Masterbuilt 23011014 Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer Review

This holiday season, break away from the usual old-fashioned oven roasted turkey and come on board frying your bird. ...

Turkey is a favorite main dish for this holiday season that is appealing with many holding it dear for special occasions in thousands of homes especially on social functions. Its crunchy skin that has sealed juicy flavors inside is what makes it an extreme favorite.

However many at times people don’t get to know that cooking a perfect turkey recipe is not as easy as it looks. Actually many would attest to the fact that having a perfectly cooked turkey, burn free is hardly easy.

It’s a very unpleasant experience burning turkey and completely embarrassing yourself and starving your visitors.

Looking for a reliable safer option in the electric turkey fryer might be your way out.


The electric turkey fryer has a relatively big capacity of cooking area that is divided into various removable sections. To use it the inner pot is filled with putter and this is where the actual frying takes place.

The frying chamber is connected to an inbuilt timer that ensures there is easier and correct timing of the cook time. Using it has proved to be relatively easier by following the instruction manual which has specified detailed instructions guide on what to use and how use it. Because it is relatively big, it takes a relatively longer time for the oil to heat up, about 30 minutes to reach the 375 degrees.

Though the timer instructions set recommendation time is put at three and a half pounds per minute, you have to play amount with the timing and sometimes adjust it to four minutes per pound to make it extra succulent and juicy.


I found that using an electric cooker is relatively easier and convenient to use. There are no set hustles that are known with using an outside turkey cooker. That is starting the fire and keeping it hot for up to 3 hours at a time.

The electric turkey fryer is also faster to use, that is the waiting that people are accustomed to when baking in a regular oven it cut by more than a half. Just to break the mathematics in, it takes about three and a half minutes to cook one pound that translates to roughly sixty minutes for a twenty pound turkey. What takes about five hours to bake takes just sixty minutes with a more flavorful juicy turkey!

The material used to make the whole electric fryer is top quality. Its attractive, easy to use, conducts heat well and easy to clean. The removable inner parts can even be washed with a dishwasher.

No more scrubbing manually to get out all the mess. You are assured of a well cooked through turkey, no half raw half burned unappealing looking turkey that kills appetite. You get your turkey, you prepare it well, you set the timer and let it be.

No more worries of checking up on it if you have done everything right. When the cook time ends, your turkey is done. The best part of it all is that the electric fryer is versatile. That simply means that you won’t be stuck with something that will just be used for a single purpose. It can fry, steam and even boil food with same great results proving a worthwhile investment.


Saying that the fryer has no drawbacks would be highly misleading and wrong. Just like everything else, problems can arise, after all, it’s used for cooking and everyone knows how messy it can get. The first obvious drawback is the size. Though it can accommodate from twelve to fourteen pounds of turkey, which is still too small especially for large families and social gatherings.

Purchasing an extra large turkey isn’t an option because it just won’t fit. First time uses can find that measuring the correct amount of oil proves difficult. This causes the oil to spill on the heating element and creates this smoke that is blinding and choking. The electric fryer also needs washing after every use, and if you like many people out there, that isn’t exactly a great hobby.

As you have read this say this, it’s quite obvious that embracing the use of an electric turkey fryer is a necessity; at least it would save you from one too many unpleasant cooking experiences. Everything will come right and you will have a reliable electric cooker that will give you juicy turkey with every cook.

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