Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife Review

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/bigcart_notitle]The CEK-40 (Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife) is a substantial redesign of a classic Cuisinart product. With improved motor strength and ergonomics, control is much improved without sacrificing aesthetics.

Over its time in the field, this model has collected glowing consumer reviews for its power and reliability in a variety of challenging settings. Whether purchased for daily or holiday use, this Cuisinart electric knife has proven success in the field, time and again.

Safety enhancements in this model include improved ergonomics for both left- and right-handed users, providing easier and safer control during the cut. A safety switch has been added, to avoid accidental activation, while the trigger has been moved to a more natural, comfortable spot on the grip.

In fairness, the CEK-40 does have one known design flaw: the inclusion of nylon polymer gearing at the interface between the motor and primary worm gear. While this does not present a liability for the average user, even in a commercial setting, it does make following the included proper usage guidelines necessary to extend the life of your product.


Yet again, Cuisinart has earned their towering market share by engineering an electric knife far surpassing the competition in performance, elegance, and reliability. The CEK-40’s sleek, professional lines mask a no-nonsense, powerful motor capable of making short work of any domestic carving task.

Consumers rave about the power and reliability of this electric knife, even in commercial settings. Few other manufacturers so rightly deserve their reputations for reliability and excellence in design as does Cuisinart.

Most importantly, the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife ships with blades made of a carbon-rich, high-grade stainless steel alloy. Compared to typical, consumer-grade stainless steel, Cuisinart blades hold their edge substantially longer, while retaining the flexibility and resistance to corrosion consumers demand of stainless steel.

Sold with an attractively minimalist, wooden storage station, the Cuisinart electric knife is a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing addition to any modern kitchen.


Improved ergonomics make handling your CEK-40 a breeze, even for left-handed users. The blade and motor are dynamically balanced to ensure proper control before, during, and after a cut. While lacking some recent feature innovations, such as grease guards or hand shielding, the gently sloping handle of the latest Cuisinart electric knife keeps your hand from slipping towards the cutting surface during the heaviest use.

Other safety measures incorporated into the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife include a safety switch which eliminates the hazard of unintended activation should the appliance be jostled or dropped in hectic kitchens.

Blade removal and cleaning, rather than active use, is when most consumers report the highest incidents of injury. To help prevent this, Cuisinart has designed a one-touch blade removal system and grips for easy cleaning.

It is worth mentioning, however, that proper precautions must always be followed when using a powered cutting tool. Please, read and understand all applicable warnings before use.


Shirley and Carl Sontheimer founded Cuisinart as a retirement project in 1971. A MIT-trained physicist and engineer, Carl combined years of consumer electronics experience with a private passion for cooking. After seeing the state of the art in European commercial-grade food processors at a French trade show, the Sontheimers decided to re-design and market similar machines for domestic use.

His first models, available in the mid-Seventies, were able to chop over a pound of meat in less than one minute. Winning endorsements from celebrity chefs, such as Julia Child and James Beard, brought the husband-and-wife team more than 50 million dollars in sales within the first four years of operation.

The company quickly diversified into wide range of high-end consumer kitchen appliances, such as the Cuisinart electric knife. Within twenty years, Cuisinart earned its place as a household name. The company produces appliances in seventy percent of domestic appliance niches.


While outperforming its competitors in most respects, some models of Cuisinart electric knife suffering from known gear train problems. The motor is coupled to the worm gears with plastic gearing that can wear if used improperly.

To ensure a long active life for your product, be sure to follow the manufacture’s guidelines on proper use.

Never use your Cuisinart electric knife to pry or apply leverage. Always cut with steady, gentle downward pressure, without sawing or applying undue force. Let the knife do the work, drawing itself through the cut.

As a corollary, do not attempt to saw through bone with a consumer-grade electric knife. These appliances are not designed with this use in mind, and doing so will quickly damage both the blades and gear train. Neither should you use your knife on unevenly thawed or frozen product; in addition to increased wear, cutting on a slippery surface can lead to serious injury.

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