Cheap Acoustic GuitarsIn the small world of string instruments, guitars hold a prestigious stature since its inception. Despite the advent of new and high-tech musical instruments that imitate the resonance and sound of a guitar, this original instrument can’t be replaced. It continues being a favorite for singers, players both professionals, celebs and little-known persons.

More so the acoustic guitars, there are endless varieties that top musicians vouch for. Acoustic guitars are perfect for those quiet evening campfire sessions or for shredding an enjoyable jam session with your group of friends.

The best acoustic guitar will help you grow musically besides providing long hours of enjoyable intense song building. This is why choosing this particular instrument can seem overwhelming. Prices vary based on various parameters that are not only unique but also overly important (Source).

The parameters include the guitar’s overall sound, type of usage, body style, electronics among others. If you aren’t familiar with this, don’t hesitate as our acoustic guitar guide below will help you find the best guitar at your budget.

Cheapest Acoustic Guitar Models

1. Taylor Academy Series 12E Acoustic Guitar – Best Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Specifically made for new guitarists, the Taylor Academy Series 12E Acoustic Guitar comes with top hallmarks with remarkable bright and resonant trebles with ascertained projection. This is a keenly-priced acoustic guitar that impresses more than newbies.

Taylor certainly knew that it is hard and newcomers find it hard to settle on their guitar of choice in the world of acoustic instruments. This is why they saw the importance of giving beginner players the most comfortable and gratifying experience. Similarly, since an experienced player can make everything work, they will appreciate this good guitar once more.

Its academy aesthetic is pretty simple. It features some light hue of solid Sitka spruce that may not be good for traditionalist tastes. However, it gives the guitar an overly clean and defined look, perhaps reflective of its performance. Besides, its laminated birch with fiber-rope braid design is understated by the word stylish.

The Taylor Academy Series 12E Acoustic Guitar upper body’s armrest will raise eyebrows. Its high-end feature is not here only for cosmetic purposes. The inclusion of underlines is one of Taylor’s strategy to enhance sustainability, with a simplified version made from mahogany left from cutting its neck blanks.

As for the sound, it is apparent from the start that this guitar defines Taylor’s spruce top hallmarks, which are bright and resonant trebles with an assured projection. The guitar’s low action is overly welcoming across the ebony board.

For soft players, the 12e sounds are impressive and nuanced at low volumes. The high-mids are wonderful for choral quality, especially when combined with treble resonance. All in all, this guitar represents the vision of a dream beginner in many ways with a potential of moving from the bedroom to performing on a stage.


  • Awesome high-mids and trebles
  • Responsive playing experience
  • Affordable
  • Best for beginner experience


  • Lacks bass control
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2. Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Guitar – Most Compact Acoustic Guitar

If you are in the market for a guitar that is faultless in both execution and concept, the Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Guitar is an ideal guitar for your needs. It is slightly smaller but perfectly crafted. This is the difference between this guitar and the tons flooding the market with varying body shapes.

For sure, small is becoming the new big when it comes to acoustic items. Unlike the Martin X series or the minimalist Taylor’s big baby, the Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Guitar is downsized but appears grown-up in its build with all solid wood construction, tenon neck joint, simple soundhole rings and proper mortise.

Harmonically speaking, the Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Guitar might not have much depth or width, but being a full-sized dreadnought, there is much punchy midrange and slightly textured edge. It retains Martin’s classic and old-school fine picker.

Simply put, this is a cracking guitar quite far from a guitar shaped object. However, for serious young players, it is a great entry to Martins heritage and line of guitars. For experts, its compact nature provides leeway for portability and much enjoyability.


  • Punchy midrange tons
  • Classic martin sounds
  • Compact nature
  • Portable
  • Excellent build with quality materials


  • Lacks full depth of a full-sized dreadnought

3. Fender Paramount PM – 1 Acoustic Guitar – Best Value for the Money

The Fender Paramount PM – 1 Acoustic Guitar provides the best guitar for money besides its all-mahogany construction. Most guitars on this price range aim for American style heritage. However, this model set a new standard for this price range.

The guitar’s mahogany top has an indented texture that looks and feel vintage. The thin open-pore finish leaves the guitar’s organic look unhindered. As for the feel and sound, the PM – 1 represents a true textbook example of an all-mahogany dreadnought with lots of characters that attract players in this wood choice.

It is notably livelier than other guitars such as the Martin D-15. Fender’s lightweight could be the reason behind its airer tonality without dropping its muscular projection. The mid-voice is present in abundance with a low end being defined by a thumpy sound. Sustaining the notes shine in the upper-mids with pleasing rounded bluegrass playing at the pick.


  • Affordable solid wood mahogany guitar
  • Plenty of character
  • Accurate sound
  • Solid build
  • Lacks many features present in the electro option

4. PRS SE TX20E Acoustic Guitar – Best Acoustic Guitar for Electric Players

Electric players certainly need some special design in their acoustic guitars. As for the PRS SE TX20E Acoustic Guitar, it is famous for the flying bird inlays on the fingerboard. This is an assorted mid-priced electro-acoustic guitar with a great quality build and pleasing tone.

