Welders are a key part of any automotive shop or business that involves welding. It’s also a handy tool to keep at home. MIG stands for “metal inert gas” and it’s preferred by people more than a TIG welder

They are ideal for both at-home use and industrial use. MIG welding allows you to work at higher speeds and they’re generally very affordable. 

If you’re looking to purchase a MIG welder but don’t want to spend a fortune, we have compiled a list of the best MIG welders for under $500.

Based on our research. The best MIG welder under 500 is the Forney Easy Weld MIG Welder, for various reasons. It’s super durable, has multiple weld options, almost no complaints, and it has an infinite voltage and wire feed. Feel free to read about some of our other top picks as well. 

Important Note: While preparing this article, we made every attempt to include welders under $500. However, since pricing changes from time to time, is possible that few may be slightly over $500.


Name Weight Power
SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder 36.4 lbs 110V
Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG Welder 38 lbs 110V
YESWELDER Digital MIG Welder 33.4 lbs 110/220V
SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 39.4 lbs 110V
Forney Easy Weld MIG Welder  25.8 lbs 120V
Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder 34.8 lbs 120/240V
DEKPRO Welder 12.1 lbs 110/220V
HITBOX MIG Welder 19.4 lbs 220V
MIG MMA Welder 34.1 lbs 110/220V
TACKLIFE Electric Welder 35.4 lbs 120V
KICKINGHORSE MIG Welder 10.78 lbs 120V

Best Mig Welders Under $500

1. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder

The SUNCOO is a very budget-friendly MIG welder with plenty of features. Its portable design and wide applications are ideal for welding normal to thin steel and iron. It’s perfect for home use and general automotive repair work. 

Safety Precautions

One thing that this welder boasts of is its protection. This particular MIG welder has overheat protection. If the machine detects temperatures that exceed critical value, it will automatically turn off and forced cooling will be performed. Once the temperature lowers, the machine will return to normal operations. 

Moreso, there is overload protection. If the rated load has exceeded capacity, the welder output is turned off immediately. Additionally, the insulation protection makes sure the inner circuit board of the machine is protected and the metal casing is electrostatically sprayed. This keeps electric shock from happening. 

Can Be Easily Adjusted

One of the other nice features of the MIG welder is that you can adjust the current flow by tweaking the four buttons for MIN/MAX, ½. There is also a knob that allows you to adjust the speed of the wire feed. This gives you more control over your welding. 


  • Plenty of safety precautions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Self-released metal-inert gas while welding
  • Easy to carry
  • Built-in storage space


  • May burn holes
  • Difficult feed

2. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG Welder

The title says commercial, but this is actually a fantastic household welder that’s lightweight, powerful, and versatile.

It’s constructed of high-quality PVC material and features a comfortable grip, super simple operation, and unbelievable precision. 

Control The Speed

With the Super Deal PRO Mig Welder, you can adjust the current flow by tweaking the four buttons which include MIN/MAX/1/2. There’s also a rotary knob you can adjust to change the wire feeding speed. There are ten levels of speed for your choosing as well as a torch with complete on/off safety control. 

Powerful Machine

Not only is this machine powerful, but it’s also compact enough to keep in small garages or sheds. It only weighs 38 pounds and has a convenient carrying handle on the top. It comes with a reel of 0.9mm, 0.55lbs of welding wire, a mask, brush, and chipping hammer. 

Additionally, you will receive a 2.5M torch, xtra 2 tips, and ground cord. It’s ideal for welding mild steel as well as stainless steel, making it great for home, shop, or work use. 

Maximum Protection

This welder comes equipped with a cooling fan and thermal overload protection. This helps protect your investment and your shop or home. Moreso, the metal tip at the end of the gun doesn’t allow slag to build up while welding. After a while of use, there may be a little buildup, but you can easily switch it out with one of the extra tips that come with it. 


  • Portable and compact
  • User-friendly interface
  • Self release inert gas
  • Comes with extra tips & mask


  • Trips breakers

3. YESWELDER Digital MIG Welder

The YESWELDER Digital MIG Welder is another 3-in-1 machine that we found for under $500. It can be used with gas or no gas and it’s synergically controlled. This is a fantastic machine for beginners and experts alike. 

