9 African Beer Brands [Congo, Kenya & More]

African Beer Brands

Beer is served all over the African continent in a wide range of situations and environments. In fact, you can find beer everywhere in Africa, from neighborhood markets to upscale bars. Many African countries have finally come around to standardized their beer bottle sizes. This makes sense because in a region with so little resources, …

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Top 10 Cream Soda Brands [By Price & Taste]

Cream Soda

Cream soda is a sweet soft drink with a vanilla taste. There’s no dairy product in these sodas. The ‘cream’ comes from the vanilla’s taste. Although vanilla has no connection with cream, it just activates the taste. With that being said, there are several Cream Soda Brands in the US. These brands have unique formulas …

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8 Major Japanese Coffee Brands [2022 Update]

Japanese Coffee Brands

Japan has a long tradition of drinking tea. However, in recent years coffee companies and coffee shops has started opening up around japan. The taste of coffee is often associated with the early morning, but in Japan, many people drink coffee long after breakfast. Coffee has become a popular drink for the afternoon and evening. …

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Top 10 Cocktail Recipes to Try at Home

One of the main challenges of those who frequently entertain at home is how to serve some great cocktails to their guests.  Most of us shy away from trying that out as we think it is not easy to mix up a nice variety of cocktails.  Well, we couldn’t be more wrong!  With just a …

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10 Best Blueberry Wine Brands

Blueberry Wine Brands

Since you can grow blueberries across the entire United States, it’s no surprise that blueberry wine is on the shelves of almost every liquor and grocery store. However, no two brands are the same. Whether you’re shopping for a date night or a party, you should buy a brand with 100% natural blueberries and bold …

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15 Best Caribbean Beer Brands

Caribbean Beer Brands

Caribbean food culture is known for its wealth of vibrant and fresh flavors. In fact, this region has some of the best cuisine you can get. So, an area that is known for having high-quality food is also going to be a place that can make a great beer. Most people dont know a lot …

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Swedish Vodka Brands [The Top 9]

Swedish Vodka Brands

Sweden has a lot to offer the adventurous vodka explorer, owing to a slew of premium brands that have recently emerged and won a slew of international spirit and other liquor awards. Swedish Vodka varies greatly; some are triple distilled, while others are sold unfiltered. With each taste, you’ll discover a new way to appreciate …

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Korean Beer Brands [Top 5]

Korean Beer brands

Americans and those in the western European countries may believe that beer is their drink, but, in truth, beer is an ancient global product.  Ales have been brewed and enjoyed for millennia through peace and war. History records that barley beer was consumed in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Iran as early as the 5th century …

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5 Best Italian Soda Brands

Italian Soda Brands

Italians are known for their wine and even their beer, but soda? Not so much. Most people don’t know a lot about non-alcoholic Italian beverages, so we thought we would share some of our favorites. In this article, we will go over all the best Italian soda brands. The best Italian soda brands overall are …

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