Hoover Rogue 970 Review – Is It A Totally Reliable Vacuum?

If you haven’t found a reliable vacuum that you like enough, it’s time to enhance your search. A robot vacuum cleaner, like the Hoover Rogue 970, has several advantages to a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Although vacuuming isn’t the most challenging chore on your to-do list this week, wouldn’t it be nice to skip the time-consuming task? The Hoover Rogue 970 can help you do just that.

With its WiFi connection, you can get clean floors by merely opening the app on your phone. If you want to skip unlocking your phone altogether, simply tell your Hoover Rogue 970 to get to work via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

While you probably have time to vacuum once or twice a week, you can program Hoover Rogue 970 to clean your floors every day. You even have the option with this model to have it vacuum multiple times a day.

Your floors will not only look great but will be safer for your family. The Hoover Rogue 970 has the ability to map your home, so no spots are missed. It will even spend extra time on areas that have a lot of dirt.

Hoover Rogue 970 Review

How Do You Know if the Hoover Rogue 970 is Right for You?

Yes, your house will be cleaner, and your schedule much more open with this life-changing invention. But how do you know if the Hoover Rogue 970 is right for you? Hoover has been in the vacuum business since 1930 and is known for its long-lasting and powerful vacuums.

In this article, we will review the Hoover Rogue 970 and compare it to other robot vacuums on the market. We will expound on the features mentioned above as well as discuss other perks of the Rogue 970.

Hoover Rogue 970 Specs

  • Weight: 6.7 pounds
  • Width: 13.58 inches
  • Height: 3.78 inches
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dustbin Capacity: 600 ml
  • Run Time: 120 minutes
  • Charging Time: 180 minutes
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Accessories Included: Robot cleaning tool

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How Does the Hoover Rogue 970 Compare to Other Robot Vacuums on the Market?

Product Name
Run Time
Smartphone Control
Black Decker MTE912
2 hours
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Black Decker BESTA512CM
1.5 hours
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Sun Joe MJ401C
2.5 hours
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Hoover Rogue 970 Features 

The Rogue 970 is equipped with laser mapping technologies. It can create a map of all your floors using Robart Technology with memory navigation.

The vacuum is then capable of covering all of your floors with minimal effort. This robot remembers your floorplan, and its path is never random. It always moves with a decisive purpose.

Other robot vacuums require you to close doors to block off areas you don’t want the vacuum to enter, but the Hoover Rogue is different. Its laser mapping technology allows you to see all your floors on the smartphone app.

Once the floors are mapped on the app, you can then create SmartWalls to keep the vacuum from going where it shouldn’t. The best part is that it only takes a few simple steps.

Why Hoover Rogue 970 Is One of the Best Robot Vacuums on the Market 

As you can see from the chart above, each brand and model has its pros and cons. Some models have a higher battery life, while others are more expensive. The key is to know what model of robot vacuum with the best suit your floor layout.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re leaning towards buying a Rogue 970:

Voice Control

While having the ability to connect your smartphone to your robot vacuum is impressive, the Rogue 970 blows away the competition. Not only can you control your Hoover Rogue via your smartphone, but if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant, your vacuum will respond to your voice.

What’s easier than telling your vacuum to start cleaning? You don’t even have to unlock your phone or open an app.

Tri-Clean System

To make sure that every bit of dirt is picked up from your floor, the Hoover Rogue 970 utilizes both side brushes and a main rolling brush. The dirt and dust on your floor are agitated, loosed, and swept away.

Nothing gets left behind with its super-powerful suction that takes the dirt out of your house and into its 0.6-liter dustbin.

Dirt Detection

The Rogue 970 can detect what areas of your floor get dirtier. Its sensors cause it to slow down to make sure the spot is completely clean before moving on.

User Feedback and Reviews: What Customers Love and Hate about the Hoover Rogue 970

As with any product, there are a few pros and cons when it comes to the Hoover Rogue 970. Below are listed the most common complaints and praises from customers who tried the vacuum first hand.

Most Common Complaints

  • Difficult Application: Using the application to set up SmartWalls throughout your house gives you a certain measure of control. However, some customers found that the process was quite complicated. Rather than just drawing the map with your finger, you’re required to tap several buttons then adjust the endpoints one by one.
  • Unimpressive Design: You wouldn’t know at first glance that the bulky black plastic device is actually full of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Not Ideal for Thick Carpeting: If you have long carpeting in your home, the Rogue 970 will tend to get hung up in areas in the room. It also struggles with other low lying obstacles such as power cords.

Most Common Praises

  • The Technology: One of the most impressive things about the Hoover Rogue 970 is the amount of technology that’s packed into the tiny device. Not only is it able to connect to Wifi, but it can be controlled with voice commands. It is also equipped with laser mapping, and knows how much dirt is on your floor.
  • Battery Life: Very few robot vacuums can run for a full two hours. When the battery gets low, it returns to the charging dock on its own. Then, when it has finished charging it resumes cleaning.
  • Price: Most vacuums that have the same features as the Hoover Rogue 970, such as the TriClean system, are much more expensive. With this vacuum, you get all the performance without the big price tag.

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How Much Does the Hoover Rogue 970 Cost?

You can find the Hoover Rogue 970 on Amazon through a variety of sellers. It can cost anywhere from $400 to $500, depending on the retailer. The same model can be purchased used through Amazon as well and will only cost from $100 to $200.

The price is relatively affordable, taking into consideration all that you’re going to get with the purchase of this specific vacuum. 

Should You Buy the Hoover Rogue 970?

The Hoover Rogue 970 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a robot vacuum on a budget but still want all the bells and whistles the more expensive vacuums have to offer.

Even though the app is somewhat flawed in certain areas, Hoover is always looking for ways to update and improve the software.

A robot vacuum like Hoover Rogue 970 gives you the ability and freedom to enjoy clean floors throughout your home consistently. It allows you to make room in your schedule for more critical activities now that you can cross vacuuming off your to-do list.

Despite its small glitches, the Hoover Rogue 970 ultimately does a good job of keeping your home clean, and it won’t break the bank.

If you have been considering buying a robot vacuum, it’s well worth your while to check out the Hoover Rogue 970. It might be precisely what you’re looking for.

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