Twister T4 Trimmer Review – Is It The Best Bud Trimmer?

Twister T4 Trimmer ReviewIf you’re searching for a high-volume trimmer that can replace a team of bud trimming machines, then take the time to check the Twister T4.

It is considered to be one of the fastest plant trimmers on the market today. With this heavy-duty trimming machine, you will turn your buds into profitable products.

By accommodating larger batches, you will boost productivity and increase operational efficiency. It can meet the highest standards of a growing business.

The Twister T4 trimmer has scalable and unique engineering that sets its apart from the rest. It also leverages distinctive rotation technology to be suitable for different plants.

This amazing trimmer is created thoughtfully with the best materials to deliver high-quality trims without damaging buds. It features advanced blade geometry that provides the extremely close cut. Additionally, the Twister T4 comes with a new dry tumbler option for a quick clean up.

Keep reading the Twister T4 review to find out why this reputable product is the leader in the industry.

Twister T4 Trimmer Specs

  • Cut Height: 0.4” / 1/25 / 1mm
  • Current Draw: 2A
  • Input Voltage: 115V
  • Tumbler Motor: 6W
  • Blade Motor: 200W
  • Motor Speed: 3450 rpm
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ (H) x 15″ (W) x 25″ (L)
  • Weight 56 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years

Twister T4 Trimmer Features

  • SoftTumble Technology: The trimmer is fitted with a small 5-inch tumbler that has a non-stick stainless steel surface. The polished surface maintains a short tumble distance while reducing the wall crawl. It causes minimal damage to flowers.
  • Low-touch non-stop trimming: This heavy-duty machine is designed for minimal human handling and continuous runtime. It can withstand the rigors of extensive use while producing fast results.
  • Expandable: Not many trimming machines can run in configurations. Connect up to four trimmers in a row to increase performance and productivity. With four T4 units, you will be able to produce up to 110 pounds of marijuana per hour when working with wet flowers.
  • Two-piece design: The Twister T4 features 2-piece construction. It has aluminum large-grip handles on both sides for easier movement. Despite being lightweight, it features durable strong components to hold up to wear and tear.
  • Wet and dry trimming options: You can use either a dry or wet tumbler according to your needs. The tumblers are easy to swap out and remove, which allows for effortless switch between wet and dry trimming. Note that the dry tumbler must be purchased separately.
  • Low-profile leaf collection bag and powerful fan: This fan-cooled machine is equipped with a new collector bag that can catch even the finest particles. The 80-micron filter ensures supreme airflow, while the trimmings are cleaned up quickly for easy disposal.

How to Increase Twister T4 Performance

Combine multiple T4 trimmers by setting them in a line to increase the performance and get the most out of your trim sessions.

The T4 allows you to run up to four in-line units at a time thanks to its expandable design. You will achieve an increase in performance and production speed. Start with one machine and increase the number as your business grows.

Aside from connecting multiple Twister T4 trimmers, you can also add a number of accessories. It is compatible with different collection bags, leaf blowers, tumblers, feed conveyors, hoppers, and quality control conveyors.

Take a look at the table below to get an idea of how much this trimmer can process when working with dry and wet material.

Number of units
Average Feed (lbs/hr)
Note: These are just estimates. The processing volume may vary widely, depending on the flower size, plant type, and trimming angle.

Twister T2 vs Twister T4 Trimmer

Twister trimmers are available in a few different sizes in order to suit different trimming requirements.

If you need a trimmer for a large harvest, then you should choose between Twister T2 and T4 models. They can handle a huge amount of buds efficiently. There is also Twister T6 that is perfect for those looking for a smaller trimmer.

Here, we will compare the Twister T2 and T4 trimmers and see the main differences between them. The T4 is the first product that has been produced by Twister Trimmer followed soon by T2 – its more powerful and larger brother.

Product Name
Dimensions (inches)
Discharge (inches)
Feed (lbs/hr)
Weight (pounds)
Twister T2 Trimmer
32.5 x 27.5 x 42.5
7-11 (dry)
Check Price
Twister T4 Trimmer
16.5 x 15 x 25
4-7 (dry)
Check Price

Processing Volume

The Twister T2 trimmer is created for large-scale production and it is designed with quality control and consistency in mind. With this powerful machine, you can tackle the large trimming projects.

This trimming machine can process anywhere from 7 to 11 dry buds per hour and perform 19,250 cuts per minute, depending on their size. Just as with Twister T4, you can increase the production lines by connecting multiple trimmers.

While the Twister T4 is still suitable for large projects, the production volume would be a bit lower. So if you plan on trimming a lot of buds on a regular basis, your best bet is to harness two or more machines.

Quality of Trim

No matter which model you choose, you can rest assured that it will do a great job of trimming in terms of quality. The proprietary Twister blades deliver the closest cut possible while preserving the flower profile.

The T2 uses a QuickClick Technology that ensures ultra-fast and very precise adjustments (0.0009″ per click). On the other hand, the T4 employs a SoftTumble technology that ensures high-quality outcomes.

Portability & Weight

At 56 pounds, the Twister T4 trimmer is easy to transport and move from one place to another. Being larger in size, the Twister T2 is heavier – it weighs 100 pounds. Nonetheless, it is still portable thanks to the in-built wheels.

User Feedback & Reviews: What People Said About the Twister T4 Trimmer

Most Common Complaints

  • Demanding maintenance: It is necessary to disassemble and clean the trimmer every day. While disassembling is quite easy, you will have to frequently impeller and clean both the filter bag and housing. That could be a tedious chore for some people.
  • Loss of extra trim: The leaf collector doesn’t capture all the kief, which results in trim losses. So, it might not be the best choice if you plan to make concentrates with trim.

Most Common Praises

  • High performance: The powerful 200W motor ensures high-performance outputs for many hours of use. It enables you to trim about 7 pounds of marijuana per hour. This exceeds the expectations of most users.
  • Gentle on flowers: People said that the trimmer is very gentle on their flowers. The low-touch trimming ensures that the buds experience the least possible impact. Damage is minimal for best results.
  • Portable and lightweight: Carry and transport this machine easily wherever you go. It will fit in your trunk. The combination of stainless steel and anodized aluminum makes this trimmer lightweight yet durable.
  • Easy cleaning and tear down: It only takes a few seconds to disassemble the trimmer. No tools required. According to customer reviews, it is possible to tear it down in 15-20 seconds and clean in less than 5 minutes.

How Much Does the Twister T4 Trimmer Cost?

You can expect to spend somewhere between $7000 and $7,500 on this product. Obviously, it is not the most affordable trimming option. However, this trimming machine will pay for itself in the long run by lasting longer and performing better than its rivals.

The price tag can be shocking for you, but if you need a high volume machine to trim a huge amount of flowers, the Twister T4 is a perfect choice. So, is it worth the price?

You will have peace of mind knowing that you’ve invested in something that would last you a lifetime. Not only will this super-fast trimmer serve you well without issues, but it will also help you get a high return on your investments.

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