Best Tennis Overgrips

A good quality racket overgrip can absorb a ton of sweat and make the racket stick better to the tennis player’s hands. This way it can protect your grip and handle during the game.

If you’ve been playing tennis for a while, you probably know how important it is to have the best overgrip for rackets. As soon as you add an overgrip to your racket, you’re likely going to notice a significant difference in your game.

This is mostly due to the added comfort of new racket tackiness provided by the grip. It allows you to hit the ball stronger without having to worry about your racket flying away from your hands. An overgrip is very useful for hard-hitters!

There are many different types of overgrips which vary according to each racket sport. So you should specifically look for a tennis racket overgrip if you want to be fully pleased with your purchase.

We’ll guide you through the steps you need to follow as we show you the best tennis overgrips on the market.

Comparing The Best Tennis Overgrips

1. Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip 12-Pack – Best Overall

These pack of 12 overgrips is manufactured by Wilson, one of the most trustworthy tennis brands on the market. These overgrips are made to be used freely and without issues in hot environments, even with high levels of humidity. They resist a lot of usages and don’t need to be changed too often in spite of it.

Wrapping the overgrip on your racket is very straightforward. The glue sticks easily and the thinness of the product makes it easy to control from the bottom of the handle to the top of it.

As an additional bonus, the product offers great value for money. If you intend to buy this pack for yourself, it’ll last for a long time. They work very well for at least one month after wrapping them, but you can get way more than 4 weeks from a single one of these overgrips.

The only issue with these overgrips is that they’re white, which means you might want to change them often if you dislike the dirty look they get after playing a few matches with them.


  • Trustworthy manufacturer
  • They feel very good for at least a month, but can be used further than that without losing effectiveness
  • They don’t wear down quickly in humid environments
  • The overgrips provide thickness to the grip, but not to an extreme level
  • They fit well in almost any racket


  • They’re white, which means you’ll be able to spot dirt easily on your racket handle

2. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip – Best Dry Overgrip

This tacky overgrip is very easy to apply to any racket. In fact, you’re probably not even going to need to cut any excess tape as it should fit your handle pretty comfortably.

The one thing you need to consider before purchasing it is that the standard size of this overgrip is pretty small. You should only order it if you intend to put this overgrip on a child’s racket. If you want to use it on a big racket, always stick to the largest size of this product.

It’s very sturdy and dry, and it offers an incredibly solid grip which can easily please almost any tennis player. The only issue with this overgrip is that it doesn’t last as much as other products. In fact, it wears down pretty quickly… But that’s just a small setback considering how good the product is.

This product comes with 10 overgrips in total, and considering it doesn’t really cost that much, the quantity makes up for the lack of durability of each product.


  • Comes with enough tape to secure the overgrip properly
  • The overgrip dries up pretty quickly and doesn’t soak up with sweat
  • Great grip
  • Awesome price for 10 overgrips
  • Easy to apply
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  • Sizing can be very confusing
  • Wears down relatively quickly

3. Gamma Supreme Power Overgrip – Best Durability

Gamma overgrips are known to be able to withstand a ton of use. The Supreme model lives up to the brand’s standards by offering a prolonged lifetime, even when comparing it to other quality products on the market. You might be able to find tackier or better drying products, but this overgrip looks to be made to last.

In any case, it still offers the best qualities that you would expect from an overgrip. It feels very comfortable to use and doesn’t take a bunch of space from your grip, which means that you’ll barely notice any bulkiness in your racket’s handle.

The ease of use and comfort should improve your performance on the tennis court. Comfort is also aided by the fact that moisture doesn’t build up when you use the racket. The balance on your swing should feel very natural and unaffected by this overgrip’s additional weight.

It should be able to last for at least 12 tennis-intensive days, making it one of the most durable products on the market. The overall look of the product is very pleasing as well – the coloring isn’t dull and its neutrality makes the overgrip go well with almost any racket.


