Fried chicken pops, nuggets, french fries, crispy onion rings, crispy roasted beef, roasted shrimps etc. are all one of the most commonly preferred finger foods. They are not just easy to cook, but also satisfying in terms of taste. But no matter how much you adore the taste of such foods, you surely cannot adore the way they affect your waistline. So, is there any way to enjoy these comfort foods without feeling heavy, bloated, uncomfortable and fat?

Can you not add hundreds of calories by just eating two handful of fries? In short, can you avoid going on a guilt trip every time you indulge in tasty fried foods? The answer is a Yes! In this oil-less fryer review, we’ll explain you how.

After a thorough research, whole wide generations of oil-less fryers have emerged out that do not use even a drop of oil to cook your favorite crispy, fried foods. Best part is that you can still eat all that without missing the flavor or aroma that you used to get with conventional frying. These fryers are built to provide you with thoroughly cooked food, leaving the skin surface of the food crisp and inner stuff juicy, tasty and moist.

In the last ten years, a lot of electronics manufacturers have come up with a wide range of portable and feature-rich oil-less fryers, especially designed for those who just cannot afford to eat any more calorie rich food.

No matter what you want to cook, everything that you put inside the burning chamber will come out looking great, palatable and crisp. This modern cooking method is giving a tough time to  conventional cooking practices. What else? You get these units at affordable price, which is quite impressive.


The technology and methods used in oil less fryers are one of three kinds – convection, halogen and infrared heating. Regardless of the technology you choose to buy, the final outcome will be same.

Basically, most oil-less fryers work by heating or burning the air present inside the unit up to certain degrees. This heating function is performed by halogen, convection, or infrared methods. They heat the air and then encircle it around the food to cook. The food inside these air fryers is cooked in layers. Until the outer layer gets crispy and brown in color, the air will continue to circulate.

The halogen technology in these fryers use heat itself to cook the outer surface of the food. The surface can be cooked until it turns brown, crisp, roasted and flavorsome. The infrared method radiates firm and gentle waves which cooks the food appropriately from inside out, as well as keep the flavors and aromas intact.

One of the best advantages of using oil less fryers is that you can cook all kinds of food. From frying chicken to toasting breads and steaming vegetables, you can use it for any purpose that involves cooking. It is a healthy and fast substitute for conventional cooking methods.

Now you can eat all you like without worrying about gaining extra calories because of the conventional cooking methods that use oils or fats. Moreover no preheating or hawing is required in modern oil free fryers. Therefore, you end up saving time, as well as a lot of money in the long run.


As already mentioned, the time consumed in preparing one food item can be reduced by 30-40%, the oil proportion will be minimized to 80-90% and the total cost of the preparation will reduce about 70% if you choose to use oil-free fryers.

In short, the total cost savings of frying and roasting food comes up to 50%.

In addition to saving, these also ensure safe and healthy cooking. Modern oil-less fryers are made keeping in mind all potential safety hazards, such as spilling of oil, smoke, splattering of extremely hot food, and fire etc.

These risks are eliminated as the fryers are made with durable and food-safe materials, such as hard plastic and stainless steel. Even when the inner surface is hot and preparing your food, the outer layer of the fryer will be cool.

Considering all the amazing benefits and utilities of feature rich, modern oil-free fryers, it is no wonder that a growing number of people are feeling spell bound. If you wish to experience the safe, quick and oil-less way of cooking food, it is highly recommended to try the oil-less fryers.

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