10 Metal Guitar Brands [Best Models Of 2021]

Metal Guitar Brands

There are hundreds of guitar brands, but just a handful are mainly associated with metal. So if you want to play metal, make sure to find the best-suited guitar for you. We’ve researched and listed our top 10 metal guitar brands that might interest you. Feel free to scroll through our list and check out …

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5 French Horn Brands [Famous & Professional]

French Horn Brands

The French horn can trace its origins back to the early 17th century. This instrument is known to be able to produce a wide range of sounds. A French horn can be smooth, blaring, soft, or mellow, because its a very versatile instrument. A standard French horn is 18 feet of tubes that are rolled …

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Top 3 Professional Trumpet Brands [Detailed Buyer’s Guide]

Best Professional Trumpet Brands

The best professional trumpets are made of quality materials and assembled with utmost care. This is probably why the best professional trumpet brands prefer handcrafting their instruments. Since intricate care is required in the assembly of a quality trumpet, it is advisable to avoid mass-produced trumpets.  With mass-produced trumpets, there is no guarantee that the …

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5 Violin Brands To Avoid | What To Look Out For

5 Violin Brands To Avoid

Different musical instruments have their unique characteristics and what they are best known for. The violin is associated with classical music, and you will agree that the orchestra is not complete in the absence of a violin. The choice of a quality violin has, however, become very challenging as the day goes by. Because the …

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5 Ukulele Brands To Avoid & Which To Consider

Ukulele Brands To Avoid

This sweet-sounding Hawaiian instrument is available in many sizes from the petit soprano to the guitalele baritone. The tradition and rich history, plus the melodious tunes from the Uke, have made it popular among the string family. The fun derived from moving your fingers along the four nylon strings will want to make you keep …

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6 Saxophone Brands To Avoid & Why

Saxophone Brands To Avoid

The Smooth tone from the sophisticated and impressive saxophone instrument has made it very famous among the horns family. The saxophone is the best when you seek the most suitable musical instrument for music genres like blues, jazz, soul, and classical. However, the satisfaction derived from a musical instrument outside the player’s ability depends mainly …

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