Regardless of the quality and durability of the paintwork on your vehicle or RV, it is bound to go dull with time. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to regularly wash, polish and wax your car. In some cases, polishing your car may not be enough to remove some attains and remove a dull outlook.

This is why you need to get the right orbital buffer. The rotating and orbiting pad on reliable orbital buffers will generate a jigging motion, providing solid polishing and buffing results (Source). Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, you will need the right equipment for the job.

The right product will mainly depend on the intended application and your skill level. However, there are several other things that you should consider when shopping for a dual-action buffer. Some of the key considerations you have to make include the speed, power, type, pads and ergonomics of the products.

Comparing The Best Orbital Buffers

1. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP – Best Overall

Are you looking for a product that has been proven to offer performance, durability, responsiveness and quality? Owing to its impeccable features, the product is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The customization features of the product make it suitable for various applications.

To begin with, the product features variable speed settings. This allows you to choose the right speed setting for your product based on the project you are working on and your skill level. This buffing machine also offers good ergonomics. In this regard, it is equi pped with a relatively wide backing plate.

Additionally, it features foam padding on its handles. You will also love the fact that the buffer has a dual-position handle. This makes it suited for both right-handed and left-handed users. The compact and lightweight design of this product is another reason it is loved by so many users today. The 7424 XP is renowned for offering a professional-grade dual polishing effect.

This may be attributed to its effective 6-inch polishing pad and a powerful 4.5 amp motor. The motor used in this product is designed to offer you a smoother, faster polishing action. As such, you will find the product easier to handle at any speed setting, ranging from 2500 to 6800 rpm.


  • May be used by both beginners and professional
  • Features soft-grip handles
  • Has a sturdy and lightweight design
  • Features a rugged and durable construction
  • Has a conveniently positioned speed dial trigger
  • May be used on a wide array of surfaces
  • Features a stable side level
  • Great at removing scratches and swirl marks
  • Features a roller blade and ball-bearing design


  • Produces a lot of vibrations and is noisy in operation

2. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD – Best Orbital Buffer for Beginners

Griot’s Garage BufferFor beginners, the main concerns will be speed and weigh. With the Griot’s Garage 1081.3STDCRD, these will not be a problem. With regards to the speed, the product offers a choice of 6 speeds. Using the 6-speed setting trigger on this unit, you can easy choose the speed you find appropriate, ranging from 2500 to 6800 rpm.

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The manufacturer uses a 6-inch backing plate and a 5/16-inch offset frame on this product. These are some of the aspects that make the buffing machine one of the best today, with regards to torque support. For enhanced versatility and ergonomics, the product is fitted with an adjustable, soft-grip handle.

The power button, as well as other settings and dials, on this unit are conveniently positioned for easy access. As such, you can easily customize the various aspects of the product with your thumb, without having to release the handle. This being the case, you will find this orbital buffer relatively easy to handle.


  • Features an ambidextrous and durable design
  • Fitted with a soft rubber grip
  • Equipped with a detachable loop handle
  • Comes with a 10-feet power cable
  • Effective in removing rust, swirl marks and stains
  • Offer industry-grade torque and power
  • Offers 6-speed settings
  • Relatively ergonomic


  • Not so good for professionals

3. DEWALT DWP849X – Best Value for the Money

For years now, the Dewalt manufacturer has been a preferred brand by engineers and technicians for various industrial tools and machinery. The DWP849X orbital buffer by this brand is equally durable, powerful and reliable. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most powerful units in the market that offer the best value for money.

The unit is equipped with a 7 amp, 1250 Watts motor. Although this is a powerful motor, the model is rather silent and stable in operation. This may be attributed to the ball-bearing design and control or CFS finish system used on the product.  For enhanced durability, this buffing machine features a wood ingestion shield.

This not only improves the durability of the machine, it also reduces wool accumulation and service costs. This is further enhanced by the No Mar rubber case cover used on the product. The manufacturer uses a loop backing pass and smart hoop systems on this unit to make on-site replacement of accessories simpler.


  • Fitted with a powerful motor
  • Features CFS technology
  • Comparatively silent in operation
  • Fitted with a customizable speed dial
  • Features Velcro backing and side handles ‘
  • Comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with a 1-year free service contract


  • Using the buffer for long hours can lead to overheating

4. Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer-Polisher – Most Lightweight

Get yourself an orbital buffer that is powerful and fast, yet lightweight. This may sound impossible, but the Black and Decker brand made it possible with their WP900 6-inch Random Orbit Waxer Polisher. Basically, this product is meant for use on heady duty applications. the product is designed to offer the best buffing experience, while eliminating swirls and streaks on the finished work.

You will also find this product comparatively easy to handle and ergonomic. In this regard, the unit is fitted with two handles. The rubber grips on the handle not only offer a secure grip, they also offer the detailing you need for a comfortable and reliable handling experience.


