STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS Professional Power Station Jump Starter Review – Is It Really A Versatile Power Station?

Like the previous versions of STANLEY power stations, the STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS Professional Power Station Jump Starter is a digital air compressor, portable jump starter, and power supply in one.

It comes packed with an easy-to-read digital gauge and even more power. It can help keep your regular-use appliances working in the event of a power failure, such as laptops, lamps, TVs, and more.

This power station is a brilliant companion for people living in areas where seasonal storms are common. When the weather clears out, you can also bring it along on tailgates to camping trips.

It can go anywhere where you’d want a portable power source. Moreover, it is a dependable roadside assistant that enables you to inflate your tires in a pinch.

STANLEY FATMAX also lets you jump-start your vehicles without the requirement of another automobile. Consider it a kind gift for yourself and your loved ones.

This jump starter keeps you confident. It connects you with the solutions to life’s everyday obstacles. Let us go through more of its specifications below.

STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS Professional Power Station Jump Starter Review

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  • Brand: STANLEY
  • Power Type: Battery
  • Model: PPRH7DS
  • Contained Battery Type: Lead Acid (Nonpliable)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PPRH7DS
  • Product Dimensions: 10.00 x 10.00 x 10.00 Inches (L x W x H)
  • Integrated Ultra-bright LED light
  • 12-volt DC plug
  • A high output USB outlet
  • 120 PSI piston-driven air compressor
  • Heavy-Duty Brass Tip Surefit Compressor Nozzle
  • Reverse polarity alarm
  • Power and charge indicator

STANLEY FATMAX 1400 Options Available

Below we compare some alternatives of STANLEY FATMAX 1400 that you will find in the market. Let us have a look at them.

Product Title
Item Weight
16 x 13.5 x 6 in.
19.5 pounds
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DEWALT DXAEPS2 Professional Power Station
19.5 x 11.5 x 12.5 in.
37.5 pounds
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DEWALT DXAEPI1000 Power Inverter 1000W
9.3 x 12.4 x 4.7 in.
6.97 pounds
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DEWALT DXAEPI140 Power Inverter 140W
4 x 2.5 x 7.8 in.
0.7125 ounces
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However, in this guide, our focus will be on the STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS 1400 model.


  • STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS 1400 Features1400 PEAK Battery Amps/Fast Starting Amps: This power station is manufactured in such a way that it can jump-start a big range of machines and vehicles. It produces 700 quick starting amps or 1400 PEAK battery amps.
  • Reverse Polarity Alarm: The device consists of a reverse polarity alarm. It notifies you if there is a wrong connection before you jump-start a vehicle.
  • 120 PSI Digital Compressor: STANLEY FATMAX 1400 keeps the tires on trucks, cars, bikes, SUV’s, and other cars pumped up to the absolute pressure.
  • LED Work Light: Useful in places where there is a limited amount of lighting. Or when it is necessary to have access to a reliable light source. The tool’s professional power station’s LED work light supplies this light.
  • 500 Watts Portable Household Power and 2 AC Power Outlets: If you are at a place where you do not have access to a power supply, STANLEY FATMAX 1400 portable household power station works as the ideal replacement. It produces 500 watts of electricity. STANLEY FATMAX provides a wide range of power outlets. You can use those outlets to power a wide range of small systems, like tools, gadgets, and other electric appliances.
  • In-Built Digital Compressor: STANLEY FATMAX 1400 has a built-in digital air compressor. That helps in advancing its performance even more. The compressor also sets it apart from similar types of power stations available.

What Makes the STANLEY FATMAX 1400 So Awesome?

STANLEY FATMAX 1400 comes up to be one of the best models by STANLEY. Below we discuss some more of its remarkable characteristics.

  • High Functionality: Due to its powerful battery and digital compressor, this power station works quite efficiently.
  • Perfect for Emergency Use: Because of its LED work light, reverse polarity alarm, and backlit LCD screen, this product is more than perfect for emergency use.
  • Easy to Set Up: STANLEY FATMAX 1400 comes with easy-to-operate functions and is very comfortable to use.
  • Compact Size: It is not a very big unit in size.

What Makes the STANLEY FATMAX 1400 So Awesome


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How to Use STANLEY FATMAX 1400?

How to Use STANLEY FATMAX 1400

The STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS is a high-quality power station. It is sturdy, versatile, and portable. The approximate measurements of its digital display are 16″ W x 13-1/4″ D x 6″ H.

It can be used as a digital air compressor, a portable jump starter, or as a power supply. It is perfect for use by businesses, at home, or even when you are on the move. STANLEY FATMAX 1400 takes up very little space and is very convenient.

It is so powerful that it can jump-start 8-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and 4-cylinder vehicles. It also lets you power up and charge all types of electronic gadgets and appliances, including domestic devices.

That means you can use it for juicing up your laptops, cell phones, and any other items that run on electricity.

User Feedback and Reviews: What People Said About the STANLEY FATMAX 1400?

Before you go to buy this fantastic power station, you would like to know what the consumers are saying about it.

Most Common Complaints

  • Heavy Unit: Some people complained that the unit is a little heavier to carry.
  • Performance Over Time: According to some users, the working of this unit can become an issue over time.

Most Common Praises

  • Wide Range of Functions: STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS comprises of a wide variety of regular functions. That is why you can use it for your home appliances as well.
  • Portable and Durable: People like it a lot because of its portability. Plus, most reports say that the device is reliable and lasts long.
  • Safety Features: STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7 power station includes a wide range of safety features. There is no danger in using this compact device.

How Much Does the STANLEY FATMAX 1400 Cost?

How Much Does the STANLEY FATMAX 1400 Cost

This professional power station includes fourteen hundred peak battery AMPs and seven hundred quick starting AMPs.

Moreover, it boasts 500 Watts of portable home power with two AC power outlets. There is a 12-volt USB outlet also to help you charge personal electronic appliances.

With so many of those wonderful and useful features, how do you like getting this all-in-one product at a price under $125? If you ask us, that is exceptionally reasonable pricing for such a powerful power station.

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Why Buy the STANLEY FATMAX 1400?

The STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS professional power station is a portable and versatile power station. It has the potential to take you out of a big number of problematic situations.

Moreover, it can be used to fulfill a lot of daily-routine purposes. People who are using this device do not like to leave home without it.

Furthermore, the unit comprises of three nozzle adapters, LED work light, heavy-duty metal cables, and clamps. The audible and visual reverse polarity alarm has made the product distinct from its other alternatives.

Let’s Go Over the Warranty & Why We Love this Product

This jump starter provides you with heavy-duty housing with rubber over molds for added durability and protection. Lastly, the unit comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, it eliminates the risk of you losing your money.

The fact is that you can use it as a power supply, air compressor, and a portable jump starter. It implies that you have an all-in-one comprehensive power station.

Overall, the STANLEY FATMAX PPRH7DS professional power station gives you peace of mind. That is exactly what you want to experience when things do not go right.

We highly recommend this portable unit to you because it lets you become more self-supporting. Moreover, STANLEY FATMAX makes it simpler for you to deal with various problems that may occasionally occur, such as power failures, flat tires, and dying engines.

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