Synergic Controlled

Make welding simple with the synergic controlled MIG function. The 2T/4T design gives you the option to perform 2T spot welding and simple work while the 4T option allows you to perform continuous long-term work for optimal finger comfort. 

The one-button design makes it easy to choose which welding mode you want to use. You can choose between gas. gasless, MIG, lift TIG or stick welding modes. Additionally, the synergic control MIG function will automatically adjust the voltage & wire feed speed by tweaking the amps or choosing an alternate thickness. 

DC Stick Weld/LiftTIG

Let’s touch base on the DC Stick Weld/LiftTIG welding feature, shall we? This machine can easily work with stick electrodes. With the purchase of this welder, you will receive a ground clamp and stinger. It can weld 7018/6011 electrodes up to 5/32” at 220V. If you choose to perform LiftTIG welding, you will have to purchase those corresponding accessories. 


  • 3-in-1 operation allows you to choose your preferred mode
  • Can be used with or without gas
  • Synergic control MIG function
  • 2T/4T design
  • Can handle 2lb and 10lb rolls of wire


  • Inconsistent arc
  • Poor quality


The SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder is another great machine for less than $500. It’s perfect for welding iron, mild steel, and other types of metals.

It features a stainless steel body, has gasless operation, and a mask and welding wire are included in the purchase. Here are some other great features of this MIG welder. 

Various Advantages

One of the great features of this MIG welder is that it requires no gas. Additionally, there is a fan speed control knob, torch with a complete on/off safety control, four heat settings, and thermal safety protection. It’s wonderful for welding outdoors and is 0.030-0.035” flux-cored. Additionally, it is very easy to operate. 

Thermal Overload Protection

As mentioned above, there is a thermal overload protection feature on it. This is a safety feature that will shut off the machine if the internal sensors detect that the components within the machine are getting too hot.

This will prevent the machine from damaging itself in case it overheats. Furthermore, the machine may not be able to start back up until the sensors determine that the components have cooled down. 


  • Easy on the wallet
  • Portable
  • Plenty of controls
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal overload protection


  • Can’t be used for industrial purposes
  • Can’t weld aluminum

5. Forney Easy Weld MIG Welder 

First on our list is the Forney Easy Weld MIG Welder. This welder is a multi-process welder that can convert from MIG to DC TIG and Stick welding. You can choose which mode you want based on your expertise and needs. Let’s check out some of the other features of this versatile welder. 

Built To Last

A notable feature of the Forney Welder is that it has a rugged all metal case. It’s built strong enough to take on even the roughest welding tasks. It can easily accommodate 2 and 10-pound rolls of wire. Along with being rugged, it’s super simple to use. The easy start mode allows you to make each strie easily and quickly. Additionally, the three position switch gives you the option to change the process quickly and easily. 

You Are In Control

With this MIG welder, you are completely in control. There are an infinite voltage and wire feed speed control. This allows you to turn a dial and obtain the optimal weld. The output voltage range is 12-23V, the rated output current range is 43-110A, and the full output current range is 10-140A. 

Multiple Weld Options

As mentioned above, this isn’t only a MIG welder, but also a DC TIG welder and a Stick welder. The machine itself is set up for flux-core welding but can be alternated to MIld Steel with a gas setup. You can weld up to ¼” mild steel in just one pass at 140 amps. 

For DC TIG welding, you will need to purchase the proper materials such as a regulator, tungsten electrodes, torch, hose, and gas. For Stick welding, you can run the stick electrodes and there is a ground clamp and stinger included with the machine. You can use electrodes up to ⅛”. 


  • 3-in-1 operation 
  • Easy to use
  • Great for a beginner
  • Comes with accessories needed 
  • You can control your weld


  • Slight spatter issue

6. Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder

If you’re looking for a versatile welder on a budget, look no further than the Weldpro MIG/stick arc welder. It’s equipped with features that will help meet the many demands of various welding jobs. Check out some of its most popular features. 

2T-4T Switch

This is a feature that we really like in the MIG welders. The 2T and 4T switch allow manual and automatic feeding of the wire depending on the welding job you are doing. You can choose to feed the wire automatically when you are welding in tough spots that make holding the torch a little uncomfortable. It’s also good for running long beads. 


