Brother XR 3140 Review – Is This Sewing Machine Worth It?

The Brother XR3140 features an incredible 140 unique stitches conveniently displayed on the front panel and inside the top cover. Also included is the one-step buttonhole foot, designed to fit your buttons with 8 styles of buttonholes available.

The included button sewing foot assists with the easy attachment of buttons. You’ll love using the extra-large workspace with a wide table, for larger-scale projects like draperies, and quilts.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features, extras, drawbacks and cost of the Brother XR3140.

Brother XR 3140 Review

Use the Built-in Stitches for the Following

  • Blind hems
  • Elastic attachment or gathering
  • Stretch zigzag stitching
  • Decorative satin stitching
  • Top stitching
  • 55 alpha numeric stitches for basic monogramming

The Threading System & Speed

The table slides on and off quickly and its legs are sturdy giving you stability. With its exceptional feed system, you’ll appreciate how smooth this machine is to sew almost any fabric.

The variable speed control and stop-start button allow you extra control when sewing. The XR3140 features an extra large black back-lit LCD display designed to be easy on the eyes for viewing your stitch selections and settings.

The advanced easy needle threading system allows your needle to be threaded with the touch of a lever. 

XR3140 Sewing and Quilting Feet

The XR3140 comes complete with a range of versatile sewing and quilting feet. A sewing ‘presser’ foot is an attachment used with sewing machines to hold the fabric down while it is sewn.

Besides the basic presser foot or straight sewing stitching lines, having different presser feet that do a lot of other functions is a plus.

The quick-change lever makes it incredibly easy to swap feet.

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The Brother XR3140 Comes Equipped with the Following Presser Feet

  • Zigzag foot: This versatile foot can be used for a lot of stitches from straight to zigzag, especially useful for heavy fabrics. 
  • Buttonhole foot: With this foot you don’t need to make button-hole markings – instead use the red measurements to make a properly sized buttonhole.
  • Zipper foot: Necessary when sewing zippers. With this you can sew very close to the zipper feet.
  • Button sewing foot: Sew buttons onto practically any garment. No more hand sewing buttons!
  • Over-casting foot: This foot is used to sew an overcast stitch along the fabric edge-interlocking hem made along a raw edge.
  • Blind stitch foot: Using this foot ensures your blind hem is always neat and gives your garment that tailor-finish, with-out having to painstakingly hand finish your garments.
  • Monogramming foot: This foot is necessary for monogramming garments
  • ¼” Piercing foot: Also known as a patchwork foot, the quarter inch foot has a built-in guide that keeps your fabric in line. A consistent, accurate seam allowance that is exactly ¼ inch no matter how fast you sew.
  • Spring action quilting foot: This foot is used in quilting for sewing accurately with ¼ inch to 1/8-inch seam. It is also called a piercing foot. The built-in spring action helps the foot transition over the ‘hills’ and ‘valleys’ of fabric layers, even when sewing over thick seams.

Free-Motion Quilting

Quilters also love that this machine allows them to drop the feed dogs to do free motion quilting. It comes with a spring action quilting foot and a ¼” piecing foot.

Free motion quilting is something you can do on a sewing machine as long as your machine comes with a special foot!

If the Brother XR3140 did not come equipped with a free-motion foot, you would have to buy a generic darning foot and hope that it fits your sewing machine. Another great feature of the Brother 3140!

The Ease of the Brother XR3140

Enjoy the flat bed free arm convertible sewing surface that’s very useful when sewing cuffs and sleeves. Blind hems are a breeze, as we mentioned earlier, with our included blind-stitch foot.

Simply choose your stitches and settings with the push button stitch controls and view your selections on the easy to read black extra large LCD display.

The exclusive Brother quick-set top load bobbin stays in place and helps provide even stitch quality for fine sewing.

The right tools make your sewing job easier!

The Thread

The see through cover helps you keep track of your bobbin thread. Thread cutters are found on the bobbin winder, quick set bobbin case, and on the machine side.

How Much Does the Brother XR3140 Cost?

The Brother XR3140 goes for between $150-200.

User Ratings for the Brother XR3140

You may be interested to hear what others think of the Brother XR3140.

Top Benefits

  • The machine is lightweight for its size
  • The storage compartment is an attached drawer which is convenient!
  • The bobbins are unique to a few of the Brothers products for the plethora of easy to use threading options
  • The decorative stitches are beautiful!
  • Love that the default presser foot is see-through
  • Machine doesn’t wobble or rock around on a table when at full speed.
  • Automatic threader needle works well

Most Common Complaints

  • Very tight arm length for a quilting machine
  • Bobbins are non-standard. Had to order some separately
  • Because it’s computerized, the mechanism ‘shuts down’ and shows ‘error’ on the screen- preventing any movement- when the fabric gets snagged.
  • Have to take out half of the plates to get out a stuck piece of thread which is a 40 minute process.

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What Did We Learn About This Sewing Machine?

We found that the Brother XR3140 is versatile and user friendly. The built-in accessories are great and very much a time-saver.

For the new seamstress or the long-time sewing veteran, become fashion friendly at a great value. Decorative, heirloom, and quilting opportunities can adjust to your specific needs.

You can develop couture level consistent stitch quality with features usually found in more expensive machines. There’s the ability to customize in style with a full range of built-in stitches including blind hems, sewing on elastic, and more.

Summing It Up

Sewing fine decorative satin, feather and scalloped stitches are also computerized and easy.

The BrotherXR3140 comes with a large sewing area and a wide table, ideal for larger projects such as prom dresses, formal wear, costumes and quilts.

You can adjust your XR3140 to your desired stitch that is printed on the front of the machine. Simply select your desired stitch on the informative LCD screen and adjust the stitch to your specific needs.

Finally, to sum it up, expand your creativity with the Brother XR3140!

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