Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors For Elderly Based on statistical findings of one in every three people is suffering from hypertension in America alone. At this rate, it is very likely that you or a member of your family needs to have his or her blood pressure monitored regularly.

If not properly monitored and controlled, this condition can lead to kidney disease, stroke or even a heart attack.

While this condition is relatively common, it does not have obvious symptoms. In a bid to monitor your blood pressure levels more accurately and conveniently at home, you will need a monitor that produces accurate readings (Source).

Since you will be comparing various models, there are some features you’ll have to review first. Some of the important aspects that you need to consider include the type, cuff size, display and memory capabilities of the various blood pressure monitors.

Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

1. Omron BP652N 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor The Best Automatically Inflating Wrist Monitor

Are you looking for a product by one of the leading and well-renowned blood pressure monitor manufacturers? The Omron manufacturer has been producing some of the best blood pressure monitoring equipment for more than 40 years it has been in business.

The Omron BP652N 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most popular products by this manufacturer. So, why is this product loved by so many Americans? To begin with, the unit is renowned for its accuracy. In addition to giving you accurate blood pressure readings, the monitor will also alert you whenever it detects irregular heartbeats.

Additionally, the product will also notify you if it gets results that are out of the normal blood pressure range. The memory on this gadget can store up to 100 records with a date and time stamp on each of the records.


  • Can store up to 100 records
  • Features sensors for irregular heartbeat
  • Offers a quiet and accurate performance
  • Gives alerts for abnormal blood pressure readings
  • The unit inflates automatically
  • Features a compact and portable design
  • Comes with a storage case and a thermometer
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Features a one-touch discreet operation


  • Has a plug for an AC adapter, but does not come with an AC adapter.

2. Generation Guard Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor The Best FDA Approved Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

You should consider buying a model that has been approved by the FDA, such as the Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor by Generation Guard. In addition to its clinical approval, this unit features exceptional technology for enhanced accuracy and ease of use.

With the large display, reading your blood pressure results has never been easier. The product is one of the most versatile monitors you can buy today. The adjustable cuff used on the monitor may be used by people with a wrist size of between 5 and 9 inches.

Depending on your preferences, this product allows you to take the measurements in either kPa or mmHg. The unit is also equipped with an irregular heart indicator to monitor your heart rate.


  • Equipped with an adjustable cuff
  • Fitted with an irregular heart indicator
  • Can take measurements in kPa or mmHg
  • Features easy to use controls
  • Has been approved by FDA
  • Features a compact and portable design


  • Does not have a backlight for the display

3. Omron 7 Series Bluetooth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor The Best Bluetooth Enabled Wrist Monitor

Get a holistic picture of your health with this innovative product by one of the leading manufacturers today. The Omron 7 Series Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is specifically designed to give you accurate data anywhere anytime.

In this regard, it features Smart Bluetooth Technology and can tether to the Omron Wellness mobile app to give you detailed information and comprehensive data on your health. The Omron 7 Series Wireless wrist monitor is designed to give you accuracy anywhere.

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With Bluetooth Smart technology, you can track your readings on select devices with the free Omron Wellness mobile app to help get a clearer picture of your health.

The Bluetooth and Omron Wellness app connectivity of this device allow you to sync your readings wirelessly to your Smartphone. As such, you can access the information anywhere anytime. The indicator lights fitted on the unit help you assume the right position so that you can get accurate readings from your device.


  • Inflates automatically
  • Has indicator lights to show correct position
  • Can connect with supported devices and phones
  • Features Smart Bluetooth technology
  • Features a silent and accurate operation
  • Equipped with an adjustable cuff
  • Can store up to 100 records
  • Compatible with Omron Alexa
  • Features Averaging technology
  • Slim and discreet design


  • Not so accurate

4. Care Touch Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor The Best Affordable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

If affordability is your key concern or are working on a limited budget, the Care Touch Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor would be a great choice.

To begin with, the unit is pretty easy to use, featuring a large backlit display that is easy to read. This unit will take accurate measurements of your blood pressure and alert you if the results are not within the normal range.

The inbuilt memory in this gadget can store up to 60 records, each with a date and time stamp, for comparison. The FDA approved wrist blood pressure monitor can take pressure measurements between 0 and 300 mmHg. The cuff on this unit will inflate automatically, provided that you have placed your hand in the right position.

In addition to pressure readings, this unit will also track your heartbeat for irregularities.


  • Easy to read backlit LCD display
  • Features an adjustable cuff
  • The cuff inflates automatically
  • Tracks heartbeat
  • Features a sleek and compact design
  • Easy to use and accurate
  • FDA approved
  • Can keep records for 2 users, 90 records per user


  • You Should not exercise, eat, smoke or take alcohol 30 minutes before using this monitor

5. Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor – Best Overall

If you are looking for the best blend of affordability, accuracy and ease of use, the Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor by Balance will be a great choice. This product is one of the best selling wrist blood pressure monitors today for a reason. Priced below $15, this unit features a compact and portable design.

The built-in Position Assistant used in this gadget is one of the features that set it aside from its competitors. The Position Assistant feature will correct the position of your arm in real time for accurate readings.

You will also love the interactive display used in this unit. The 3.3 by 2.5 inches LCD display used on this unit will display all the details you need in a large font. In this regard, the unit will give you accurate diastolic and systolic blood pressure as well as pulse readings.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Features precision sensors
  • Features a compact and lightweight design
  • Fitted with an adjustable cuff
  • Equipped with an interactive backlit LCD display
  • Can support 2 users and store 60 records for each
  • Features an easy 3-button operation
  • Equipped with an irregular heartbeat sensor
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer


  • Not so efficient on batteries, you may have to change batteries after a few days.

