Best Projectors Under 200 – Top 10 Projectors Reviewed

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Are your kids bugging Best Projectors Under 200you for a projector to watch their videos on? Is your wife saying the same thing about family videos? Well you’re in luck!
We have seen the availability of these projectors go up while the price comes down. If you love watching football games, DVD’s or your kids Blu-ray Discs, basketball, racing, any type of sports, on your 60’Smart TV, why do you need a projector?
An in-home projector will enhance your experience beyond what your 60’ smart tv can do. Just think about watching movies in the summer outside on your patio.
This is especially fun when you are entertaining friends or family. Think about your Oscar or Super Bowl party. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood for the Super Bowl.
With a projector you can very easily get a 120 inch picture. What would it cost if you even could get a television that big? Probably around $90,000 to $100,000.
Now that you know you do want a projector and you plan to buy one, let’s learn a little more about the projectors out there and what you can get for your budget of $200.

Buyers Guide

If you are considering buying a projector with a $200.00 budget, you need to know what you want and what’s available. First let’s start with the basics about home projectors.
There are different types of factors to consider about any projector and especially since your $200 budget is at the low end of the spectrum.

The Quality of the Image

There might be nothing more vital ,when you are spending less than $200, than the quality of the image. There are several very good projectors in that market category.
You want and will be able to find some nice image clear, colorful and crisp in this price point. The size of the projector should not affect the quality of the image.

Does size matter?

The easy answer is no it does not. The smaller, more compact units should give you the same quality all around as the larger units. It is a matter of personal preference. The more important is the features you want and whether the unit has them, regardless of the size.

Light Source

Best Projectors Under 200Lighting Source: Where are you going to put your project? How much light is in the room naturally? This makes a big difference in the type of projector you will want to buy.
Today’s projectors don’t need a black room, the more darkness you can provide the easier your projector has to work. You will need to choose between the LCD and the DLP.

DLP Digital Light Processing

Perhaps more important that this is whether or not the projector uses a lamp or a laser as the light source. A lamp projector uses light bulbs and they only last for 3000-5000 hours. If you think you will use your projector like a television, you will be buying a lot of bulbs.


The question is how many different devices can you connect to your box? Even for a $200 and under projector, you should be able to get connectivity for multiple devices.
The kind of things you might want to connect to your projector include your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet or Blu-ray player. Find the one that fits your electronic devices.

Ease of Use

Some projectors are easy to use, and others are not. What you want depends on how technologically savvy you are. If you are not technologically savvy then make sure you buy a projector that is intuitive, has easy to decipher icons and easy to set up.


There are a few other things you should consider. Portability might be considered. Is your projector permanently attached to a wall or inside a ceiling, or is it light enough to be moved around?
This is the feature that lets you put on a show in your back yard. Portability has many benefits and it is fun, but only if the installation and reinstallation are easy and simple.

Lighting Output

Lighting Output should also be considered. We discussed the source of the light earlier, but this is about how much output the light source gives. In order to know what your light output would be.
You need to understand ANSI Lumens ratings. For any home theater you need at least 1000 ANSI lumens. Anything less than that will give you a soft, muddy picture.
The amount of lumens needed is dependent on where you will use the projector and how light or dark that space is. A brighter room needs more lumens than a dark one and that might confuse people.
It is the opposite of what we would expect. If your room has a lot of ambient light, you will need to look at projectors with at least 3000 lumens.

Best Projectors Under 200Resolution

Just as it is with televisions, resolution and aspect ration are things we have learned are important to our viewing pleasure. The aspect ration with a home projector is the shape of the rectangle that is projected.
If the aspect ratio is 23:8 it means that the projection is 23 units or width for every 8 units of height.
On home projectors you cannot change the aspect ratio. It is fixed. This is what is happening when your television shows you a movie that doesn’t fill the screen but rather has black sections on both sides.
This is because your aspect ratio is larger than the movie’s aspect ratio. So, choose a projector that matches the size of projection you usually watch. Just don’t make it too small.
Other things to consider include the screen, inputs, color resolution and pixel density.
Table Of Best Projectors

