Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 Reviewed for 2019

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Home computer technology has gone a long way in the few decades since it’s been around. Our computers have gotten smaller, more powerful, and can perform tasks at a rate that is uncountable compared to the technology of the 1980s.
There is no need for ‘80s computer technology in the modern world minus collecting or for the novelty, right?
You may think this, but there is a good reason for you to consider a piece of technology that faded in popularity after the 1980s.
That is a mechanical keyboard. Early home keyboards were more mechanical. What this means is that the keyboard switches are made from springs that are high-quality.
During the 1990s, rubber-dome keyboards rose in popularity and now make up most of the keyboards we use.
They are cheaper to make, making home computers more affordable for the populace. However, many would argue that they aren’t just as good as mechanical keyboards.

Why a Mechanical Keyboard?

First, the mechanical keyboard just feels more satisfying. The crispy clicks the keyboard makes may be a noise problem when traveling, but at home, they feel satisfying. The way you type can feel much better and you can get more done through a mechanical keyboard.
The response time a mechanical keyboard has may be better than a rubber keyboard. If you’re a PC gamer who dons a mouse and keyboard, this makes the world of difference.
A hardcore gamer, especially one who does it for esports purposes, knows that a powerful mouse and keyboard can make all the difference in the world.
Plus, the keyboards you get can come with much more variety. For example, a mechanical keyboard may include LED lights to make your keyboard more visible and stylish.
Also, they are simply stronger. Rubber keyboards can last a good while, but they can break after long use. The mechanical keyboard is designed to last a long time. You can find keyboards from the 1980s that are still clicking to this day. Sometimes, the older technology is the way to go.
The only downside is that a mechanical keyboard is a bit heavier. If you’re traveling light, take this in mind. However, this downside doesn’t amount to much in our eyes, and in the end, mechanical keyboards are superior. Also, heavier means tougher.

What to Look for in a Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to shopping for mechanical keyboards,there are some factors you should consider, such as:

The Noise

Mechanical keyboards are known for being noisy, and many mechanical keyboards will have different levels of noise. Also known as a click, a noisy keyboard can sound satisfying, but some people will not like it.
Perhaps they have people they don’t want to wake up, or they don’t like the noise. That is fine. There are plenty of keyboards that have less noise.
Always watch some videos and see how loud the noise is. If it sounds good, then you may consider buying the keyboard. If not, look for a louder or quieter keyboard.


This is a term that’s used to describe the keyboard’s physical switches. Some feels may include scissor switches, its spring, and many more.
While a newcomer to the mechanical keyboard world may feel confused, an expert will know more.


These are the parts that determine when you’ve hit the key. This can affect the response time. Someone who needs extremely fast time will need to find a switch that is of a higher quality.


The keyboard’s percentage tells the size, and some of the features it has. For example, a 75 percent keyboard may have a smaller layout. A TenKey may have a number pad and a TenKeyLess lacks that.
A 60 percent will have about 60 keys and lack a function key row. Most of the keyboards you find on the market will be 60 or TenKey, but if you want something else, there is variety.

Travel Distance

This is another factor that can affect response time. If you’ve had a keyboard with big keys, you may realize that if you push halfway down, the keyboard will not work. You have to push all the way down. Travel distance measures this.
A laptop that has a small keyboard will have practically no travel distance, while a bigger keyboard may have more. This is another feature you may want to think about.

Can a Good Mechanical Keyboard Be Cheap?

One reason why many do not get mechanical keyboards, despite their benefits, is the price. Quality mechanical keyboards can cost hundreds of dollars, and someone who just needs a keyboard to type is probably not willing to spend that much.
But what if you want a mechanical keyboard and are on a budget? Is it possible to find a high-quality mechanical keyboard for a Ulysses or under?
Yes. While a more expensive keyboard is usually the better option, the rise in popularity of mechanical keyboards has made the market a bit more competitive, and because of this, you’re bound to find more variety and keyboards for less.
Here is a list of our favorite keyboards that are under $50.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50

Redragon K552-R KUMARA
Check Price
Corsair K55
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BlueFinger CM200
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Redragon S101
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Havit Rainbow
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These keyboards usually go in the $30-$40 range. You actually can’t find too many keyboards that are exactly $50. Let’s dive deeper into these keyboards now.

