Tojiro DP 2-piece Chef’s Knife Set Review

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/bigcart_notitle]Ask any chef or professional cook and they will tell you that a knife is to them what a pair of scissors is to a hairdresser: an essential tool. In spite of this affirmation, many chefs will also tell you that finding good-quality knives at fair pricing is highly unlikely. Here’s good news to both amateur and professional chefs alike: the Tojiro DP 2-piece Chef’s Knife Set may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Why should you get one?

The main reason why so many shoppers flock to purchase the Tojiro DP 2-piece Chef’s Knife Set is its toughness. The blade is made like few other knives around the globe. For one thing, it features a full-tang, 3-plied covering with a core of VG-10 super steel. As if this were not enough, all of this is encased by two additional layers of rigid, stainless and rust-resistant steel. All these protective devices result in a powerful blade that is able to score a 60 Rockwell Hardness. Besides, users agree that when used at a 9-12 degree angle, the piece reaches almost surgical precision.

Anything else to like?

As with most top-quality knives, a good blade calls for a proper handle. The Tojiro DP is no exception, following the strictest Micarta riveted-style, the handle ensures users maximum safety and precision. It is not only thanks to the technical features that users opt for this set, each handle is unique because they are finished by hand by Japanese craftsmen. Handles and blades can be found following a large array of models, each one offering variety regarding sizes and blade shapes as well.

Tojiro DP 2-piece Chef’s Knife Set Specifications

What do you get when you purchase this set?

  • Full-tang, 3-ply clad construction with a core made of VG-10 super steel.
  • Top hardness: maximum durability.
  • Triple-riveted Micarta-style handle with hand-finished details.
  • Easy to maintain and to sharpen.
  • Versatile and easy to use.
  • Top-quality materials.

Rounding Off

Nothing tells us more about the quality of a product than the reviews shared by those who have purchased and tried it themselves. On average, most reviewers express their happiness and satisfaction when referring to this set. Enjoyed and cherished by both amateur and professional cooks, these knives have gotten two thumbs up from a large crowd. The most popular comment involves the blade and how sharp it is. A few enthusiasts have expressed their full satisfaction with the way almost any type of food can be cut.
Even so, a handful of users have referred to the set’s lack of beauty when compared with other similar products. Even when it is true that there is no special artistry going on for the Tojiro series, their performance on the job ousts any alleged aesthetic flaw.

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