ProjectorScreen SizeResolutionContrast RatioPrice
LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector 60” to 100”1920 x 1080 150,000:1
Check Price
Optoma HD142X 1080P 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector 27.88” to 305.3”1920 x 108023,000:1
Check Price
BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Home Theater Projector Short Throw Up to 100”1920 x 108015,000:1
Check Price
LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector with Screen Share 40” to 80”1280 x 72010,000:1
Check Price
Optoma GT5500+ 1080P Lumens 3D DLP Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector Up to 100”1920 x 1080 25,000:1
Check Price

Our First Choice :  GooDee Movie Projector Multiple Inputs 

One of the best projectors under two hundred dollars, is the GooDee Movie Projector. Some of the reasons are technical superiority in areas like brightness and resolution.
However, if you have kids who can’t wait to play their Xbox or PS4 on a big screen, then this is the projector for you.
But if you’re someone who is really bothered by the sounds most projectors make, the GooDee Movie Projector will surprise you with its quiet operation.
It’s portable on top of everything else! Let’s look more closely at what this projector has to offer that make it one of the best.

  • Supports Multiple Interfaces: Not only does the GooDee Movie Projectors support Xbox and PS4, it also supports many others such as X-360, X-one, PS3, iPad, iPhone, other mobile phones – Android, and laptops.
  • The connections are HDMI/AV/VGA/USB and dual HDMI and USB. So just wait till you see those videos you took on your phone on your big screen.
  • Contrast Resolution of 3000:1 and native resolution of 1280 X 800 for brightness and picture quality. Upgrades have increased the sharpness of the picture.
  • Extremely quiet operation when compared with other $200 projectors. The amazing thing about the work GooDee has done here.
  • Is that they increased the power needs, heat levels and brightness while at the same time reducing the fan and motor noise. This is a very quiet unit.
  • LED light source leads to a great viewing experience. At four to sixteen feet the image size is 35- 180 inches. Your light bulbs will last for 30,000 hours of use.
  • Warranty – GooDee has a hassle free three year warranty. The company prides itself on its sales and customer service.

Our Second Choice : Abdtech LCD Portable Focus and Picture Quality 

We chose the Adtech LCD Portable Projector Home Theater as one of the best projectors for the money especially for its image focusing capabilities and accuracy.

  • The user is able to increase this function and get the best possible image, the highest quality. All you have to do to get the best picture is turn a knob, adjust the lens and focus the image.
  • This is a really nice Portable Outdoor Home Movie Projector. It has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and 2600 Luminous efficiency that allows you to watch a high definition.
  • High quality picture anywhere from four to ten feet away. With its giant screen and crystal clear images, your family will enjoy outdoor watching all summer long.
  • One of the greatest assets of the Abdtech LCD Portable Projector Home Theater is its ability to handle multiple interfaces.
  • This made this projector available for a variety of purposes. The unit comes packaged with AV, HDMI, USB, and VGA interfaces. It can even charge your cell phone.
  • This system also has a new cooling system and fan that is much quieter than almost all others because as it dissipates heat it causes noise reduction.
  • The system is lightweight and easily carried or it can be mounted on the ceiling. The included speakers for a high fidelity stereo system that allows for excellent sound indoors or out.
  • The LED Luminous Efficiency system has 2600 Lumens and the “advanced smart lamp care” lets the lamps last over 20000 hours of life and as much as 70% energy is saved.

Our Third Choice: Fixeover GP100 Extended Lamp Light 

The Fixover GP100 is on this list for several reasons.

  • This projector and lighting system will last 30,000 hours with 95% luminous efficiency. It is 3X the light that you get with 480p’s.
  • The Fixover Video Projector GP100 offers the latest in visual technology and audio technology as well.
  • Like a few other projectors on this list, the Fixover Video Projector GP100 also has great connectivity through inputs. You have an input for DVD, Firestick, Abox, DirectTV box and more.
  • Contrast ratio is 3000:1 on the static side and 10,000:1 on the dynamic side of the Fixover Video Projector to ensure a high quality and brilliantly clear picture.

