Powermatic PM1000 Review – How Wssential Is It For Woodwork Workshop?

Most woodworkers and carpenters need hybrid table saws for more demanding woodworking projects. But with so many brands on the market, they often end up getting confused when looking for table saws.

What sets the Powermatic PM1000 apart is a blend of excellent features and affordability. This table saw offers a lot of superior features you can only get from costly top-of-the-line table saws at an affordable price to appeal to customers.

Unlike these table saws, it can be powered with a regular 115-Volt power outlet. So it’s can be used in any home workshop without having to rewire a house.

The Powermatic PM1000 table saw overshades its predecessors with greater efficiency, state-of-the-art technology, and an improved design. This well-built machine is redesigned to suit the needs of any woodwork workshop.

It also makes it easier to perform various woodworking tasks and cut wood of any size. Not only will this cabinet saw enable you to take on the rigorous projects, but it will also help you extend woodworking capabilities. No more challenging tasks to frustrate your plans.

To find out more about this product, read our Powermatic PM1000 review.

Powermatic PM1000 Review

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Powermatic PM1000 Specs

  • Motor Capacity: 1-3/4 HP
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Blade Diameter: 10″
  • Blade Tilt: Left
  • Rip Capacity: To to left 12″; to right 30″
  • Arbor speed: 4200 RPM
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Dust Port: 4″
  • Table Measures: 20″ x 27″
  • Warranty: 5 years
Product Title
Dimensions (inches)
Fence (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Powermatic PM1000 1791000K
36 x 27.5 x 63.8
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Powermatic PM1000 1791001K
36 x 27.5 x 63.75
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Powermatic PM1000 Features

  • Accu-Fence system: It ensures a high level of accuracy that every woodwork requires. In addition to precision, this sophisticated system provides great stability and ample workspace.
  • 1 -3/4 HP motor: This powerful motor provides a great output required for wood cutting. It allows you to cut your wood faster and reduce turnaround time.
  • Poly-V belt: The motor comes with a Poly-V belt for the best results. It increases efficiency while reducing vibration at the same time.
  • Hands-free power switch: The side power switch is positioned conveniently so that it can be switched on/off with the knee. This will come in useful when your hands are occupied.
  • Efficient dust collection: The 4” dust port comes with a collection hose to ensure that your work area is dust-free and neat. This also keeps the dust path unobstructed. Instead of vacuuming your workshop every day, simply empty the dust port occasionally and save time.
  • Easy adjustments: The miter gauge can pivot 60° to both sides. This will allow you to make adjustments easily and create a wide variety of cuts. That’s not something you will often see in hybrid table saws.
  • Tool-less guard assembly: No tools are required for blade guard assembly. This makes the setup much easier. The leaves of this table saw are independent to maximize safety.

Powermatic PM1000 Performance

The Powermatic PM1000 can deliver the best accuracy and firmness for the most rigorous and complex projects. Like the beefy blade that tilts and raises mech, the surface is made of cast iron for great steadiness. It’s leveled perfectly.

This rugged machine has been constructed with durability and safety in mind. When it comes to security, the table includes a safety switch you can activate when needed.

This cabinet saw also features the guard assembly. It will allow you to see which direction the wood is taking while you’re cutting. The bevel scale is positioned conveniently so that you can see numbers easily when working.

The wide 10-inch blade makes deep cuts, whereas the 7-inch handwheels provide momentum that can make it easy to adjust the blade height. You will be able to change the blade without much effort and with just a few tools thanks to the arbor lock.

User Feedback & Reviews: What People Said About the Powermatic PM1000

Most Common Complaints

  • Safety feature limitations: One of the biggest problems with this table saw is that the overvoltage protection switch decreases the motor power by switching off. Many users think that there’s room for improvement when it comes to the protection setting.
  • Default fence rail: The fence rail comes with pre-drilled holes. This prevents it from shifting and accommodating extra pieces. There’re no guides or spacers for the fence back, so it gets caught in cross-cutting channels sometimes.
  • Dust collection could be better: There are mixed reviews on dust collection. Some users find that this table saw did a great job of collecting the dust, while others think that the suction could be better.
  • No thin kerf knife: Unlike the Powermatic PM2000, a thin kerf knife is not included. So a full kerf blade can’t be used with this machine. Also, it should be noted that it lacks casters.

Most Common Praises

  • Low power requirement: You will be able to power this machine with a regular 115-volt outlet. This means you’ll not have to fork out the extra money to rewire your workshop or house. Besides, it consumes less power than 220V table saws, thereby lowering the electricity bill.
  • Ample workspace: The 30″ Accu-Fence system provides users with plenty of workspace. The strong fence is capable of clamping down for increased performances.
  • Exclusive design: The Powermatic PM1000 is designed with a lot of great features like the anti-kickback system, fence rail, poly-v belt, collection hose, riving knives, etc. That makes it suitable for a spectrum of woodworking tasks.
  • Well built and sturdy: The Powermatic PM1000 is built to last a lifetime. Most customers said that it serves them well without any problem. The tough construction makes this machine able to withstand years of continuous use.

How Much Does the Powermatic PM1000 Cost?

The pricing starts at $2100 and goes as high as $2700. Don’t let the price scare you away. Considering that this table saw has a low power requirement, you will save money on electricity in the long run by switching to this machine.

How Much Does the Powermatic PM1000 Cost

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Summary: Why Buy Powermatic PM1000?

Why should you switch from a contractor cabinet saw to the Powermatic PM1000? With this new upgrade, you would get a lot of benefits. It is perfect for medium-sized workshops looking for a hybrid table saw to make furniture with high precision.

Here are some of the main reasons to choose this model:

  • Lower electricity consumption: Unlike 220V table saws, the Powermatic PM1000 requires 115 Volts to run. Lower electricity consumption means a lower electricity bill.
  • Extensive range of woodcutting: By pivoting 60° on either side, the miter gauge allows for easy adjustments. That ensures the proper position of wood pieces for accurate cutting.
  • High-quality product from a reputable company: For some people, the fact that it’s manufactured by Powermatic is reason enough to buy this table saw. Powermatic has built a reputation for producing fine machinery aimed at woodworking professionals.
  • Tough and rugged: This table saw is robust and sturdy to hold up to heavy usage. You can rest assured that it will serve you well for a pretty long time.
  • Keep safe always: Blade guard assembly will keep your fingers at a safe distance from the sharp blade. This safety feature can cut down the risk of cutting off the fingers when working with this table saw.

As you can see, this table saw has a lot of attractive features that make it stand out from the competition. There are a few drawbacks worth considering.

However, when comparing numerous pros to a couple of cons, most people find that it offers excellent value for money. Whether you are looking for your first table saw or looking to switch to a more efficient power tool, the PM1000 is a good choice.

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