If you’re a trucker, it’s highly likely that you’re looking for a good dashcam to sustain your story in case you’re involved in an accident or witness something news-worthy. A good dash cam will be capable of recording every bit of evidence you’ll need to help insurance companies cover for any expenses accordingly.

Nowadays, there’s a never-ending and ever-increasing number of reckless drivers plaguing highways and streets all over the country. Hence, finding an appropriate dash cam for your truck will help you ensure your safety and avoid any unnecessary expenses.

However, be warned that not every car dash cam will work for every truck. Besides dash cam, if you are particularly looking for a headset designed for truckers consider buying the Bluetooth headset for truckers. We’ll examine each device and its pros or cons.Best Dash Cams For Truckers

1. WheelWitness Dash Cam HD PRO PLUS – Best Overall

WheelWitness is one of the best dash cam companies on the US, and the HD PRO PLUS dashcam is arguably their best product. It comes with a free 16 GB SD card, too.

Plus, its installation is very straightforward. It takes almost no time to set it up. Although its viewing angle isn’t as extensive as that of other cams, its incredibly high video resolution makes up for it.

As a result, it can capture clear videos. It might only struggle recording license plates, but anything else should look incredibly sharp.

Additionally, you can download an app that lets you control the camera using your phone, which comes incredibly handy when you’re on a long trip. Likewise, the camera is small and very easy to carry around if needed; it also takes almost no space from your field of view.


  • A lot of customization options
  • Small camera
  • High-quality video recording
  • Stays steady even when the truck is moving fast
  • Voice recording capabilities


  • Its field of view isn’t as wide as that of other cameras
  • The instructions aren’t too clear and might confuse owners

2. WheelWitness HD PRO – Premium Dash Cam – Best HD Dash Cam

This dashcam is one of those less-expensive WheelWitness products. Most of their products are made with cutting edge technology. You can look at this cam as a budget version of the HD PRO PLUS.

It is capable of recording a very high-quality video and can show even the smallest of details that a trucker might need to sustain their story after a crash.

Its lens is incredibly broad and covers a vast range, too: It’s ideal for large trucks. Additionally, images are captured even when the cam is recording at places with little to no light.

Notably, it can loop-record as well. This feature allows the camera to automatically delete older recordings whenever the storage unit is full. Hence, it’s an important feature for those who tend to make long journeys and can’t afford to waste time sorting out their dash cam’s footage.

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  • Its wide lens makes it ideal for even the largest trucks
  • High-quality video recording even during the night
  • Records audible sound with open windows
  • Works well with flat windshields
  • Solid mounting options and easy installation


  • Doesn’t include an SD card
  • It’s very difficult to change and tweak things on the cam

3. Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 – Best Budget Dash Cam

This relatively cheap dash cam has a built-in night vision technology, which permits the camera to capture high-quality videos even in dark environments.

It is capable of recording traffic in very wide streets thanks to its huge lens, and it also offers 1080p video resolution. Sadly, this product doesn’t have an SD card included.

Plus, it requires you to get one if the product is to function correctly. Regardless, it does offer support for cards of up to 128GB of storage.

Moreover, it offers great visual and voice prompts, which allow owners to quickly make sure everything is okay. Additionally, its parking mode is also great.


  • Prompts are a huge aid for the owner as they allow you to make sure everything’s okay with the product
  • Easy setup
  • Works very well and records high-quality video
  • Its small size is perfect for the driver’s vision
  • Works very well with trucks thanks to its wide capture range


  • Night vision isn’t as good as advertised
  • The audio gets compressed and might be difficult to understand clearly

4. Old Shark Dash Cam – Best LED Dash Cam

The Old Shark Dash Cam is a great product that has good video-capturing capabilities. Its LED light-source is topnotch; however, the cam doesn’t include infrared technology as advertised.

On the other hand, durability is one of its most essential features. It can withstand long hours of constant use without showing any signs of breaking down.

Thus, you can comfortably drive with it turned on for over 12 hours a day with no problem. Additionally, its package also includes a 32GB SD card, which is a huge plus for buyers who’d like to avoid shopping for an additional storage unit. The surface is well presented and the product itself looks well built, too.


