Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Turkey Fryer Review

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster


While a fried turkey is always a mouth watering meal, the traditional deep frying method can get a bit messy and risky. With all the health risks posed by excessive consumption of oils in foods, accessing a roasting fryer that doesn’t use oil occurs as a must. Though there exists varieties of such turkey fryers, this simplified masterbuilt 20100809 butterball fryer review shows you why this fryer is great alternative for healthier, more hygienic roasting.


For its many salient features, the fryer ensures your turkey remains juicy even in absence of frying oil. Fitted with a powerful electric heater, the butterball fryer can be used to prepare a wholesome 18 pounds of turkey fitting for a medium family.

This means you could roast whole turkeys at an instant. In this case, the roaster basket comes in handy. The resulting heat from the 1,650 watt heating element will roast the meal within three hours. The fryer has a double-walled construction that directs the radiant heat to the surface of the roasting turkey.


The heat hardens the skin slightly thus conserving the internal juices that make the turkey tender. This ensures the frying turkey remains soft and its skin crisp. The tempered glass lid enables you to observe the cooking contents without needing to lift it open. In case you would want to turn the turkey from one side to another, you can hang the lid by the edge of the fryer using the included lid hook.

While the major concern for most meat fryers is overheating that could result to burnt meat, the butterball turkey fryer is equipped with a thermostat and an adjustable dial for controlling the temperature and ensuring the roasting process is uniform. And once you are done with the roasting, the stout hook on the basket will help you in removing your ready meal from the fryer.


  • Measures 15.8 x 15.8 x 15.4 inches in dimensions.
  • Weighs at 28 pounds.
  • Has a roasting basket that can hold 18lbs.
  • Has an inbuilt, 1,650 watt electric heater.
  • An included lifting hook attached on the roasting basket.
  • Has a large, tempered glass lid.
  • Has an adjustable thermostat for temperature control.
  • Is made of double walls that directs heat on surface of turkey.
  • Has capacity to fry a maximum of 18 pounds of fresh.
  • Has a wood chip box that helps alter the taste of fried flesh to that one of smokehouse flavor.
  • Easy to detach drip pan for better cleaning.
  • A turkey stand for positioning the turkey as appropriate.

  • Since no frying oil used, the resulting meal is far healthier since it minimizes oil intake into the body. Such a meal would be fitting even when consumed regularly.
  • For the big size of the roasting basket, you can roast large pieces with ease as you like. This includes frying the turkey without subdividing it up as along as it weighs about 18 pounds or lighter.
  • It’s less likely you will suffer injuries with this fryer. Firstly, the adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature. Secondly, the roasting basket used has a hook for safe handling. The tempered lid too has an included lid hook for hanging the lid on the side when turning the turkey or adding more pieces.
  • To make cleaning easy, the fryer has a detachable drip pan.
  • For those have a dislike of juicy cooking, yet want the crisp skin, the wood chip box provides the unique smokehouse flavor.
  • The electric heating element has a potential of 1,650 watts. With such a powerful heater and presence of a temperature control thermostat, you can roast the flesh at a controlled pace ranging between 10 minutes for a single pound of flesh to a maximum three hours for the whole 18 pounds.
  • In case you would want to roast more than 18 pounds within a span of less than three hours, the fryer may not be the most suitable for the task.
  • It may produce some smell when used for the first time. Thus the fryer requires roasting small pieces for the first use to get rid of the smell in subsequent frying.

Overall the disadvantages can be avoided and as such the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer wins the battle as the best fryer of all ages

Masterbuilt 20100809 butterball turkey fryer will roast your turkey to a meal fitting any occasion. It’s a great choice for a healthy, tasty and oil free roasted meal.

8.2 Total Score
Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster

Powerful 1,650-watt electric element cooks turkeys up to 18 pounds. Built-in wood chip box; removable drip pan at bottom of fryer.Double-wall construction uses radiant heat to seal outside of turkey. Measures 18 x 23.2 x 26.2 inches (W x H x D); 90-day limited warranty. Oil-free electric turkey fryer and roaster designed for healthy eating.

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