Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Review – Most Durable Bluetooth Speaker?

Some Bluetooth speaker users want to use their speakers outdoors, often by a pool or near a body of water. The Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 allows users to listen to their music anywhere without fear of damaging it, because of its “everything-proof” design and features.

Because the Boom Jacket 2 also has a long battery life of up to 50 hours, this speaker is useful for long outdoor trips, whether it be camping, mountain biking, or vacations on the beach. This also means you can play your music at a workshop or around the house for days at a time.

The product is intended to serve those in the market looking for a long lasting Bluetooth speakers that can sustain all kinds of conditions. The speaker will therefore be of interest to those looking for a speaker that can travel with them on whatever adventures they undertake.

While other speakers sacrifice longevity for novelty, Altec Lansing has created a product that can last. The Boom Jacket 2 can sustain harsh conditions for days on end without being charged, and can even charge your phone while you listen to music. Mount it onto a vehicle or onto a wall.

Whether you want a smart speaker to take on adventures or use in the backyard, you’ll want to know more about the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2.

Read on to find out the speaker’s specifications, its positive and negative points and where and why to buy it.

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Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Specs

  • Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 SpecsProduct Height: 3.2 inches
  • Product Length: 7.6 inches
  • Product Width: 3.6 inches
  • Battery Power Life: 50 Hours
  • Battery Power Type: Lithium Ion
  • Charge Time: Four Hours
  • Color: Aqua Blue or Black
  • Cordless/Corded: Cordless
  • Number of Batteries Included: 0
  • Rechargeable: Yes

Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Options Available

Note that the difference in purchase options are mostly distinguished by their different colors.

Product Title
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Aqua Blue
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Both versions come with a Micro USB charging cable for charging your smartphone, a power charger for the speaker itself, a 3.5 mm aux cable, and a universal mounting bracket so you can attach your speaker to any surface, be it the wall at home or a mountain bike out on the road.

Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Features

How to Use Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Speaker

The main features of the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 are two-fold: long battery life, and resistance to almost everything. This allows users to listen to their favorite music on the go, anywhere they go.

Resistant to the elements: This product features an IP67-rated “everything-proof” construction, including being shockproof, snowproof, and waterproof. This allows the product to float in the water with you while at the pool, beach, or lake without fear of it short-circuiting.

Long battery life (and range): Additionally, this product’s battery life can last up to 50 hours. The speaker will announce its battery level as it begins to deplete, and can even charge your phone while you listen to music.

What Makes Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 So Awesome

Most consumers looking into this speaker are looking for a speaker they can take anywhere. Below are some of the advantages of the Boom Jacket 2

  • Certified IP67 rated protection: Most consumers looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker want to take it outside. The Boom Jacket 2 can withstand almost every element, be it rain, snow, dust, sand, or drop damage. This means no matter where you take your speaker, it’s protected.
  • Long Lifespan and Multi-Functionality: Because of this speaker’s 50 hour battery life, you can go for a long time without charging it. On top of that, you can even charge your phone while you listen to music with a built-in charger. When you do need to charge, the Boom Jacket will tell you with an on-board voice – which also announces phone calls.
  • Wireless Pairing for Multiple Devices: The Boom Jacket 2 has a 50 foot Bluetooth range. It also provides the option to pair with a second Boom Jacket 2 device. This means you can fill a room from two different angles for stereo sound.


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How to Use Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Speaker

The Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 speaker is fairly straightforward to use.

  • Turn the speaker on. The device should automatically be in pairing mode, meaning the blue status LED light should flash until it finds the proper audio source. When it is paired with whatever device you will be playing music from, the light will stop flashing and a chime should sound.
  • To pair another Boom Jacket 2 device, have your first Boom Jacket 2 speaker turned on and already playing music. Turn on your second device, and at the same time, hold the Bluetooth pairing buttons of both devices down for two seconds. They should now be connected and playing the same music.