You can find various guitars with similar or even better features, but the selling point of this make is its unique selling point. Electro-acoustic fans know the meaning of having a wide-fat neck profile in a guitar. So to say, the neck and switch from such a solid body make playing of the guitar pretty seamless.

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For guitar experts, the whole point of getting a solid spruce acoustic instrument is for its mellow and mature tone when being played. This is exactly what the PRS SE TX20E Acoustic Guitar provides. Its lightweight nature makes it a perfect choice for those looking to play some tunes on the go.


  • Excellent playability
  • Great tones
  • Affordable


  • Not everyone might like the inlay bird design

5. Yamaha NTX700C Acoustic Guitar – Best Nylon-String Electro Acoustic Guitar

Despite predating the steel string guitar by almost a year, this nylon string guitar dropped off the radar to be a favorite of most pop and rock musicians. Catching up with the initial models developed shortly after the World War II, the nylon guitar including the Yamaha NTX700C Acoustic Guitar became popularly used by many jazz, country, pop and Latin settings.

The Yamaha NX series was launched years ago in two flavors. The NCX model comes with a wide array of classical style neck, 12 frets on the body and a flat fingerboard. On the other hand, the NTX features a narrow neck, radius D board and 14 frets to its body.

As for the Yamaha NTX700C, its neck is wider than the average steel string guitar but easy to get used to. Although the back and sides are laminate, its top is solid cedar. This compared to the spruce top; you should expect a slightly softer tonality. Its amber-toned finish also looks damn cool.

Like other Yamaha NX guitars, the preamp and pickup system with two ART soundboard sit under the bridge on the treble and bass sides. This connects to the volume controls on the preamp enabling the user to set nearly all important components to achieve a better balance between the highs and lows.

From its amplified tone to well-balanced and soft acoustic sound, the Yamaha NTX700C has everything right. It produces a natural sound without piezo quack.


  • Faultless construction
  • Great when plugged in
  • Nylon strings with steel string playability
  • Good quality build


  • Not the loudest – not good for large stages

Cheap Acoustic Guitars

Things to Consider Before Buying an Acoustic Guitar

When buying a guitar, it is of much importance that you get the best for your money. Well, this may not be much easy, especially with the increasing brands and models of acoustic guitar out on the market.To do this, here are some of the things you should look into when purchasing a new acoustic guitar under $2000.

Overall Guitar Sound

This might be the most important factor, especially if you are looking for one to enhance your stage performance. Coming up with an objective measure of the guitar’s sound quality can be hard. Therefore, you should listen to yourself about how the guitar sounds. Note that representing your playing style and the individual taste is part of being a guitar player.


To most guitarists, they believe in the tradition that an all-solid wood guitar offers the best performance as solid woods carry extra sound and resonate much better compared to laminated woods and other composite guitar materials.

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However, brands such as Ovation have made tremendous success with acoustic guitars using non-wood composite materials. With the recent surge in need for environmental conservation, various manufacturers are opting to include composite woods as part of their guitars, such as in the Fretboards. Well, this doesn’t significantly affect the quality of sound.

Some of the common tonewoods used include;

  • Spruce – a popular tonewood for acoustic guitars generally considered to deliver an all-around tone without being overly warm, bright or bassy.
  • Cedar – less dense wood compared to spruce, tends to have less projection and sustain and sounds much warmer. Common in guitars designed for fingerstyle players.
  • Mahogany – a dense wood that produces warm tones projecting very well. Traditionally used in the back and sides of guitars until recently where it started being used for building the entire guitar.
  • Sapele – is a bit denser than mahogany and produces slightly brighter sound.
  • Maple – hard and dense wood often used on the back and sides of the guitar. It is occasionally found on the top wood. Has great projection but focuses on the mid frequencies.

Guitar Size and Shape

Smaller-bodied guitars emphasize on higher treble frequencies and often preferred by fingerstyle players. On the other end, jumbo bodied guitars resonate well with lower bass frequencies and preferred by those playing loud strumming styles. In between, there are grand auditorium guitars that combine the tonal characteristics of both small and large-bodied guitars.

Dreadnought is the most popular shape currently due to its nice and loud tone. It also produces a great balance of low and high frequencies with good note definition for playing specific melodies.

Intended Use

You can purchase your guitar for a myriad of uses. You can get a guitar for recording, live performance or for practice. Whereas you can purchase one acoustic guitar that does all these, some guitarist prefers having different guitars for a specific function.

Ready To Buy The Best Cheap Acoustic Guitar?

Many other types of acoustic guitars with various styles and getups are available in varying price ranges. However, when it comes to finding one suiting your budget, we believe one of the guitars on our list will be your best choice.

Apart from the guitar’s price, consider other factors that make up a good acoustic guitar. Among them, including the wood used in making the guitar, sound quality, shape and size of the guitar, string height, strap buttons, scale length and electronics for an electric acoustic guitar.

You should also consider what you intend to use the guitar for. This will help you find one that perfectly suits your needs. Having gone through this, which acoustic guitar from our list is your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below.