  • It is very tacky, but even after a lot of usage the overgrip shouldn’t feel sticky at all
  • Provides a great cushion to compliment your racket’s grip
  • They can withstand more uses than the average overgrip
  • Doesn’t slip
  • Doesn’t negatively soak up moisture


  • It can feel a bit too thick
  • The other overgrips on this list can absorb sweat more effectively

4. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip – Best Budget

This pack of overgrips is one of the best value-for-money choices that you can find on the market. Every overgrip includes a finishing tape, which allows the grip to feel more secure. This greatly enhances your grip over the handle, allowing you to swing strongly and comfortably during games.

The overgrips are made of pure cotton fabric, which also makes these grips one of the best at absorbing sweat on the market. The manufacturer is pretty small when compared to bigger brands such as Wilson or Babolat, which also means that their price is better than that of the competition.

The coating of the grip is very soft and feels very comfortable when swinging the racket. It cushions each hit very well, making the overgrips great if you want to prevent blisters forming on your hands.

If you tend to have issues with grips slipping from your hands whenever you smash or serve, we encourage you to give this budget option a try.

Apart from being very affordable, the overgrips keep your grip pretty clean and free of moisture for a long time – even if you’re playing in hot and humid weather. The product works as advertised, or arguably even better.


  • Very affordable pack which comes with 12 overgrips
  • Feels soft and comfortable
  • Provide incredibly good moisture absorption
  • They work fantastically in humid conditions
  • The overgrips enhance the grip of your racket’s handle


    • They can be quite a problem when you try to remove them – they might stick to your grip

5. Head Super Comp Overgrip – Best Comfort

Although this pack of overgrips is far from perfect, it’s still one of the most comfortable overgrips that you can get for your racket. The pack only includes three overgrips, but they will do the job as advertised. The main issue with this overgrip doesn’t fall on its comfort, but on its tackiness.

The product doesn’t really stick very well to the player’s hands, which could be inconvenient if you tend to play a fast-paced style of tennis. In any case, these overgrips are ideal if you’re an amateur or casual tennis player. They do their job and make your grip feel very comfortable, as you would expect from a brand such as Head.

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It can be set up easily without any hassle at all, and it doesn’t deteriorate quickly by any means. There might be some issues with the product’s length, though… The overgrip could fall a bit short on certain rackets – particularly for those people who own large tennis rackets.

Regardless, the overgrip offers great comfort and enables the player to perform without sweaty hands for the entirety of a tennis match.


  • The overgrips wrap up easily around your racket
  • These overgrips are extremely comfortable
  • Allows players to perform for an entire match without sweaty hands


  • You could buy a bigger pack for the same price that this overgrips cost
  • The overgrip isn’t as tacky as others

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Tennis Racket Overgrip

If you’re changing overgrips for the first time, the first thing you need to know is that they have to be applied from the butt cap of your racket up to its throat.

It must be done in a precise fashion, but don’t feel pressured – just calm down and focus before applying your grip and it’ll turn out fine. Just keep in mind that removing the overgrip to wrap it again could damage the product and lessen its effectiveness.

Try to be precise the first time you wrap it around your racket if you want to get the best out of your product. If you notice that the overgrip is longer than your handle, don’t attempt to wrap it downwards!

Cut the overgrip instead and save the remaining tape for other occasions. If the remaining cut-out part of the overgrip is too short, simply throw it away.

You can then use specialized grip tape to finish up the job. Apart from this, there are some other features that you should look for in your overgrip.

Type of Overgrip

First things first, you need to choose the right type of overgrip. This will mostly depend on your preferences and personal needs.

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of tennis overgrips: tacky, dry, and all-around overgrip. But don’t be tricked by these “types.” Keep in mind that each overgrip is capable of handling sweat and remain tacky simultaneously.

