Best 10 Corelle Dinnerware Sets

Corelle Dinnerware Set is infamous for their quality and rugged durability. They claim that their products cannot be broken or even chipped. It’s tempting to put this claim to the test to see what would actually happen if you drop them on the floor, but I could not risk my precious dinnerware set on this test. However, I have accidentally dropped a couple of Corelle dishes into the sink, and to my surprise, there were no cracks, nor was it broken. I know for a fact that a regular dish would have broken into shattering pieces because I have done the same thing to some regular dishes before (yes, I am clumsy). I can’t vouch how indestructible these dishes are, but they are made of the highest quality that I have ever seen. I’m sure it can be broken if you threw this off a high story building, but under average use it will last for generations.

Corelle Dinnerware set is microwave-safe, oven-safe, and dishwasher-safe. It can be used to warm foods in ovens up to 350 degrees without any problems. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about little kids using them either because they are so light for them to carry and even if they accidentally dropped it, you couldn’t even tell there is a scratch on it. These dishes were meant for rigorous day to day abuse.

All Corelle dinnerware are made of layers of laminated glass, which results in high durability but yet light & thin. They were made with a stackable design, which offer space-saving features for storage in drawers and other tight-fitting spaces.

They come in variety of colors and interesting patterns that is sure to fit your tastes. All dinnerware sets carry’s 3-year limited break/chip warranty, so you can have peace of mind in testing these dishes out. Once you start using them, you won’t be worried about every cracking or breaking another dish.

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The 6 Distinct Varieties of Corelle Dishware Sets

The Just Nature Style
This selection of Corelle is environmental as it features patterns that remind you of beautiful sceneries and greens. There are five models in this style, and each has its own individuality. The Bamboo is a square plate to remind you of the gentle wind of the sea or a cool summer drink. Nature’s touch is brought to your table by the Neo Leaf design. Coming in hues of brown and blue, the leaves will complement your place if it is adorned with plants. The Shadow Iris features its tall tresses adorning the plate fusing sophistication in its totality. Your dinner table will be enthused with an Eastern touch because of the delicate and exquisite design. The Callaway plate has sculpted edges with flowery designs and complements any interior decoration of a home.

The Classic Sophisticated Style
This second Corelle style is ageless so it will definitely stay as years pass by. Its inside is white with the edges in black making it look very sophisticated and traditional.

Exciting hues and a horticultural outlook is the signature of Camilla plates and will surely lighten anybody’s dinner table. Untainted elegance because of its flowery designs in black and yellow ripples highlights the Tango plates. For a dining room that has a fruity appeal, Chutney will definitely set off the balance in this area of your home. With a carved rim, it showcases the autumn yield in palette hues. The White flower plate is very modest, minimalist and stylish through a lone white flower.

The Casual Whimsy Style
The flowery designs in varied hues of Corelle Happy Days plates are enough to lift your spirits. With brown, green and blue hues plus intrepid designs, the Square exhibits nostalgia. Putting modernity on your table is Martini with hues of beige, white and brown. For an unsullied appearance, the Pretty Pink plates are cornered, meaning square and designs come in pink. With yellow, red, green and blue hues, the rim of Memphis comes out very vivid and lively. This is for anyone who loves to dine happily and enjoy his meal.

The Sleek and Modern Style
A Corelle dishware of this style is all elegant, modern, stylish and lustrous. The Sleek and Modern Style are very modish and gives the dinner table a very exquisite appeal. Being both cornered and square, The Fine Lines, as well as the Simple Lines, look the same; however both have lustrous and up to date styles. Different vivid hues are characteristic of the Fine Lines using black and red compared to Simple Lines that uses only black. Small curved shape patterns with intricate details that is gray, white and black is the Nouveau whereas geometrics is the Flo that presents a broad attraction. White and black blossoms plus rend tints pose a remarkable charisma for the Royal Lines.

The Global Fusion Style
If you want your dinner table to be striking and unusual, then go for the Global Fusion style. The Isleha, Kobe, and Cherry Blossom come with four corners. Isleha is geometric that are in bright hues. Kobe and Cherry Blossom are understated and flimsy. Flowery patterns are showcased in the Casa Flora and Provencal although the former goes in Mexican colors.

The Cozy Chic
True to its description, this style is truly friendly and convivial and is in blue hues with the 4 seasons as its inspiration.

Everything You Need to Know about Corelle Dinnerware Set

The dinnerware, Corelle, has a lot of advantages aside from its very good qualities. Like a person who has his own exceptional manner, Corelle extends to you various ways of making your dining table elegant through its unique designs. Dinnerware by Corelle is incomparable to other brands of tableware because of its distinct characteristics. This is made possible because its manufacturer uses one of a kind material that is exclusively theirs.

Corelle designs are divided into a variety of groups namely: the Vive, Square, Livingware, Contours and Impressions.

The Vive

This group is commonly motivated with the latest in home furnishings and fashion. They have strong outlines that are unsullied. Vive are circular with incredible hues and designs. The common tints are aqua green, brown and deep wine red. There are six fabulous, chic and classy designs which you can choose from.

The Square

As the name implies, this set has four corners and yes, square. It is very modish and serviceable. It was skillfully created by a recognized company designer from London which was very appealing and new.

The Livingware

This set is meant to serve the purpose of giving zest in your active lifestyle. They are very practical, useful and smart. Your supper get-togethers will totally be alive with the Livingware. The Livingware group consists of 28 exceptional tableware collections. Livingware are spherical and come in white color with variations on their outline showcasing tranquility with the blue and green hues. They are very suitable for formal parties.

The Contours

Totally singular in design, this group present three specific fashions. Characteristically well-formed shields and profound coupe form are its main features. This group of table ware will surely deepen anybody’s dining.

The Impressions

This is tagged as the typical tableware of Corelle. They are typical in the sense that they are conservative and conventional as they have the flowers and fruits combination motif. The selection has a lot of designs to offer, 18 all in all and this might give the artist in you a hard time to make your selection. The fruit design was made in soft tints and the variety of festoons is in watercolor. Adding light to any style is the Tulip Bouquet.

The average price for a Corelle table ware is somewhere around $55 and $70 and that will give you a 16-piece set. A set comprises of: 4 pieces of lunch plates, 4 pieces of supper plates, 4 pieces of bowls (good for cereals and soups) and 4 pieces of mugs for coffee. You can buy additional items like tea containers and spoon trivets.

Another good feature of Corelle dish wares is they can be used in the microwave as well as can be washed on a dishwasher. You do not have to worry that their designs will tarnish as they are 100% protected from being tarnished. They are very manageable, transportable and are resistant to any scratches. Its manufacturer also made sure that it has resiliency from being broken. If you want to know more of Corelle dish ware, just go over the internet and you will be amazed with what this brand of table ware can do to your dining table. I assure you that you will never feel sorry for having purchased a set of Corelle dish ware.

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