Milwaukee 2691 22 Review – Is It The Most Compact Drill Out Now?

If you want to buy a good drill, it is essential to know about its specifications before you do so. Sometimes people overlook it, which results in not getting the product that can accomplish their requirements. Here we give you a detailed review of Milwaukee 2691 22.

The Milwaukee 2691-22 Compact Drill also includes Impact Driver Combo Kit. It is a brilliant blend of performance, weight, and power. You will find that it also contains the Impact Driver 2650-20 and Compact Driver/Drill 2601-20.

The Milwaukee 2650-20 impact driver weighs 3.5 pounds and 2601-20 drill 5.3 pounds. Both of these tools have an in-built LED light. Due to those, you will be comfortable using them in dark environments. Also, the impact driver has an appropriately-sized belt clip.

This compact drill has been a bestseller in the market for a long time. The reason for its success is its exceptional performance. With the addition of a good impact driver and its availability at a very reasonable price, the drill is highly popular.

Milwaukee 2691 22 Review

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Milwaukee 2691 22 Specs

Below are some general specifications for the Milwaukee 2691 22 drill:

  • 400 Inch-Pounds Torque
  • 1/2 Inch Chuck Size
  • Keyless Chuck Type
  • Spindle Lock available
  • 21 Clutch Settings
  • 7-3/4 Inches length
  • 0 Pounds tool weight
  • Built-in LED
  • Voltage: 18-volt

Milwaukee Models Available

You will also find some other kinds of drills from the Milwaukee brand. Below are the descriptions of some of their popular models.

Product Title
Power Source
Are Batteries Required?
Milwaukee 2691 22
18 volts
12 x 11 x 7
5 Years
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Milwaukee 2598 22
12 volts
4 x 15 x 10
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MILWAUKEE M18 Brushless Hammer Drill
5.8 x 14.27 x 11.7
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Milwaukee 2997-22
0 volts
6 x 20 x 14
5 Years
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We will focus on the first two models, given that they are the most wanted compact drills from the Milwaukee series. Here they are:

Milwaukee 2691

Milwaukee 2691The Milwaukee M18 2-tool combo kit comprises of the M18 lithium-ion 1/4-inch hex, M18 lithium-ion 1/2-inch solid drill/driver, and convenient contractor bag.

Examples of innovation consist of the Milwaukee lightweight durability, 4-pole frameless motor, battery fuel gauges, variable speed triggers, and built-in LED lights.

If you need high-quality performance, power, and accuracy in a practical package, Milwaukee 2691 22 is the best choice you will make. Add to that the fact that it comes at a competitive price.

Milwaukee 2598

Milwaukee 2598This model of tool combo kit is one of the most efficient and compact hammer drill driver kits in the market. It has the lightest weight, i.e., 6.6 lbs. Also, the kit comprises of the M12 fuel, drill driver (2503-20). Due to the latter, it is and one of the most reliable of its kind in the market.

It is the recommended hammer drill for use in small spaces. It supplies the power to perform a number of applications at 1700 rpm. Milwaukee 2598 22 also includes the M12 fuel; ¼ hex impact (2553-20), which is the speediest driver you will get. At 3, 300 RPM the impact driver screws over 20% quicker than other competitor drivers.

With a driver length of 5.1 inches, it lets you access constricted spaces. Moreover, it has batteries included, so that you will not need to spend money buying those. Milwaukee 2598 22 is a splendid 12 V hammer drill that makes your professional work experience even better.

Milwaukee 2691 Features

Have a look at some of the distinct features of Milwaukee 2691 22.

  • Milwaukee 2691 FeaturesLithium-Ion Batteries: These are the best batteries you can ever get. Lithium-Ion batteries are easier to carry and more vigorous than the Ni-Cad batteries. Though they are more costly, it is well worth spending money on Lithium-Ion batteries. It only takes less than thirty minutes to recharge them.
  • M18 1/2-Inch Compact Drill/Driver: Milwaukee 2691 22 has the fastest and most reliable driver in the market.
  • LED Power-Level Indicators: The Milwaukee’s batteries have LED power-level indicators. It is a remarkably useful feature.
  • 1/4-Inch Hex Compact Impact Driver: This Milwaukee’s compact drill also includes ¼ hex compact driver to make your work hassle-free and fast.
  • Powerful: Milwaukee 2691 22 has the hex impact driver with the impact speed of 0-3200 IPM, and driving speed of 0-2200 RPM, which makes your work quite faster and easier.

What Makes the Milwaukee 2691 So Awesome

The following is the list of the best things about the Milwaukee 2691 22  that grabs the attention of many potential customers.

  • A Soft Bag: You do not need to carry hard cases anymore. Milwaukee 2691 22 comes with a convenient soft bag for your ease.
  • Lightweight: This is one of the unique features when it comes to compact drills and drivers. Milwaukee 2691 22 has so light a weight that you can use it for a long time without getting tired.
  • Warranty: The impact driver and drill in this Combo Kit are backed by a five years warranty. Besides that, the lithium-ion batteries in the M18 Series come with two years warranty.
  • High-quality Construction: The Milwaukee 2691 22 is made of a high-quality material that keeps it lasting longer. 
  • A 30-minute Charger: You do not have to charge the drill for long hours. Milwaukee provides you with a powerful charger that has reduced the charging time to only 30 minutes.

What Makes the Milwaukee 2691 So Awesome

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How to Use the Milwaukee 2691

Milwaukee 2691 22  is designed to be lightweight and compact that makes it easy to handle and use. Before, you start drilling with it, make sure you have charged it well and see the reading on the charge indicator to make sure it is enough.

After that, set the speed/torque of the machine. Later, you will require to make the adjustments of the clutch. To adjust it, you will have to align the arrow to a lower setting and then begin driving a screw. Milwaukee 2691 22 can be easily used in overhead angles. For example, you can use it on the insides the cabinets or shelves, etc. To know more about its usage, open the following link.

User Feedback & Reviews: What People Said About the Milwaukee 2691

Now let’s have a look at people’s feedback on Milwaukee 2691 22.

Most Common Complaints

  • Carrying Case: Though the bag is quite soft, attractive, and easy to carry, it does not protect like a hard case would.
  • Battery-Life: Some of the consumers complained that the batteries did not last long. Others said they could not recharge them after 3rd or 4th time.

Most Common Praises

  • Performance: People loved Milwaukee’s brilliant performance and its fast speed.
  • Easy to Handle: Many people admired it due to its lightweight; it does not cause fatigue and strain in the arms.
  • Credibility: Drill Driver, Battery Charger Hex Impact Driver, and all are backed by a five-year warranty that people like the most as well.

How Much Does the Milwaukee 2691 Cost?

Milwaukee 2691 22 is a quite affordable compact drill/driver. You won’t be regretting spending money on this brilliant tool since it is reliable and durable, and already comes with a five years warranty. At under $170, the cost is just right. This product can be counted as the one combo kit worth for the money you pay to get it.

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Why Buy the Milwaukee 2691?

The Milwaukee 2691 22 Combo Kit is a brilliant choice for the professional user. You receive two highly efficient and lightweight tools in a cool carry case. Add to that 30-minute charger and two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. In short, you get all you require to accomplish a wide variety of projects.

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