TAC Force TF-705GY Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/bigcart_notitle]The TAC Force TF-705GY Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife is a partly-serrated linerlock knife. The knife measures 4.5 inches closed, and features a half-serrated drop point blade made of black stainless steel. Its gray aluminum handle, with block style grooves and drilled hole design, boasts of a comfortable grip. In addition to being a trusty tactical knife, it also comes with a can opener, a glass breaker, and a pocket clip. The blade comes with a  thumb slot and also has an extended tang that comes with a lashing hole.

Tac Force Tactical Assisted Opening Folding Knife Review:

There were close to forty customers who gave their thoughts on this tactical knife, and the average rating was a high 4.3 stars. At least two-thirds of the reviewers were happy enough to grant it a perfect 5.0-star rating, with only a handful of them giving it a rating below 3.0 stars.

The reviewers were generally impressed with how well the assisted opening worked. It was described as being very aggressive and coming with a cool design. One reviewer described the knife as feeling like a more expensive tactical knife, and he appreciated how it was presharpened when it arrived and held an edge quite well. Another buyer who really enjoyed this knife confirmed that it was very sharp and very easy to use. Although he was used to wrist-flicking as a way of opening a folding knife, he still liked the assisted opening feature of this particular model. Another reviewer admitted that he could not really tell if the material was good, but that the knife felt very solid and seemed perfect for small tasks like camping and related activities. One other buyer said that for the price, it was a good buy; he shared, of course, that he used it mostly for small tasks, and for that it seemed durable enough.

One of the reviewers who complained about the knife said that he felt he was cheated. Apparently, it arrived in what seemed to be a good quality, but when he started playing with the knife, he saw that the screws flew out: he checked and found that only half of the screws were holding the knife together. He shared how he laughed at himself for having been stupid enough to expect a very cheap knife to last any long time. Of course, one other reviewer contested this complaint, saying that he did not have any issues with loose rivets or studs, as he found the knife to be solid and feeling great in the hand. Other issues were relatively minor, with one of the buyers who loved the knife noting that it was a bit tough to open and close, but he felt that it probably just meant that it required more use to get it to open and close more easily. Possibly, the tactical knife with loose screws everywhere was just an unfortunate lemon.

Based on the numerous customers who were satisfied with TAC Force TF-705GY Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife, we would be happy to recommend it, albeit mostly for small tasks and perhaps not really for long-term heavy-duty use.

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