIDEN AppCam 21 comes with the best of specifications.

User feedback shows the system is reliable and durable. You can get this brilliant camera for only $129. That price is nothing much in lieu of its exceptional features and excellent specifications.

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Why Buy the UNIDEN AppCam 21?

These days security in a home is one of the prerequisites for a stable life. The Uniden AppCam 21provides you with the required protection that will keep you at ease.

Even when you are having fun on a trip, you will know things are okay at home. The Uniden AppCam 21 allows you to view everything the camera watches on your tablet or smartphones from anywhere.

This camera can record up to 32GB data of videos with remote recording, utilizing the microSD card slot. The card is not included in this set. However, it is fully supported.

Once you have installed the application on your wireless devices or smartphones, the Uniden AppCam 21gives you the remote access to recorded snapshots or taped videos.

The camera will still record in the meantime. The Uniden security camera is capable of connecting via WiFi to a router.

It also features simple plug play setup, integrated software, email or mobile alerts, and event notifications. In short, the Uniden AppCam 21has all the features that you would like your security cameras to have.

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