As you may be aware, hypertension is a common chronic condition today that needs to be managed carefully. If you are living with this condition, you doctor will ask you to monitor your blood pressure level closely.

To keep your heart healthy and to remain fit, while suffering from this condition, it is advisable to monitor your blood pressure levels on a daily basis, preferably at home.

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In this regard, you are going to need a good blood pressure monitor, right? While this is the case, choosing the right pressure monitor model is not that easy. With so many products to choose from, the cost is not the only consideration you need to make. Knowing what to look for in the best wrist blood pressure monitor will help you buy the right unit.

Things You Must Know Before Buying

1. Type of Blood Pressure Monitor

For many years, the mercury gravity-based manometer had been the only devices that could be used to measure a patient’s blood pressure level. Owing to technological advancements, there are several types of monitors that you can use to ascertain your blood pressure level. However, not all are built equal.

While choosing for the bets unit, these are the main blood pressure monitor types you should consider:

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

As the name suggests, these monitors are completely wireless and used around the patient’s wrist. These are loved for their accuracy, portability, and ease of use, not to mention their affordability.

For enhanced accuracy with wrist monitors, you should use the device while seated and with the arm raised to the heart level. While most of the wrist monitors run on batteries, some models have A/C adapters that should be plugged into a wall socket.

Arm Monitors

While these monitors are renowned accuracy and enhanced functionality, they are relatively costlier. They are designed for use on the upper arm.

Such units will inflate the cuffs automatically and show you the blood pressure readings, along with other risk factors that you may be having, such as irregular heartbeat. Some of the high-end units will also allow you to download the results into a computer.

If you are buying an arm monitor, you need to get the right fit for the cuffs as this can affect the accuracy of the results you get.

2. Cuff Size

Having decided on which monitor type to buy, you need to ensure that you get the right cuff size. What you need to understand is that too loose or tight cuff will definitely lead to inaccurate results. Rather than looking for the right size cuff for your arm or wrist, it is advisable to go for the flexible options.

Most of the leading blood pressure monitors come with adjustable cuffs. This allows you to adjust the cuffs to fit your arm or wrist size. If you have unusually large arms or wrists, you need to ensure that your preferred model is specific to your measurements.

3. FDA Approval

While it is advisable to buy an accurate wrist blood pressure monitor, it is not easy to tell how accurate each model is. This is where the input of health sanctioning bodies comes in handy. To ensure that you have bought an accurate device, it is advisable to buy the units that have been validated by the appropriate FDA regulated authority.

Such organizations include the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Heart Association (AHA). This is particularly beneficial if you are buying your monitor online.

However, the approval you will find on most of these products is an approval by the FDA. This is a guarantee that your preferred monitor works as described. It also shows that the unit has been tested and approved to be accurate.

4. Automatic Inflation

A blood pressure measuring device that includes an automatic inflation function will eliminate the hassle of pushing multiple buttons or pumping the air in the cuff. It automatically detects if the device is positioned inappropriately and doesn’t turn on.

That’s why you should make sure your device is raised to an appropriate level. After putting your device on the wrist, you just need to position your arm according to the manufacturer instructions. The body movement sensors will then make your device start inflating automatically.

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5. Display Options

The display on your preferred device should be large enough for you to easily read the results. Additionally, it should display sharp fonts. Currently, there are several models that come with touch screens.

While this feature is not essential, it makes such units easier to calibrate and use. Basically, the display should be able to show the systolic/diastolic, alongside the pulse reading.

6. Memory Capabilities

Most of the leading wrist blood pressure monitors today are fitted with onboard memories. This feature is particularly important for patients monitoring their blood pressure as a result of pre-hypertension or hypertension.

In such a case, you will need a unit that can store several readings for comparison. Basically, your preferred monitor model should be able to store several of your recent measurement results.

7. Powering

Most wrist blood pressure monitors are powered by standard AAA batteries. And they usually come with batteries included. Since these devices typically use two batteries to operate, it’s advisable to have an extra set in case you run out.

The top-of-the-line models provide an auto shut off function. It helps save power so that you will not have to worry about whether your device is turned off.

8. Bluetooth Connectivity

Just as with most other devices, Bluetooth connectivity is something that always comes in handy. So, it is always a good idea to look for a device that comes with this extra feature.

Why is Bluetooth connectivity important? It allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone to a blood pressure measuring device. All of your readings are stored there, so you can send them to your doctor if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why Do My Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Displays High Readings?

In most cases, high readings appear for the reason that the wrist monitor is not at the heart level. That can cause your wrist blood pressure monitor to give high readings. Also, remember that there can be the differences between the wrist site and upper arm site with regard to your blood pressure.

Q: What’s More Important – the Diastolic or Systolic Reading?

They both have great importance. One refers to blood pressure between your heart contractions, while the other measures blood pressure during your heart contraction. Both measurement results should be discussed with a doctor for any particular situation.

Q: Who Should Monitor Blood Pressure at Home?

Anyone at risk of, or with high blood pressure need to monitor blood pressure on a regular basis at home. Why does home blood pressure monitoring matter? This is one of the best ways to trend your blood pressure in your own environment.

Q: How Accurate Is a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

It is critical to use your wrist blood pressure monitor exactly as directed to get an accurate reading. Keep in mind that these monitors are very sensitive to the position of the body. Make sure your wrist and arm are both at heart level when measuring blood pressure in order to get accurate readings.

Ready To Buy The Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

It is advisable for patients living with hypertension and those that are more predisposed to the conditions to monitor their blood pressure regularly.

To do this at home, you need to buy the best wrist blood pressure monitor. These units are considered to be some of the most versatile, convenient, easy to use and accurate ways of tracking blood pressure levels.

Whether you are looking for accuracy, affordability, portability or more features in your new monitor, this guide will help you choose the best wrist blood pressure monitor in the market.