How To Fry Turkey With Peanut Oil and Oil-Less Fryer


A turkey fryer is an apparatus used for frying turkey. Fried turkey has long been a favorite in the US, & has recently become quite popular in many other parts because of the reduced-time needed to know how to fry a turkey with peanut oil, compared to other conventional methods like a rotisserie grill or an oven.

A traditional turkey-fryer kit consists of burner, large stock pot which has a lid, a basket or/and poultry holder, a thermometer and a lifter. The burner basically operates on a standard-propane tank which usually has to be purchased separately.

The current burner units are much lower compared to the original design in order to increase stability & help prevent tip-overs. Lower cost-units use aluminum stock pot & a steel-burner while higher end units include stainless steel pot & burner.

There are some stock pots which have an integrated-valve which drains the oil. Poultry holder consists of an aluminum or a stainless steel disk which has a metal rod formed into a loop which has the ends affixed-to center-of the disk. A loop is placed through the cavity of your turkey and a lifter is used to lower & remove the turkey.

In case you use a basket, it’ll include a bail that’s grabbed by a lifter. Thermometer has a long-probe & is used for monitoring the oil temperature. The fryer may also be used to cook and fry other poultry & seafood. The stock pot-lid is used in covering the pot when you aren’t frying or when you are preparing another foods-by boiling in water. It’s recommended you use heavy gloves & an apron.

Some turkey fryers vendors now offer an add on temperature control valve. It consists of a valve which goes between a propane tank and a burner & a lead which has a thermal sensor. This sensor is placed in to the peanut oil and the valve-adjusts the flames so as to achieve a proper constant temperature.

There are electric turkey fryers which have been introduced and can be used to fry turkey indoors. Although they don’t heat up as-fast-as with the propane fryers, they include a thermostat which has a timer & a thermal-safety shut off. Using an electric turkey fryer indoors is one great way for you to get that crispy-texture & delicious flavor without necessarily having to brave or deal with the weather elements.

Given the dangers and high temperatures, make sure you follow the simple instructions below on how to fry turkey with peanut oil:

  • Completely thaw the turkey, or you can use a fresh-turkey.
  • Take the wrapper off-turkey, and remove & discard the neck & giblets.
  • Add peanut oil to your fryer, but don’t exceed the maximum fill line. Pre-heat peanut oil in turkey fryer up to 400 F.
  • While the peanut oil is heating, pat-the turkey dry using paper towels & prepare the turkey using any seasonings or marinades, or other injected flavors.
  • Once the peanut oil is well heated, you can then slowly lower your turkey into the turkey fryer. Your turkey might not be fully immersed in the peanut oil. This might cause the top part of the turkey breast to remain white although it is well cooked to the absolute proper end temperature.
  • Set the timer & cook your turkey for about three to four minutes per pound.
  • Cook all the dark meat to an internal temperature say of about 175 F – 180 F, & all the white meat to an internal temperature say of about 165 F – 170 F.
  • When your turkey is done, you can now slowly lift it from the pot & place it on a pan or you can place it on the paper towels in order to drain.
  • Let the turkey stand for about 20 minutes before you remove it from your rack or your basket to carve.


  • If the turkey is 14-lbs. or less, you may deep fry it whole. If it is 15-lbs. or more, you can separate the legs & thighs from its’ breast and fry separately; or you can use a Butterball-XL Turkey Fryer.
  • Be sure the turkey is full and completely thawed.
  • Remove any excess fat.
  • Don’t stuff your turkey when you are deep frying.You may cook the stuffing-separately.
  • To minimize any sticking to your basket, you can submerge the empty-basket in the peanut oil for 30 seconds and then remove & place the turkey inside & re-submerge.
  • When you are cooking turkey parts, the peanut oil-temperature should be 325-F; might take four to five minutes per each pound so as to reach recommended temperatures (the dark meat to an internal temperature of 175-F to 180-F, and the white meat to an internal temperature of 165-F to 170-F).


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you want to know how to fry a turkey with oil-less fryer, then you have come to a right place. I recently bought this oil-less fryer from Amazon and was pleased to see that how sinful fried food is no more a sin.

With the oil-less fryer, I can adore my fried food without worrying about my waistline. Since Thanksgiving Day is just close by, I’m now thinking to use it to prepare my turkey in it and impress all my guests with oil-less dish.

The company has proven with this unit that they believe in innovation for the future. This is a surprisingly powerful and portable “turkey fryer“. It is pretty versatile and can easily prepare a wide range of finger foods quickly. The best part is that now you do not have to make the unnecessary preparations before putting your food into the fryer.

The fryer takes good care of all the content that you put inside it. This turkey fryer is actually an infrared, propane powered cooking oven. This is the reason it is able to make any kind of food in just a few minutes and you need not use loads of oil to get the desired results. The outcome with this unit will be juicy, yummy, crunchy and well-cooked turkey. Your guests are simply going to love it!

This oil-less fryer is very easy to uses. It boasts about 18,000 BTU round propane burner built in an enclosed chamber. This burner provides heat to the metal pot, which further radiates infrared heat at the food with a great deal of power.

There is no denying that this product delivers efficiency at its best. You would be surprised to see how amazingly this fryer cooks with little to no oil at all.

Since this unit does not use oil at all, the total cost for operating it is comparatively less. It is considerably better and safer than most turkey fryers that you see in the market. With this unit, you can even use seasonings, sauces and rubs that you would not be able to with other normal turkey fryers.

In less than 2 hours you can cook about 16-pound turkey without having to spend the entire time in the kitchen. I can actually take a breather now while my oil-less fryer is busy cooking tasty turkey fries for me.

On the downside, I think the food basket is quite restrictive in terms of food preparation quantity. Even though you can do a lot of things with the unit if you are using more than 16-pound turkey, but then you will have to be a little more creative to make the food sit properly.

On the cookouts, you will find that drip tray is clear and unburned. The tray is food safe and can be used to make gravy.


  • One 18,000 BTU circular burner
  • Turn knob piezoelectric igniter
  • Operates on standard 20-pound LP tank
  • Removable aluminum drip tray
  • Removable food basket with large capacity
  • Available at both online and offline store.
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Quick Heating
  • Safe Alternative to Deep Frying Turkey (UL approved)
  • Easy to Use
  • Cooks Quickly


  • Limited Versatility for Food Sizes

The Bottom Line

We all know how dangerous it’s to fry turkey. On top of that, it requires a lot of oil to ensure perfect cooking. But with the help of this oil-free fryer, you can easily cook your turkey properly without using even a drop of oil.

The fryer is safe and ensures that only healthy food is served at your table. It has been developed in a way that not only makes it safer but also a cheaper and easier alternative to traditional cooking.

The propane-powered infrared oven gives your food the look and taste that you usually get in high-end restaurants. With a plethora of features offered in this unit, I believe that its true versatility is yet to be discovered. Whatever you like, you can simply put inside the lower cooking chamber and it will be cooked quickly.

You can cook one pound of turkey in just 10 minutes. All in all I have to say that this portable and powerful cooker is very impressive.

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