If you’ve owned the same car for over 3 or 4 years, you might’ve noticed that the fuel injector system tends to get clogged from time to time.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but no car gets a free pass on this issue. Fuel injector cleaners are products specifically designed to keep the fueling system of your car as clean as it can get, removing any obstructions from the channels.

Although there’s only one way to use a fuel injector cleaner, there are certain things you should keep in mind before doing so. Results might be exponentially better if you read and put into practice everything we explain in this article. We’ll be guiding you through the best ways to use a fuel injector cleaner, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Remember to read our instructions thoroughly to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your vehicle! Fuel injector systems can be quite sensitive to external damage if not treated carefully. If you haven’t used till and need an injector cleaner at the moment, check out the buying guide on choosing the best fuel injector cleaning kits.

Using A Fuel Injector Cleaner

Step 1

Check the state of your car’s fuel level. Before using a fuel injector cleaner, your car’s gas tank must be almost empty.

This will save you a lot of trouble during the process, but it’s going to be fundamental after it – once the fuel cleaner is inside your tank, it’ll be able to mix very well with newly-added fuel. This will almost guarantee the success of the cleansing.

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A very low level of fuel will also work, but make sure it’s sitting below 10% before you start the process. Please, strictly follow this instruction. If there’s too much fuel in your tank, the cleaner won’t mix well, and you might be wasting your money unnecessarily. If there aren’t any service stations near your home, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough gas in your car to get to one. Otherwise you’ll have to keep a fuel container nearby.

Step 2

Take the bottle of injector fuel cleaner. There should be a set of instructions written somewhere in the package. The instructions should guide you towards the correct amount of fuel cleaner that you need to add into the system. Add as much fuel cleaner as the guidelines recommend.

Step 3

Read any other instructions included in your fuel cleaner’s packaging. Although most products only require you to add the cleaner and then fuel up your car, others might need you to take other steps if the cleaner is to work correctly.

Step 4

Once you’ve made sure there aren’t any other steps you need to follow, simply drive to a service station and fuel up your car to the max. The flow of fuel will enable the cleaner to thoroughly mix with the gas, thus maximizing the effectiveness of the product.

Other important Guidelines

If you’re unsure whether to use a fuel injector cleaner or not, check your car’s mileage. Ideally, you’ll want to check the fuel systems of your vehicle every 10,000 miles, to ensure everything’s going well and the system isn’t getting clogged.

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Apart from mileage, if your car spends a lot of time parked, you’ll want to check the system regularly as well. Having a car parked for a long time could cause clots in the fuel deposits of the vehicle and solving such an issue requires getting your hands on a high-quality fuel injector cleaner.

If you’re still not confident enough to use a fuel injector cleaner, you could take your car to a specialist or you could even send it to a manufacturer’s technician. They’ll gladly help you out, but they usually charge a lot for such a service. The process is simple enough – we encourage you to try it out!

If you are looking for an additional tool consider buying diesel compression tester which is a diagnostic tool designed to check out a number of problems with your diesel engine. This tool is extremely useful in performing pressure checks on your engine.


Apart from fuel injector cleaners, there are other alternatives that you can choose if you want to cleanse the fuel system of your car. Nevertheless, fuel injector cleaners are very effective and easy to use. Just be sure that your gas tank is nearly empty before you begin the process, and the rest is as straightforward as reading this guide.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us or any other member of the community in the comment section below. Are you looking for something handy while undertaking any form of maintenance on your vehicle, consider buying the quality electric tongue jacks.