User Feedback and Reviews: What People Said About the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2

It is good to look into audiophile blogs in addition to the customer reviews on Amazon or Best Buy. These reviews inform you about the product’s performance compared to similar products on the market, as well as whether expectations were met, disappointed, or exceeded.

Most Common Complaints

  • Sound Quality is Mid-Level: This speaker is not on the high-end when it comes to audio quality. The volume and clarity are mostly satisfactory, but the bass quality isn’t as strong as other speakers. Most user reviews find the sound quality to be fine for them, however.
  • Some Units Could Be Faulty: A few users have reported experiencing Bluetooth signal loss over time. A small handful of users also reported the device’s charging port to become faulty after a few cycles.
  • Volume Could Be an Issue: Consider the maximum volume of the device if you are planning to use the Boom Jacket 2 in a loud environment. While you could mount the speaker to a motorcycle, the volume might not be loud enough. If you are working in a construction zone, consider getting two Boom Jacket 2 units and pairing them.
  • Not Better Than 18V: Twenty maximum volts must be better than 18, correct? Not necessarily. Careful research reveals that these 20V MAX batteries have the same power level as the 18V ones. Again, however, the adapter allows you to use DeWalt’s 20V Max batteries in cordless power tools made for use with 18V batteries.

Most Common Praises

  • Water-Proof is a Plus: Most customers like the ability to take these speakers with them around water. Many mentioned taking it to the beach due to it being sand and waterproof. Many also mentioned mounting onto a vehicle like a mountain bike or boat.
  • Affordable Price: Most reviewers reported that the current pricing felt appropriately matched to the quality of the device.
  • Still Sounds Fine Years Later: If you are looking for a solid speaker that will stand the test of time, the Boom Jacket 2 delivers. Most users reported the sound quality and battery life as holding up over the years.
  • Durability Biggest Selling Point: Reviewers love that these speakers can survive most all of the elements. Almost every review mentioned loving that they can take the speakers with them anywhere. Those using it for backyard listening love that they can leave it outside or by the pool without it being ruined.

How Much Does the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Cost?

How Much Does the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 Cost

You can order the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 for under $80, though that seems to be the average price for buying a used unit.

More likely, you will find a good quality Boom Jacket 2 speaker unit for around $99. To put this in perspective, a comparable Bose Soundlink or Sonos One would cost you around $200.

Take the common use case of trying to provide surround sound speakers for your entire house, office, or workshop. Because you can pair multiple Boom Jacket 2 units, you can get a similar surround sound experience at half the cost of the competition.

Altec Lansing also has newer speaker models available on the market, but if you are looking for Bluetooth speakers that meet your requirements at a lower cost, the Boom Jacket 2 is a straightforward and valuable product worth looking into.

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Why Buy the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2?

If you are looking into buying an Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 unit, you are probably someone who takes your speakers on the go with you. Perhaps you are looking to update the sound system at your home, backyard, or office. Maybe you are looking to invest in a smart speaker system to take on an upcoming vacation or host an upcoming event.

Thankfully, the sound quality, battery life, and durability of the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 make the speakers a viable candidate for all of the above. This speaker bridges the gap between the more expensive higher end products, and cheaper lower-end products that don’t have nearly as much power, quality, or sustainability as the Boom Jacket 2.

While the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2 isn’t the highest sound quality option available today, the company has demonstrated its commitment to overall quality by creating a product that works efficiently in all of the scenarios shared today.

Perfectly Ideal for Any Outdoor Event

Whether you are mountain biking, camping and road tripping across the country, hosting a backyard pool party, or retrofitting a large industrial work-space with surround sound, the Boom Jacket 2 has got you covered.

If you enjoy the Altec Lansing brand, there are a lot more options to choose from when you do decide to upgrade your Boom Jacket 2. You can upgrade to the newer Boom Jacket Jolt or move to a Lifejacket model speaker. The company has speaker models for every use case and every price point.

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