First Pick: Redragon K552-R Kumara

Redragon is making a name for itself in the affordable meachanical keyboard world, and it’s easy to see why. First, the keyboard is quite portable despite being a mechanical keyboard.
Some may not like its lack of NUMPAD, but this means that you can carry it around easier. It has quite a bit of durability and 87 keys that have no conflict whatsoever. There is no ghosting either, and its polling rate is high.
It does have a functional keypad that allows you to control your multimedia better. With 12 keys, you don’t have to worry as much. The backlights help too, and you can turn it on or off if you wish.
There is customization in the keyboards as well, as you can swap the WASD and arrow keys to make life so much easier for you.
The keyboard is splash proof, meaning a spilled drink isn’t going to kill it.
Finally, it’s a great keyboard for beginner users. All you need to do is plug it and play it. More complex models may require software, but you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to this keyboard.

Second Pick: Corsair K55

Corsair is another big name in affordable mechanical keyboards. Like the previous pick, this has backlighting and anti-ghosting properties.
This keyboard does have multi-key features and the ability to control your media, making it a fantastic keyboard for the price. Also, you can be able to perform tasks such as control your audio and not have your game hindered.
What is also great about this keyboard is that you can take off the rubber wrist. This allows you to clean out the keyboard and then put it back on for wrist support.
You can even use a Windows key lock to prevent you from loading the task bar when you’re gaming. This allows you to get the most gameplay out of your sessions that is not interrupted.
Finally, there are six macro keys you can use to make key combos much easier. The keys themselves are quite responsive, though people who like loud keyboards may need to look elsewhere, as it’s less loud than most mechanical keyboards.

Third Pick: The BlueFinger CM200

This keyboard is so nice that you will forget that it’s a budget mechanical keyboard. First, it has aesthetics that are quite beautiful and it looks straight up like a keyboard designed for gaming. The USB wiring it has, along with its three color LED backlight, gives it even more of an edge.
Speaking of backlight, it has various modes of breathing to give you variety. You can press a few keys and change its light settings. Pretty cool.
The keyboard has 10 hotkeys as well to give you more ways to access your files or media without intruding on gaming or other tasks.
Also, what’s cool about this keyboard is that it comes with a mouse. This mouse is not difficult to install at all and can work with any operating system.
If you have any problems, you can return the keyboard as well for a refund or exchange.

Fourth Pick: Redragon S101

Now let’s go back to Redragon for a second. This is another mouse and keyboard set, both with their unique names.
Vajra is the name of the keyboard, and the mouse is called Centrophorus. Or you can just call them the mouse and keyboard if those names sound too confusing.
This is a great keyboard for typing and for gaming. You can change how fast you type and you can control it by turning it on or off.
There are 12 hotkeys this time around to give you access to all sorts of media without interrupting you game. You can interchange and remove the WASD and the direction keys too. Reassign them and adjust them to your comfortability.
The mouse itself is quite strong as well. It has good motion and it looks nice. It’s quite colorful and not dull whatsoever. Plus, the LED lights keep you going.
You can adjust the dpi settings as well for maximum customization. The mouse has six buttons and two buttons on the side. If you’re a gamer, you know the mouse can be just as important as the keyboard, so there you go.

Fifth Pick: HAVIT Rainbow Combo

Finally, let’s look at the rainbow keyboard. Does this keyboard come in all colors, or is it lacking? This is a keyboard that’s designed for the typer, but especially the gamer.
The rainbow in its name isn’t the keyboard’s color, which is black and white, but because of the many colors it has available in the backlight. You can assign it quite a few colors and make the keyboard a great aesthetic for your room.
Also, installation is easy. No extra drivers or software. Just plug and play, and that’s that. The cable that connects keyboard to computer is quite sturdy as well.
You don’t have to worry about your cat gnawing on it once and the keyboard not working.
What about the hot keys? It comes with 10 keys, all of which can make life much easier for a gamer. Also, it has 19 anti-ghosting keys and a foot that is quite supportive.
If you’re not a PC gamer, you may not care about these features. However, a hardcore PC gamer will be drooling at the mouth at this.
This keyboard is durable as well, and protects against slips and spills. You don’t need to worry too much about water possibly damaging your keyboard.
The back of the keyboard has special holes to prevent shielding, so that is a plus.
What about the mouse? As we mentioned before, this is a combo set. The mouse has a DPI switcher with 5 settings you can program to it.
It’s motor powdered and can glide across the bottom without any troubles. Also, it’s heavy, yet easy to use, making it great for control.


If you want to know more about these keyboards, we suggest reading some reviews and then deciding. As you have now found out, you can find quite a few mechanical keyboards for not too much money.
And they are top-quality as well. While a more expensive keyboard may give you more results, sometimes you may end up paying for the brand alone, with the quality being about the same.
What do you think? Which keyboards do you like? Is there a better keyboard we missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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