The portability of this machine is outstanding. It’s one of the smallest MIG welders in its class and it can plug into both 110 and 220-volt power ports. It only weighs 34 pounds and measures 20.8 x 16 x 13.7 inches. There’s also a convenient handle at the top and on the sides of the welder for comfortable transportation. 

Handy Features

This MIG welder gives you the ability to remove the torch cable and replace it with an aluminum spool gun.

After you have done so, you can simply flip a switch inside of the welder’s drive roller housing. Moreso, the machine can run on .23, .030, and .035 MIG and flux cord wire. You don’t have to worry about disconnecting electrical terminals. 


  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Great for home use
  • Dual voltage
  • Torch cable can be replaced with a spool gun
  • Can run flux cord wire


  • Weak push motor
  • Short whip

7. DEKPRO Welder

The DEKPRO Welder gives you the ability to obtain a professional finish for welding, automotive bodywork, and other thin steel welding jobs. Experience a variety of advantages of MMA welding processes with this affordable welder.

This is a multi-use welder suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and other light metal materials. 

Study & Portable Design

One thing that a lot of people look for in a welder is how well it can be carried around from place to place. This MIG welder features a high-intensity body with durable characteristics. The frame is ultra solid as is the handle at the top of the machine. It’s suitable for professional and daily work. 

Instant Cooling

Another great feature of the DEKPRO MIG Welder is its high-efficiency fan. This completely mute fan motor has an instant cooling function. This helps to promote body heat dissipation and provides optimal protection to the internal mechanisms. 

Current Stability

While you’re welding, the voltage will match and adjust the current to ensure stable current output. This protects multiple processing to improve the efficiency of your welding and ensures your overall safety while working. 


  • High-efficiency fan
  • Current is constantly stabilized
  • Portable design
  • Leading control mode
  • Energy efficient


  • Trips breakers
  • Lack of customer service

8. HITBOX MIG Welder

The HITBOX MIG Welder has been used for many welding projects such as indoor decor, DIY projects, and other types of jobs. 

It’s also widely used by professionals and hobbyists. This is a multi-function MIG welder with MIG/ARC/LIFT TIG gas and gasless functions. 

Many Features

This MIG welder is ideal for stainless steel and iron welding. It has a solid wire/flux cored weir that can be elected when performing welding jobs. Moreso, this machine can be used with a generator and has plenty of easy-operation options for beginners. Everything you need to get started is contained with the purchase of the HITBOX. 


The warranty isn’t something we mention very often, but this is one product that does offer a warranty right off the bat. This welder offers a 1-year warranty. If you have any problems with the machine, you can contact them via their 24-hour online customer service team. 

Simple Design

The simple design of this MIG welder is something to consider. It is ultra lightweight, weighing only 19.4 pounds, one of the lightest on the list. It measures 19.88 x 14.17 x 11.02 inches, making it the perfect size for storing in small spaces when not in use. It is capable of using 5kg-15kg rolls of welding wire and you can select wire/flux cored wire when doing MIG welding. 


  • Lightweight & portable
  • Can be used with a generator
  • Can be used with stainless steel and iron welding
  • Gas & no gas self shielding
  • MIG, TIG, and ARC function


  • Poor quality
  • Large wire reel may not spin

9. MIG MMA Welder

The MIG MMA Welder can be used with a power generator and it’s super easy for beginners to use. It has a high duty cycle that ensures long time welding and the voltage & current can be adjusted for ideal welding. 


The MIG MMA Welder has adjustable wire feed speed, voltage, and current. You can adjust it to best suit your needs and weld with different thicknesses. Additionally, there is the option for gasless flux-cored welding and gas-shielding MIG welding. The flux cored and solid core sire are both available for the MIG function and can handle both 2 and 10-pound wire rolls. 

Stick Welding

This machine has stick welding capabilities. The 10-200AM stick electric current output has anti-sticking prevention that makes overloading impossible. This eases the removal of the hot start, arc force, and electrode. 

Portable Design

The carrying handle and compact design make for easy storage and portability. It’s easy to use anywhere you need to use it and on anything you need to use it on including, but not limited to outdoor repairs, maintenance on vehicles, rusty metal, stainless steel, and other metal materials. It weighs a mere 34 pounds and measures 19.5 x 16 x 13 inches. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can stick weld as well as MIG weld
  • Adjustable options
  • Shield gas flow selection
  • Simple to operate


  • Flips breaker
  • No available replacement parts

10. TACKLIFE Electric Welder

The TACKLIFE Electric Welder is a high-efficiency welder with a price tag that falls within your budget. This 2-in-1 machine features advanced IGBT inverter technology and has power voltage compensation equipment. 

