Impact Sprinklers AKA impulse sprinklers

Keeping a garden or lawn green and neat requires a lot of effort and time. If you want your lawn to look and feel fresh, you need to give it the right amount of water. This is where sprinkler systems come in handy.

Impact sprinklers (aka impulse sprinklers) can save you the hassle of moving and holding pipes day in and day out. An impact sprinkler can make it easier for you to water your plants or lawn.

It covers long spraying distances, dispersing tiny water droplets over a relatively wide area. By spraying fine mists, an impact sprinkler can help you water your lawn efficiently.

Impulse sprinklers have exploded in popularity because of their service that lessens human efforts and makes gardening chores less time-consuming. They are particularly suitable for large areas, including gardens and nurseries with sensitive plants.

Here, we will point to the things you should consider when looking for an impact sprinkler. Also, we will take a glance at the best impact sprinklers on the market.

Comparing the Top 5 Products

1. Rain Bird 25PJLSP Hose-End Brass Impact Sprinkler

2. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

3. Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

4. Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled Base

5. Melnor Impact Lawn Sprinkler

What Is an Impact Sprinkler?

It’s the type of garden sprinkler intended to irrigate lawns, gardens, golf courses, landscapes, and other areas. As the name implies, the outgoing water causes the sprinkler head to move in a circular motion. The force of the water makes a threaded nut to pivot around its top.

As a result, the water is applied evenly in a controlled way similar to rainfall. That’s the working principle of impact sprinklers in brief. (Source).

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These devices have come a long way in recent years. Today’s impact sprinklers come with rotor heads that include a nozzle, impact lever, diffuser pin, and metal flap.

How Much Do Impact Sprinklers Cost?

Most impact sprinklers cost from $15 to $40. However, you can also find heavy-duty models on a tripod base above $50. Just because an impact sprinkler is overly priced doesn’t mean it’s of high quality.

On the other hand, too cheap models are usually made of low-quality materials. Your best bet is to look for mid-priced impact sprinklers that fulfil your needs.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying an Impact Sprinkler

Types of plants: Most impact sprinklers are not suitable for new flower beds and delicate plants, as they spray water with force. It’s best to pick an adjustable sprinkler that diffuses water jets to fine mists.

Size of your lawn/garden: Do you need a sprinkler for a large, small, or medium-sized area? Also, think about how many impact sprinklers you need for your lawn/garden. It is a good idea to measure your lawn or garden before choosing a sprinkler. Pay close attention to the max spray distance to ensure it can cover the intended area.

Water pressure and water quality: If your water source contains a lot of particulates, choose an impact sprinkler that will work with dirty water without any issues. The best impulse sprinklers can handle high water pressures above 50 psi.

Materials: Look for sprinklers made of high-quality materials. The best ones are those made of rustproof metal like brass and stainless steel.

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Durability: To make sure that an impact sprinkler is really durable, take a look at its weight. Heavy sprinklers are not only more long-lasting but also less prone to popping up. The best ones have smooth precision-crafted surfaces.

Design: There is a wide variety of designs out there. Some sprinklers come with the spine, while others have the wheels. Choose one that looks good and blends in perfectly with your lawn.

What is the Best Impact Sprinkler?

According to customer reviews, the Rain Bird 25PJLSP is the best impact sprinkler money can buy. It is one of the best-selling impact sprinklers today. Like its predecessor, this heavy-duty sprinkler features strong metal construction. It combines stainless steel, brass, and bronze to last for many years and beat its zinc competitors.

This sturdy device integrates the straight-through design, which ensures reliable performance. It boasts a deflector flap that allows you to adjust spray distance anywhere from 20′ to 41’. You can choose between the full (360°) and part circle (20-340°) coverage.

The diffuser screw breaks the water jet into small droplets, while the spray arm controller makes it consume less water. You can connect the sprinkler to a few units by hooking them up to the same hose. Just make sure that the water pressure is strong enough to run all devices at once.

For hassle-free insertion, the product comes with an easy-to-move 8″ stake. Once driven into the ground, the spike will stay put firmly thanks to the steady and robust base.

How to Set Up and Adjust Impact Sprinkler

To get the most out of an impact sprinkler, you need to adjust the water pressure (flow of water) and distance covered.

  • Water flow: It can be easily adjusted according to your needs. All you need to do is screw the hose faucet until you get the most appropriate flow.
  • Spray distance: Impact sprinklers use a built-in diffuser pin to break up the water stream. It allows you to change the spray distance with ease.
  • Spray pattern: You can also alter the spray pattern using a collar; it enables you to adjust the watering range. If you wish full coverage, simply remove the trip pin to get 360-degree rotation.
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Oscillating Sprinklers vs Impact Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers are suitable for open areas with no trees. Unlike impact sprinklers that rotate, they throw water in a pie-shaped pattern. The spray distance is adjusted with a built-in controller.

The biggest drawback of this type of sprinkler is that some areas may remain dry if there are hinders in between. While oscillating sprinklers are quite durable, they cannot last a lifetime.

With proper care, impact sprinklers can serve you for a long time. As stated earlier, they operate using the force of water. Thanks to their adjustable design, they can be used for both small and large areas.

These sprinklers produce a sound that informs you that your garden/lawn is being watered. It can be irritating sometimes. Nevertheless, most people prefer impact sprinklers because of their durability, huge coverage, and water efficiency.