Our Fourth Choice: Ohderii Flexibility 

The Ohderii Projector deserves a close look as so many people consider it an under $200 best projector. The byword for this projector is flexible. It is in almost every way flexible.

  • Flexibility is key to being able to put your projector anywhere inside or out. There is a myriad of places to hang it in your home from the ceiling or wall.
  • You can also just put it on a desk or in a cabinet. Outside you can build a shelf to put it on or put it on a table.
  • With the Ohderii you have built in speakers and the opportunity to connect your own external speakers. There is also a headphone jack.
  • If you want the greatest size for your images, (and who doesn’t?)the Ohderii offers 280 inches and 1280X720 resolution.
  • Once again, the byword for this projector is flexibility. As you can see, we value flexibility and record it every time we experience it.
  • You have multiple inputs also on this projector. You can hook up VGA, AV,  USB, HDMI, and headphone. You can even hook up your Wii console to play some tennis or golf. Try it with PS2, PS3, or Xbox.

In case you want to adjust the image, you can do it easily with the Ohderii Projector. You just need to adjust the lens.

Our Fifth Choice : iDglx DG-747 Flexibility in placement

The iDGLAX DG-747 LED HDMI Movie Video Projector is considered one of the better mini projectors that you can get for under $200.

  • One of the best things about the iDGLAX DG-747 is its flexibility in placement, much like the previous two projectors on this list.
  • This mini projector can be mounted front or rear, on the ceiling or anywhere in the room. Mini and portable, you can take it anywhere you go.
  • The iDGLAX DG-747 has features even more expensive projectors do not have. This includes being able to control the zoom and the tilt. It also has a lamp that will not need replaced for 5000 hours.
  • The flexibility of the iDGLAX DG-747 also includes inputs for video, audio, HDMI, Y/PB/PR, S-Video, DVI, USB and VGA. Great fun is available with connections to Wii, PS2, PS3 and Xbox.
  • You can scale up your images from 60, 72, 80, 100 and 150 inches.
  • High definition quality, 2800 lumens and 800X600 pixels lead to vivid, bright, lively images. There are built in speakers as well.

Our Sixth Choice: Ragu Z720 Big Picture/Small package

The most impressive feature of the Ragu Video Projector is that you get a “big picture in a small package”.

  • Using new and innovative technology the HD Decoder Chip allows for 70% higher lumens and brighter than most home video projectors.
  • You get a big screen, sharp and vivid images even in rooms that are brightly lit. You’ll get these clear pictures whether you are looking at 50 inch screens or a 200 inch screen.
  • Portable power is what you get with Ragu Full HD Video Projector.
  • With its 1000:1 contrast ratio/3300 Lumen and full 1080P provide you with the best images anywhere you want to take your portable projector.
  • Much like the previously discussed Abdtech LCD Portable Projector Home Theater,
  • The Ragu also has new, advanced technology for cooling the projector without all the fan noise of old. It has reduced fan noise by 2.8% to create a more enjoyable experience.
  • Multi connectivity slots for laptops, smartphones, tablets, PS3, PS4, Amazon Fire Stick, and X-Box.
  • Any device that can connect through HDMI, VGA, USB or audio ports can connect to this Ragu Portable Projector.
  • Lifetime customer service and 24/7 technical support.

Our Seventh Choice : Wimuis Big Picture Package  

What makes the WIMIUS Video Projector different from all the others we have already discussed? It is NOT the :

  • Versatility supporting videos, image files, games or audios and interfaces for HDMI, YPbPr, USB and AV Ports.
  • With connections for laptops, game consoles, TV sticks, smart phones, TV boxes and tablets.
  • Contrast ratio 2000:1 and HD LED that lasts 20,000 hours with 3200 lumens. You will get clear images that are bright in any home environment. Lamp light will last 50,000 hours.
  • Screen size anywhere from 32 inches to 176 inches.

