The age of technological progress has come, and now we can use a variety of devices, programs, and apps to monitor the quality of our life and health. Manufacturers now and then throw a new gadget in the market that you can use on your smartphones, tablets, etc. 

They are designed to collect and analyze information about the health and lifestyle of the owner, giving useful advice, and recommendations. Such constructions enable a person to remotely monitor his/her condition and promptly correct it according to the data received. 

Some devices even allow you to remotely receive first aid when the measured values ​​reach critical values. Let’s see what 10 ultra-fashionable gadgets provide a person with the opportunity to monitor their health and lifestyle.

Gadgets That Help To Monitor Health

1- Stethee: For Heart Rate

In the 21st century, a wireless stethoscope has become available that communicates with your mobile device and allows you to measure the heart rate and breathing at home. To measure indicators, it is enough to put the device to your chest and press a button. After this, the data will be loaded into a special application on your smartphone. 

From them, it will draw up a schedule of breathing and heart rate – a kind of ECG. Information is uploaded to a remote service, where an analysis of the adequacy of indicators is performed. If the health condition is critical or close to it, the device will flash.

2- Embrace: For Epileptic Seizures

Another mega-useful device in our time is a bracelet that allows you to control epileptic seizures. The unit records the moment of their approach by measuring the position of the body, its temperature, and the galvanic charge of the skin. The gyroscope built into the bracelet records the indicators and sends them to the smartphone of the person-guardian attached to the patient. 

The guardian receives a signal with a message indicating the coordinates of the epileptic at the moment. The app also keeps statistics on seizures, which allows you to display patterns and causes. For example, some patients are more likely to have seizures during stress or exercise.

3- SoberTool: For Alcohol Addiction

This app is extremely beneficial for alcoholics. It helps them to stay sober. Also, it has many beneficial features including a chat forum, regular motivational messages, and relevant content about addiction. If you are also facing this problem of addiction, then download this app as a first step towards sobriety. If the addiction sustains, get admitted to an alcohol rehab center for recovering.

4- Angel Sensor: Fitness Tracker

The multifunctional unit with the fancy name “Angel” is a standard fitness tracker. It can also track heart performance and monitor the patient’s sleep. If the device detects heart rate violations, it notifies the user with a special signal. 

Interestingly, the gadget also contains a temperature-sensitive sensor that allows you to more reliably determine the onset of ovulation in women. This feature is very useful for families planning to conceive a baby.

5- Hapifork: For Controlling Speed Of Food Consumption

The modern and high-tech company Hapilabs specializes in the production of devices for people with an active lifestyle, as well as those who want to constantly monitor their health. They developed unique cutlery – a fork that allows you to adjust the speed of food consumption.

 If you push food too quickly, the gadget will start vibrating persistently right in your hands. The smart plug remembers the food habits of the owner and then gives valuable recommendations.

6- Biomeme: For DNA Analysis

The Biomeme Corporation believed that the iPhone can serve not only as a gadget for calls, toys, and selfies but also as a measure of body indicators.

A recent project allows using a special device to analyze the owner’s DNA, saving the information to a smartphone and uploading it to a remote server.  While the device is intended to be used exclusively for professional purposes, it can only be purchased by a medical institution.

7- Muse Headband: For Relaxation 

How often have you found yourself in a situation where there is not enough air from brisk walking? And sometimes, to quickly relieve stress, we put our fingers to our head and massage. Now, all unnecessary manipulations are useless – put on a touch hoop and let it calm you down in a few minutes. 

The gadget syncs with your phone, helping the person to focus on correct breathing and relaxation techniques. You can use the smart device anywhere – before an important presentation, an important exam at the university, or just before going to bed after a busy day. The owners of a fashionable gadget testify that after the first 3 minutes they feel better.

8- BACtrack Vio: For Measuring Alcohol Concentration 

The corporation released an irreplaceable device that will help drivers to be responsible on the road. Special indicator tubes, synchronized with the iPhone, allow vehicle owners to track the concentration of alcohol in the blood. 

The received data is uploaded to a mobile application, processed, after which graphs are built on how the body absorbs alcohol. The smart device will help the driver stay on the steering wheel when the alcohol level exceeds the safe level.

9- Oral-B Toothbrush: For Tooth Care

And again, the famous Oral-B concern was one step ahead of its competitors in modern technologies in dentistry. Now, a fashionable toothbrush that works in tandem with a smartphone monitors your brushing technique in real-time. 

It controls the degree of enamel cleansing and tells the owner how correctly he/she is using the device. Such a useful gadget will allow you to teach your child in a playful way to brush teeth regularly.

Summing Up

As we can see, technological progress allows us to develop not only destructive things like nuclear weapons or harmful chemical alloys but also provides portable devices for monitoring well-being and health. We hope that you will purchase these beneficial gadgets for better health. 

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