Today, almost everything is digital – TVs, cars, phones, as well as household appliances and items including bathroom scales. However, digital items are not always favored. Some people prefer non-digital or mechanical items because of their vintage look or cheaper price.

When it comes to bathroom scales, they’ve come a long way in recent years. The modern weighing scales show the muscle mass, body mass index (BMI), heart rate, bone density, and so on.

Some weigh scales can be connected to smartphones to track fitness progress and monitor your wellness. There are also cutting-edge smart scales that even provide the latest weather forecast data.

While these whizzy features are without a doubt captivating, measuring body weight is still the main purpose of bathroom scales. That’s why many people go for simple mechanical weigh scales rather than forking out extra money on the latest bells and whistles.

When shopping for analog bathroom scales, you will want something easy to use, reliable, and durable. In this post, we’re going to shed some light on the best mechanical bathroom scales and determining factors in choosing the right model.

How Much Do Mechanical Bathroom Scales Cost?

Most mechanical weighing scales cost somewhere between $20 and $50. More expensive scales have a stylish design and are made from strong materials to stand the test of time. Still, they are much more affordable than their digital counterparts.

Comparing the Top 5 Products

  1. Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial
  2. HB160KLEA – Professional Home Care Mechanical Floor Scale
  3. Salter Professional Analog Bathroom Scale
  4. Health O Meter Floor Scale
  5. Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Bathroom Scale
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What Are Mechanical Bathroom Scales?

Mechanical or traditional bathroom scales are devices meant to measure weight. The body weight is typically shown on the dial display in either metric and/or imperial measurements.

So they don’t use batteries to operate except for models with LCD or electro-mechanical dial display. Instead, mechanical weighing scales use a spring mechanism to measure weight.

Here are the basic working principles of mechanical bathroom scales:

  • The weight is focused on a calibrated spring by means of levers;
  • As this spring stretches, the pointer or dial rotates accordingly;
  • The pointer indicates the weight or it appears in the window.

Buyer’s Guide – Factors to Consider Before Buying Mechanical Bathroom Scales

Before picking a mechanical scale, you’ll want to take the following features into consideration:

  • Maximum weight – Every scale has a max weight it can take. Extremely heavy persons need to consider this factor.
  • Units of measurement – Most bathroom scales provide both imperial and metric measurements. This allows you to measure your weight in pounds and kilograms too.
  • Accuracy – The best mechanical bathroom scales are ones that are highly accurate. To get accurate readings, you should set your scale to zero before stepping onto it. While some mechanical scales have graduations in increments of one pound, the high-precision models measure weight with an accuracy of 0.1 pounds.
  • Display – While mechanical scales are straightforward, they are often hard to read. You will want a scale with a large easy-to-read display. Some bathroom scales let you see only a part of the dial, while others expose it entirely. It’s a matter of personal preference.
  • Platform – A larger platform is particularly helpful for heavy people because it offers greater stability. However, make sure it would look good in your bathroom. Since you will use the scale in a wet environment, make sure it has a non-slip rubberized platform.
  • Quality materials – Choose a scale that is made of sturdy materials, such as steel or tempered glass, to serve you well for years to come. The cheaper models are mostly made of plastic and prone to damage.
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What is the Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale?

When it comes to mechanical bathroom scales, the Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale is a clear winner. Strictly speaking, this is not a mechanical scale all around, as it uses batteries to measure your weight.

Nevertheless, it’s very popular with budget-conscious customers looking for traditional weighing scales. With a large 5.5″ electro-mechanic display and modern design, this appliance is a unique mixture of traditional and new technologies.

The Ozeri bathroom scale is made of tempered impact-resistant glass for extra durability. For improved stability, it also incorporates slip-resistant feet.

The device has a capacity of 400 pounds (about 180 kilograms). It employs 4 high-precision sensors to measure weight in 0.1-pound increments. In addition, it uses StepOn technology to capture weight measurements immediately after contact.

Even so, the readings might be inaccurate sometimes because of humidity. This auto-calibrated scale automatically turns off when not in use to make the battery last longer. It runs on 3-AAA batteries and comes with a low-battery indicator.

Digital vs Mechanical Bathroom Scales: Advantages of Mechanical Bathroom Scales

Mechanical bathroom scales have a few significant advantages over their digital competitors, including:

  • Easy of use – They offer a hassle-free way of measuring weight. You will not have to worry about batteries and mess around with health apps or Bluetooth connections.
  • Eco-friendly – They use neither electricity nor batteries, with the exception of electro-mechanical models. By using mechanical devices, you help the environment.
  • Affordable price – Generally speaking, mechanical bathroom scales are less expensive than digital scales.

As for accuracy, digital scales are often considered better in this regard. The plain truth is that they are not inherently more accurate despite displaying results digitally.

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Both types of bathroom scales utilize mechanical components; the accuracy depends on how these components are designed and set up. A well-calibrated mechanical bathroom scale will do a good job of measuring weight as long as you set it to zero properly.

While digital weighing scales can do much more beyond measuring weight, they often come with a hefty price tag. For example, they provide metrics like BMI, muscle mass, bone density, heart rate, and humidity, to name but a few.

However, many people are looking for simplicity and reliability rather than fancy functionality. Moreover, these extra features and functions increase the price. If you prefer traditional design and cost is a big concern for you, a mechanical scale will serve your purpose just as well.