High Efficiency

This MIG welder comes with an inverter gas-shielding welding power source. It uses IGBT to transfer 60Hz frequency up to 30~50KHz and the efficiency increases by 30%. There is also protection within the welder to protect the circuit in case of overvoltage or over current as well as overheating. 

Compact Design

The TACKLIFE welder has a convenient carrying handle and it’s compact for easy storage. It’s ideal for repairs on vehicles, farm & road equipment, and more. It weighs a little over 35 pounds and measures 16.96 x 8 x 10.55 inches. It’s the perfect size 

Super Powerful

If you’re looking for a powerful but affordable machine, this is it. It runs off of 120 volts and the output current is 20A-140A. You can change the mode between MIG and MMA by pressing one single button.

There is a 0.03-0.04” solid core wire available for the MIG function. You can easily see all of the settings on the digital display screen that helps provide more accurate current voltage regulation. 


  • High efficiency
  • MIG and MMA options
  • Inverter gas-shielding welding power source
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Digital display screen


  • Faulty circuit board 


Last on our list is the KICKINGHORSE Certified Flux Core Gasless MIG Welder. This welder is tiny, only weighing 10 pounds, by far the lightest on our list.

It’s super convenient to transport between projects, especially with the handy carrying strap. This isn’t the only notable feature of this tiny welder. 

Infinite Voltage

This particular welder doesn’t have a fixed heat setting like its many counterparts. It has F130 that allows you to fine-tune the voltage continuously. This gives you the freedom you need to make the wend puddle perform the way it needs to.

You can eliminate the spatter or control the puddle while overhead welding. Combine the stepless voltage adjustment and the personalized control of the welding arc, and you will get the results you are looking for. 

Easy Setup & Use

This welder has a side load spool and a high quality integrated design streamlines the welding performance. The MIG gun is gasless and optimized for flux-colored welding. It offers tons of power and smooth flux-cored wire feeding, which means low maintenance. 

Advanced Inverter Technology

The KICKINGHORSE MIG welder gives the same power as welders with transformer based counterparts but uses less electricity. It offers a 46V open circuit voltage that makes it super easy to start an arc, especially at a rusty surface. 


  • Infinite voltage
  • Easy to start and use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Efficient
  • 1-year warranty


  • 30 Amp breaker needed

MIG Welder Buyers Guide

So what exactly is it that makes a MIG welder a good one? Well, there are plenty of things to consider when trying to find your next machine for your shop or home. 

Who Are They For?

A MIG welder is ideal for those who are just starting to learn how to weld. They should be easy to use right out of the box. MIG welders have plenty of uses for them including: 

  • Welding shops
  • Fabrication & manufacturing
  • Hobbyists
  • Beginners
  • Automotive repair

MIG welders are not ideal for those looking to do artwork, find welding work, thick metalwork, or portable welding jobs. 

Spool Gun

If you are looking to weld aluminum, you’re going to need a spool gun. When you put aluminum in a wire feed spool, it tends to wad up and get tangled. A spool gun is a tool that attaches to the torch handle and sends the wire directly into the gun, only needing to travel a few inches rather than a few feet.

 If the welder you are eyeing doesn’t come with a spool gun, you should ensure that there is a mount where you can place it if you need one. 

Thermal Overload Protection

As you saw on the list above, there were a few MIG welders that came with thermal overload protection. This feature keeps your welder from overheating while you are working.

If anything inside the machine has been detected as overheating, it will automatically begin a cooling process and won’t turn back on until it goes down to normal temperature. If the welder doesn’t have this feature, a thermal overload will turn your welder into a stationary piece of furniture in your shop. 

Check Short-Circuiting Features

If you are welding and all of a sudden there is a short-circuit, the surge of power is going to cause splatter and will completely ruin your weld pool. You should look for a welder that comes equipped with a way to modify the electrical current when a short-circuit is about to happen. It will prevent splatter and any interference with the pool. 

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