If you opt for a tacky overgrip, you will basically get the larger amount of tackiness while playing. Dry overgrips, on the other hand, can absorb more sweat than all-around and tacky overgrips. So take into consideration the tackiness and how much you sweat when choosing between these three types.


It’s extremely important that the overgrip that you intend to buy can be applied easily to your racket. You have to make sure that it isn’t either too long or too short. The glue has to be top-quality as well, otherwise, the overgrip could start peeling in the middle of your games.

Humidity Resistance

Tennis overgrips should be made to thrive in a humid environment. This doesn’t only mean that it should resist humidity – it also needs to be able to absorb sweat without falling off the handle of your racket. A quality tennis overgrip should withstand sweat and water without peeling at all.


You want your racket handle feel comfortable when playing tennis, right? That’s why you should take into account the tackiness when buying a new overgrip. This feature can add to the comfort and enable you to hold your racquet tightly all the time. 


Some overgrips come with the cushions. They can slightly reduce vibrations when hitting the ball during play, even when practicing using top tennis ball machines. Cushioning can be a double-edged sword, though.

Too much sponginess can produce excessive roundness in your handle. Many tennis players do not like this feeling either.

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A quality overgrip can make even the most awkward of handles feel very comfortable – even if the grip attached isn’t of the highest quality. Overgrips should be soft enough to make the player feel good while using their racket, but they should also be sturdy enough to resist at least a few high-intensity matches.

Understandably, overgrips aren’t made to last more than a few months. Regardless they should be able to withstand at least 3 weeks of usage without suffering too much damage.


The texture of an overgrip’s surface will determine just how much grip it offers to the player. The most important thing of an overgrip is that it should make the player feel safe when hitting those volleys and reverses. The racket must stick properly to a player’s hands – and the overgrip needs to be more effective than the actual grip of the racket.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How to Apply Tennis Overgrip?

A: Before adding overgrip on your racket, you should clean up the original grip. Water and soap is everything you will need for this simple job. It can do a good job of removing the old adhesive. Wipe down the handle (a damp cloth would be useful) and wait for it to dry.

After getting done with that preparation, remove the long strip before attaching your overgrip to the racket. Make sure the tapered end is placed right next to the base of the handle. This will allow you to get your thumb there and hold it firmly. Now, you are all set to start wrapping the grip around your racket handle. If you’re a beginner, head on over to our guide on How to Hold a Tennis Racket.

Q: Can I Put Overgrip Over the Old One?

A: It could be difficult and expensive to replace a base grip. This is why tennis players often apply overgrips. While it is advisable to remove the existing grip from the racket, you can apply overgrip over the original one. When worn out, you can easily remove and replace it with a new overgrip.

Q: Do Professional Tennis Players Use Overgrips and Why?

A: The racquet grips are often taken for granted by novice tennis players. Most of them don’t know that the base grip is replaceable. Others believe that they need to play with the old racquet grip until it completely wears down.

On the other hand, professional tennis players regularly change their overgrips to get the most out of their game. Overgrips can make the handle of your racquet comfortable to grip. Additionally, they prevent blisters from forming on the hands.

Fresh overgrips provide more traction, so you will not struggle with preventing your racquet from slipping. A new overgrip will also improve sweat absorption while you’re playing. Overgrip can also make the handle a bit larger, which can help you get the right grip size sometimes.

As you can see, the reasons to use fresh overgrips are numerous. So, be sure to change overgrips regularly to keep the handle of your racquet comfortable. It will cause you to play like a pro.

Ready To Buy The Best Tennis Overgrips?

A top quality overgrip will allow the base grip of your racket to remain in a very good condition for a decent amount of time.

You’ll need to change your overgrip quite often, but it’ll definitely help you avoid one or two visits to your local expert’s shop, as the process of changing the overgrip can be done at home. A grip must be taken off and changed by an expert.

A quality overgrip will also help you prevent hand blisters and improve your game. All of the products that we’ve reviewed today will allow you to do just that – so which one will you choose? Please let us know in the comment section below!