A lathe mill combo is a machine that combines both lathe and milling functions. This way, this equipment is able to perform operations that a lathe machine would i.e. drilling, knurling, sanding, and cutting to name a few.

It also does tasks that a mill machine would, which is the removal of metal through a revolving multipoint cutter.

In short, a lathe mill combo is a machine that combines functions of two different machines. Therefore, instead of acquiring a lathe for cutting cylindrical shapes of metal, and a mill machine to cut metal into different shapes, all you need is the lathe mill combo.

The Benefits Of a Lathe Mill Combo

More efficient: this machine allows you to work more efficiently when cutting, drilling, and milling metal into your desired shapes with the help of the different tools which are incorporated in the work area.

Increased productivity: thanks to the different combined features into this tool, you will be able to work better and faster hence an increase in your overall output.

Pocket friendly: since the lathe mill combo uses different motors for the lathe and milling functions, it is bound to last longer and needless say, it performs a lifetime of work, so it will save you money.

Save on tablespace: with a lathe mill combo, you will have more table space to work on compared to having a lathe and mill machine separately.

How Much Does a Lathe Mill Combo Cost?

There is no fixed price for a lathe mill combo, and various features and factors influence the pricing of a particular machine. Different brands of lathe mill combo machines are usually priced differently depending on the quality and value they are offering.

It is crucial that when purchasing this product, you are not only keen on the cost but also the value you will be deriving from it.

The precision of the lathe mill combo will also have an effect on its price. Those with high precision standards and improved high-grade features will be costly compared to those with contradictory specs.

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Lathe mill combos with superior features, say one with a 3 in 1 design will be more expensive since they aid in making quality parts at a lower cost. As a result, they have a competitive advantage against lathe mill combo machines with lesser inclusive designs.

Other factors that influence the pricing of a lathe mill combo include speed and the quantity of work the machine can handle.

A lathe mill combo that will work faster, handle large workpieces and heavy-duty metals will obviously have a higher price compared to those that are slower and cannot work on complex works as well as heavy-duty metal.

You can get a durable and quality lathe mill combo for as little as $2,000 and the ones that are more expensive are priced between $3,000 – $8,000.

How a Lathe Mill Combo Machine Works 

A lathe mill combo performs different functions including but not limited to milling, drilling, turning, and cutting. Basically, a lathe mill combo helps you work with raw materials and turn them into various desires shapes and sizes, which you can use for any of your craft project.

This machine is manufactured using an approach in which tools that perform various tasks are assembled. If you are working on a metal, all you need to do is place it on a chuck on the machine, spin it against the various tools or rather blades, and you end up with your desired smaller sized and shaped metals.

With the cut down shaped metals, you can use them to create your complete product.Most lathe mill combo can work on various raw materials including plastic, wood, as well as soft and hard metal.

The most crucial setup required for this tool is that done on the milling equipment at the top and the lathe on the bottom. It has both electronic and manual controls, which you can put into play while working on your raw material to achieve your desired shapes and sizes of various materials you’re intending to use.

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To start the lathe mill combo, all you need is to connect it to a power source. To control speed and spindle directions, you adjust the appropriate controls, to achieve your desired work objectives milling machine rotates around its axis, so it is easier to approach the object in place from any angle, and can cut the raw material into desired shapes and sizes with much ease.

Some lathe mill combo machines are designed with one motor for both the mill and lathe machines and others have separate motors for the two functionalities. Regardless, when it comes to using the two functions, you can either use them one at a time or use them interchangeably, smoothly transitioning between the mill and lathe without having to change the machine setup.

Factors to consider before buying a lathe mill combo


the efficiency, or rather work performance of the machine is crucial as a way of determining how you will be able to work with it. An efficient lathe mill combo will ensure that there is less wastage on the materials you are working. It will save time on as well.

The lathe mill combinations

As much as this machine combines both the lathe and mill, you need to understand the combinations it has been structured with. This will help with what ways/blades you will using when cutting raw materials and knowing the various variations included in the machine.


it is important to ensure that you are comfortable when using the lathe mill combo.
This is dependent on the ease of use of the features mounted on the machine and how well you can use the lathe and mill functions.

Working space

lathe mill combo come in different sizes, with some occupying more space than others occupy.
Depending on the space in your work environment, you can choose a sizeable machine, which will help you save on space and still achieve your desired project goal.

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Machine tolerance

it is vital that you are aware of the working capacity of the machine you are about to buy. You can gauge this dependent on the materials you will be working on, the humidity and temperature of the environment you will be working in, and the voltage the machine will use and the output it will give.


The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of the equipment is crucial in determining how durable it is.
This will reduce incidences of repair, which can be costly. Most importantly, it will give you guarantee that the machine will not breakdown while you are in the middle of working.

●    Size: size matters depending on the raw materials you will be working with. Therefore, if you are working on heavy-duty materials, you will need a machine with a heavy and rigid frame.

Otherwise, you can consider a moderately sized machine that will fit into your workspace and provides you with the precision and consistency you need.

Lathe Mill Combo Brands

Several company brands have invested greatly in the production of milling machine and other equipment. The popularity of a milling machine producer may depend on the type of the machine and what functionality it is offering.

According to Mechanical Giants (https://mechanicalgiants.com/best-lathe-mill-combo/), some of the outstanding brand names are Proxxon, Grizzly, Baileigh, Bolton, Shop Fox, and OTMT .

There are several factors, which we can name that make a brand so unique when it comes to manufacturing a lathe mill combo machine. This can range from the quality of the product to the number of features a machine has.

Needless say, the greatest factor is all-dependent on the buyer and the kind of project they are working on, and which machine best suits their need. For a brand, that meets all these qualifications, then without a doubt, it would feature among the top brands for this particular product.