  • Offers a one-speed setting of 4500 rpm
  • Equipped with rubber soft grips
  • Comes with a 10-foot power cord
  • Equipped with 2 polishing bonnets
  • Does not leave swirls
  • Relatively lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use
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  • The buffing pads are not of high quality

5. WEN 6010 Waxer/Polisher – Most Affordable

Looking for a relatively cheaper orbital buffer that offers professional-grade results/ you should consider purchasing the WEN 6010 Waxer/Polisher. Weighing only 3.35 pounds you will find this product easier to handle, even if you are a beginner. Regardless of its compact design, the product is powerful enough for the job, delivering a speed of 4,000 orbits per minute.

The product features a dual-grip handle that makes it easier to control. This will, in turn, offer a relatively steady and accurate detailing. The buffer is equipped with two wool bonnets, two polishing and two applicator bonnets. The bonnets used on this product are durable and have been proven to be effective when used on various surfaces.


  • Equipped with a 120V, 0.5 amp motor
  • Features a dual-grip handle
  • Comes with a convenient carry case
  • Does not leave streaks
  • Delivers a constant speed of 4000 rpm
  • Uses rapid orbital technology
  • Fitted with a lockable On/Off switch


  • The speed is not variable

Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Orbital Buffer

Waxing your car not only improves the appearance of your car, but it also enhances the durability of the paintwork. However, hand waxing you can be time-consuming and tedious.

To save on time and get the best waxing results, you should consider buying the right orbital buffer. However, you must have realized that there are numerous car buffing tools available in the market today.

This alone can be confusing for a first-timer trying to buy the best piece of equipment. In order to ensure that you have purchased the right product, there are several things that you need to consider. Discussed below are the key attributes you need to consider while shopping for the best orbital buffer:

1. Type of Buffers

Your choice of the buffer will, to a great extent, determine the results you get. This being the case, it is advisable to take time and evaluate your options.

Before deciding on other aspects of the buffer, you first need to choose the right type for your application. In this regard, here are the two car buffer types you should consider:

Rotary Buffers

Owing to their relatively higher RPM speed, rotary car buffers are suited for professional use. If you are buying a unity for large scale applications, this is the right type to go for.

If you are a beginner, you should avoid these buffers or use them on their lowest speed settings. However, you will find the various rotary buffers heavier and comparatively hard to handle.

Orbital Buffers

Whether dual-action or random, orbital buffers are a great choice for industrial as well as DIY projects. These products are particularly best suited for use with non-abrasive buffing products.

These products are also the best choice for beginners. While these offers enhanced shine, they are not good at removing paint defects and oxidation.

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2. Buffer Ergonomics

When shopping for the best buffing machine, it is advisable to buy one that is relatively easy to handle and delivers impressive results.

As such, the design and construction of the machine is a key consideration. One of the aspects you need to consider, in this regard, is the handles. How many handles does your preferred model has?

A single handle may be enough for the comparatively lighter orbital buffers. However, the heavier models need to have a dual handle.

This allows you to hold the machine with two hands, hence gives you enhanced control. Again, the machine should have soft-grip handles for enhanced comfort.

A good orbital buffer should also offer a secure grip. Some of the leading buffer models today have enough insulation to control temperatures. The speed settings dial, trigger and power button of the product should also be conveniently positioned.

3. Power and Speed

How powerful you’re an orbital buffing machine is mainly depends on the motor it has. To choose the right speed and power for your buffing machine, you need to ascertain what you will be using it for. For professional garage applications, you should go for more powerful and faster buffers.  The speed of a buffing machine is expressed in rotations or orbits per minute.

A higher buffing speed will produce better results. However, orbital buffing machines with high speed settings should only be used by professionals. If you are a beginner or are looking for a unit to use at home, it is advisable to go for the less powerful units with lower speeds.

4. Pad Choice

The support plate and polishing pads used in any buffing machine make up its crux. In most cases, the padded foam base in both rotary and orbital buffers is detachable.

To save on your purchase, it is advisable to choose a product that comes with its pads. A product that comes with interchangeable pads is better as it can be used in an array of applications.

Additionally, you need to use pads of the right size for different applications. This is why orbital buffer pads come in different size options. In this regard, you can choose any pad size, ranging from 6 to 10 inches.

Ready To Buy The Best Orbital Buffers?

Modern buffing machines are relatively more durable and offer an array of high-tech features. While this is the case, not all the orbital buffers available today are good.

Again, buying a buffing machine requires a sizable amount of investment. You do not want to splash your money on a substandard product that will not last, do you?

As such, you should take your time and evaluate the available options while shopping for one. Not only should your preferred model be powerful, but it should also be ergonomic, comfortable and easy to control. Regardless of your preferences, this guide has all the information you need to buy the best orbital buffer.