Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less Fryer Review

Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less Fryer

When making the switch to a healthier lifestyle, there's no need to eliminate the foods your family loves most. Using the Big Boss Oil-less fryer, you can continue making crispy french fries, mozzarella sticks, fried chicken, crispy veggies & more.


For a long time, I was looking for a healthy and dependable fryer for my cooking needs. A friend then introduced me to a model referred to as the Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less Fryer is a perfect choice.

I took time to check it out and to my relief; it was exactly what I wanted. This is because it features state-of-the-art technology allowing you to cook tasty foods without adding excess calories that come with traditional deep fryers.

After using this fryer for a quite a time I have decided to post this Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less Fryer review so as to provide you with honest and unbiased information to enable you make the best choice.

Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less Fryer Features


This Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer features an efficient design capable of heating up food rapidly while at the same time retaining moisture and flavor. The fryer is suited for cooking of a variety of foods including poultry, meat, desserts and vegetables. In other words, it can cook any meal you may want to prepare.

Since I purchased this product from, I have continued to understand the features and specifications that make it particularly wonderful. Here are the main reasons why I find this product wonderful:

  • Cooks with little or no oil

Ask any medical expert; he/she will tell you how dangerous cooking oil can be especially for the heart and the vascular system. The beauty of the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is that it uses very little or no cooking oil of fat, unlike traditional deep fryers.

This will limit your caloric intake due to a cut in cholesterol as well as other unhealthy fats thereby preventing cardiovascular disease.

  • Highly energy efficient

With so many financial responsibilities coming my way every month, I wanted a fryer that could help me reduce electricity bills. This unit is designed to use less energy and cooks three times faster than the conventional deep fryers.

The lid is deigned with tight seal to keep hot air inside the fryer contributing the energy efficiency of this unit. It can cook quickly from frozen, requiring no thawing time.

  • Multi-functional

I wanted a fryer that could allow me to cook more than a single food at a time. Luckily, I found this very favorable thanks to it 2 cooking trays allows for cooking of multiple foods at the same time.

I can grill meats, roast turkeys, broil steaks, bake fish, air fry chicken, steam vegetables, toast breads and even make dessert, all without preheating or defrosting.

One thing I like most about this fryer is that I get to see the cooking process thanks to the glass dome.

Other Specifications

  • 16-qt cooking capacity
  • Comes with a recipe book and oil spritzer bottle
  • In terms of dimensions, this unit measures 16 inches (H) x 13.5 inches (W) x 12.5 inches (D) and shipping weight of 17.8 lbs.
  • Power consumption is 1300 watts

How Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less Fryer Works

How this halogen fryer works can be explained by its triple cooking power. This feature is perhaps the most important reason why you should choose this product. The fryer combines halogen heat, infrared and convectional technology.

The three cooking powers offer synergistic cooking. The halogen provided direct heat at the surface of the food to cause roasting, browning and flavor. The convectional power, on the other hand, circulates hot air to evenly distribute the heat for rapid and uniform cooking.

Finally, the infrared power cooks food from inside out thereby sealing in the heat.

Now that you know the most important features and specifications of this product, what are its pros and cons.

  • It is highly energy efficient to help you cut down on your monthly energy bills
  • The fryer has three cooking powers for a more complete and faster cooking.
  • It uses little or no oil meaning less fat, less grease, less cholesterol and less cholesterol. This means optimal heart-health.
  • It cooks very quickly from frozen without the need for defrosting or thawing.
  • The Big Boss Oil-Less fryer is a bit heavy making it less portable
  • Some units have the timer stop working without a reason
  • The glass lid with the halogen light, infrared heating element, and convection cannot be immersed in water yet it also gets stained or greasy.


We appreciate you having taken your time to read our in-depth review of the Big Boss 8605 Oil-Less fryer. Our hope is that it has sufficiently given you the information you needed to confirm that what you have been hearing about the greatness of this product is true. Cook your favorite meals in less time with this oil-less fryer.

7.6 Total Score
Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300 watt, Silver

Uses less energy, cooking up to 3 times faster. Heart-healthy alternative. Quickly cooks from frozen, no thawing time needed. Triple cooking power: halogen, convection and infrared heat. 2 trays cook multiple foods at the same time.

User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

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