NETGEAR R6900P Review – Is It Best Router For Money?

For the majority of us casual Internet users, little thought may go into a router purchase. That is especially true if we primarily use it for browsing and email. Usually, we go with whichever model our Internet provider recommends and plug it in.

However, there are those of us who rely on the internet for work, gaming, or streaming. Therefore, the right router is essential to getting the most out of your internet service.

For example, we’ve all experienced a router that continually needs to be reset, loses connection frequently, or can only handle a few devices at a time. These types of malfunctions soon turn what was supposed to make our lives more convenient into something that only causes frustration.

NETGEAR R6900P Review

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Things We’ll Cover in Our NETGEAR R6900P Review

For these reasons, it is well worth your time and effort to research which router will best suit your needs. Taking a moment to do so will save you from spending money on a router that lacks in quality and performance.

In this review, we will discuss one of the most popular routers on the market, the NETGEAR R6900P. To find out all that it has to offer, we’ll examine the pros and cons of this router.

We will also break down the design of the router as well as its technical specs. You will be able to see how the Nighthawk stands up to similar routers on the market, and how it’s overall performance rates.

Overview of the NETGEAR R6900P

Overview of the NETGEAR R6900PThe NETGEAR R6900P, also known as the Nighthawk, has plenty to offer by way of a router. It’s known to have better Quality-of-Service (QoS) than other routers as well as a sleek design. The speeds of the R6900P are exceptional on the 5GHz band. With a performance satisfaction of 81%, the Nighthawk is well worth considering for your next router.

The R6900P is one of NETGEAR’s newest models of their premium dual-band 802 ac routers. The speed this router delivers is impressive when the 5Hz band is mixed with Beamforming+ technology. The time to buffer and stream a video is significantly shorter than other routers on the market that have a similar design.

The overall style of the R6900P is much different than routers of the past as well. Rather than sitting vertically, it operates horizontally. Its broad base ensures the stability of the device along with the rubber feet. Sliding or falling is virtually impossible for the Nighthawk. It can even be mounted to the wall giving you several placement options.

NETGEAR R6900P Technical Specs

  • Product Height: 3.1 inches
  • Product Length: 10.1 inches
  • Product Width: 13.7 inches
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Number of Devices Allowed to Connect: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 1900Mbps
  • Dual Band
  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor
  • USB Port: Single 3.0 port
  • 256MB RAM
  • 128MB Flash

Similar NETGEAR Router Options Available

If you are looking to flash your router and do a little extra with it, it’s good to keep in mind which routers have that capacity.

Product Title
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Note: To “flash” is a way to upgrade a router’s firmware to a new version. It can also be used to install features such as lightweight web, VPN, and SSH servers on your router. Customized firmware can, at times, allow the router to run with more stability.

The quality of internet security can be improved with such upgrades. If any of these features are important to you, then a router that is capable of being “flashed” is a better choice for you.

NETGEAR R6900P Special Features

NETGEAR R6900P Special FeaturesEnhances Mobile Internet Speeds

The high-powered amplifiers and antennas can extend WiFi coverage to every corner of even the largest homes and backyards. It can even boost your mobile internet speeds up to 100%. How? The Beamforming+ focuses WiFi signals to 2.4 and 5GHz devices and locks on to give you even faster internet on your phone and tablet.

What Makes NETGEAR R6900P So Great?

  • Sleek Design: No more domino effects on your bookshelf every time your vertical router tips on its side and takes out everything in its path. The Nighthawk sits firmly in place with its low to the ground, horizontal design. It even has little rubber feet to keep it from sliding around.
  • Removable Antennas: It can be easy, especially with pets or kids in the home to accidently snap off the antenna of your router. Thankfully, unlike other routers, the Nighthawks antennas can be removed and replaced in the case that one of them gets damaged.
  • Less Buffering: No one likes spending family movie night watching thirty seconds of the film at a time. Thanks to downstream QoS and Beamforming+ now you don’t have to. The R6900P even comes with a built-in iTunes server. This router was made to stream.
  • 90-Day Complimentary Technical Support: As long as your purchase your router through a NETGEAR authorized reseller, you will have all the backup you need to get the most from your Nighthawk.

What Makes NETGEAR R6900P So Great

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How to Set Up the NETGEAR R6900P

Getting started is easy with the NETGEAR Nighthawk App. After you’ve downloaded the application on your phone and your router is plugged in, simply connect your phone to the router network and follow the steps prompted in the app.

User Feedback and Reviews: What Consumers Are Saying About NETGEAR R6900P

The most reliable information you can get about any product will come from the people who have actually bought it. The same is true with the Nighthawk. Here are some of its most common pros and cons.

Most Common Complaints

  • Drastic slowdowns.
  • Frequently loses connection.
  • Not flash compatible.

Most Common Praises

  • Reaches even the most isolated areas of the home.
  • Great for using multiple devices at once.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Great for gaming and streaming.

You’ll notice that some of the reviews tend to contradict each other. For example, some customers found that the router had a slow connection and disconnected continuously all together. On the other hand, others praised it for its ability to stream videos and increase gaming performance on consoles such as Xbox.

The important thing to keep in mind is that over 80% of the reviews were positive versus the less than 20% of customers that had problems with the router.

How Much Does the NETGEAR R6900P Cost?

How Much Does the NETGEAR R6900P CostTo buy the Nighthawk with AC1900 WiFi, you can expect to pay around $130.00, depending on where you purchase it. Right now, you can find it for $128.69 on Amazon.

How does this compare to other routers on the market? This model is a great mid-range router. While it’s not the highest performing router on the market, the NETGEAR R6900P still scores high with consumers while remaining affordable. Routers with similar specs tend to cost anywhere from $80.00 to $200.00 depending on each year and model.


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Why Buy the NETGEAR R6900P?

NETGEAR offers a wide variety of routers. The R6900P stands out because of its unique, sleek design. It has the ability to connect to numerous devices at once and even improve the Internet speed on your mobile devices.

The Nighthawk is best known for its ability to cover vast distances, reaching devices throughout the house and even into the backyard.

So whether you use the internet for browsing, streaming videos, and music, gaming, or work, the NETGEAR R6900P is an excellent option. Overall it has positive reviews and even comes with tech support to make sure you’re getting the most out of your internet.

Best of all, the Nighthawk, while promising a fast, stable connection, isn’t overly expensive. It is a great router for the money, and it even comes with a limited warranty.

With its impressive specs and affordable price, the NETGEAR R6900P could be the router for you.

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