So, what will you like about the WIMIUS Video Projector HD that is not found in any of the previously listed projectors?

  • The WIMIUS Video Projector HD has an innovative design for ventilation with slots on three sides to aid the fan in dissipating the heat.
  • This will result in a much longer life for the projector.
  • The WIMIUS comes with a remote control so no matter where you are, inside or out, close to the unit or across the room, you can operate and control your unit.
  • The WIMIUS Video Projector HD comes in three different colors for you to choose from.


Our Eighth Choice : AAXA LED Pico Micro Multiple Inputs

Not only is the AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector portable, it is small enough to fit in your pocket. Take it anywhere and you will be surprised at the images it can put out.

  • Enlarged images are never pixelated due to the LCoS technology used in the unit and the advanced color technology.
  • The AAXA sports all the types of features and technologies that make all the projectors on this list great buys for under $200.
  • This includes 1280 X800 Native resolution, 3000:1 Contrast resolution, 3200 lumens and luminous efficiency.
  • Single LCD panel housing the light source that is an Ultra High Power LED that has 30,000 hours of lifetime.
  • For a pocket size projector, the AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector has amazing sound with Hi-fi stereo speakers and an amplifier that’s built in.
  • You get the best sound technology available on the market in a projector that is under $200.
  • This micro will surprise you with its versatility and multiple inputs. Like its larger counterparts, the AAXA supports HDMI/AV/VGA/Dual USB and  X-360SD.
  • It will support a laptop/camera/PC/Blu-ray/DVD/Tripod and PS3/PS4/X-One, X-Box

Our Ninth Choice : GBTiger Full HD 

Our next choice is the GBTiger newly designed in 2018. So many things have been upgraded on this version of the GBTiger it becomes one of the best buys under $200.
Like the previous unit this one is a micro Pico projector with many upgraded features.

  • This micro is a full HD video projector with an upgraded LCD display and LED light source for clearer and sharper images.
  • You will get plenty of enjoyment from this projector with its 4000 lumens, 1280 X 768 pixels and a 1080 native resolution.
  • With these technologies, your picture will always be clear and never pixelated.
  • Take this micro GBTiger video projector anywhere you go and enjoy 30-200 inches of clear imagery up to 19.7 feet away.
  • Again, we have a portable, micro video projector with tons of connectivity. Watch movies or play games – this projector has it all.
  • HDMI cable and inputs for USB/AV/Micro SD/VGA and USB. With these inputs you can connect your USB flash disk, PS3/PS4, DVD player, laptop and TF card.
  • Need more sound? The GBTiger can be connected to external full stereo speakers through the headphone jack.
  • You can connect your smartphone and listen to your music through the external speakers or connect your table and show those videos you made.
  • This micro projector has a lithium battery and can be charged simply with a cell phone charger.
  • So, you can use the GBTiger anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want, and you will never run out of power.

Our Tenth Choice :  MTFY Projector-3200 3200 lumens

Finally, we have the MTFY Portable Projector with brightness that is considerably better than most projectors in this cost bracket under $200.

  • With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, 3200 lumens and 1280 X 800 native resolution, you get great color, clarity and brightness in your images.
  • You can watch your movies or videos from anywhere at up to 12.8 feet away. The LCD with Ultra High Power LED gives you 30,000 hours of bulb life.
  • Once again you get good connectivity and versatility. Inputs include Dual USB/Dual HDMI/AV/VGA and SD/ You can listen to music, watch videos, play games…connected to your laptop/computer/blue-ray DVD/PS3?PS4 and X-Box and 360-Box.
  • This MTFY projector has the best technology available for sound for micro projectors. The built in speakers and amplifier has SRS Sound. You can still attach a sound bar or external speakers if you desire.


Are looking for a solid, high performance video projector with clarity and brightness for under $200? You can’t go wrong with any product on this list.
Whether you want a full size unit to mount on the ceiling in your “theater room”, or you want a micro unit that fits in your pocket, you can find it on this list of the ten best video projectors under $200.
Great sound, connectivity and picture are all here at a price most families can afford.


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