  • Includes a 32GB storage unit
  • Records high-quality video
  • Can sustain regular wear-and-tear for a long time
  • Its menu is simple to use
  • Long power cord allows easy connectivity


  • Poor infrared quality equals to bad night footage
  • Parking Mode sensor isn’t well made
  • A huge impact is needed for cam activation when parked

5. Accfly Dash Cam 1080P – Best Mini Dash Cam

This mini dashcam is capable of recording video in 1080p, making it one of the smallest but most effective dashes cams on the market.

However, its angle isn’t as wide as that of other products on our list. On the other hand, it still supports recordings at up to 120°.

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Moreover, it also comes with a handy sensor that locks recording after any crashes ensue. This scenario means that the section of the video which contains everything related to the accident will not be removed unless the owner of the cam chooses to do so themselves.

Another downside is that this product doesn’t include a memory card, but its size allows an SD card with up to 32GB of storage space. Additionally, the camera can be positioned without any problems on most windshields.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The charging cable is long enough
  • Night vision is beneficial
  • Can be installed shortly without any issues
  • It has a very affordable price


  • Doesn’t seem to last as much as the other dash cams that we’ve reviewed today
  • The instructions aren’t too clear
  • It has some minor issues with the SD Card slot – sometimes it won’t come out easily

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Dash Cam For Truckers

There are some important features that you should look for in a dashcam. To start things off, you’ll need to make sure that the camera is suitable for trucks – as we’ve said before.

Not every car dashcam will be useful when placed in a truck’s windshield. Furthermore, a well-made camera should be able to last for a long time without losing video quality or the overall sturdiness of its build. Additionally, we’ve listed more features to take note of.

Looping Capability

Looping allows the dashcam to delete the old footage to free up space. It permits the camera to operate continuously for as long as it stays charged without having to worry about deleting footage manually.

It’s important for this feature to be accompanied by good g-force sensors, as these usually make crashes stay “locked” in the footage and not be taken away from the cam’s memory.

G-Force Sensors

A g-force sensor is a feature that detects whenever the truck is involved in a crash to trigger a specific mechanism inside the dashboard camera. In most cases, it makes the recorded footage stay locked, disallowing automatic deletion without the trucker’s permission.

Motion Sensors

Even when the camera is off, motion sensors might allow the dashcam to turn itself on and start recording in case some incident presents itself while it isn’t active.

This attribute doesn’t only permit the camera to detect a potential crash, but it can also save the owner from a burglar looking to break into the vehicle.

Night Vision

If you often embark on long trips, you’re likely to find yourself on the road at nighttime. The night is usually a typical time for reckless drivers, so night vision recording might save you a lot of expenses.

Video Quality

All the dash cams that we’ve reviewed today offer HD recording. You might find cheaper cameras with a lower quality resolution, but the money you save in the dashcam might come back to haunt you later.

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Overall Reliability

The reliability of a dashboard camera is determined by how good its build is. If the cam is sturdy and well crafted, it should be able to last for a long time. Having to replace these dash cams often is an annoyance. Additionally, if it breaks down when you need it the most, you would regret your decision if you bought a lower quality product.


These products are often used in the truck’s front windshield, so their size needs to be small enough to not bother the driver by interfering with their view. On the contrary, if you intend to use your camera on your rear windshield, size isn’t too much of an issue.

Frequently Aksed Questions 

Q: Where can I buy dash cams?

You can visit local stores, but we recommend buying online to save you time and energy when you already know which would be the best dashboard camera for your truck.

For a start, you can scroll up and visit our recommended products by clicking on the links. If you are using a dashcam, consider buying the best under seat subwoofers as it will provide a full, quality sound. They’re designed for smaller, enclosed spaces.

Q: How many dash cams does a trucker need?

You can simply buy one for the front of your truck, but we recommend two cams: one in front and one on your truck’s rear. This is to ensure that you will be protected and with evidence on both sides of your truck in case something happens.

Q: What is the best dash cam for truckers?

Really, the answer to that would ultimately depend on you, the user, and the driver. Additionally, your truck would be a huge determinant, too. You can use our guide to figure out the best dashboard camera after you’ve taken notes of the factors we’ve mentioned.

Ready To Buy The Best Dash Cams for Truckers?

Spending a decent amount of money to purchase one of the high-quality dash cams we’ve shown you today will save you dollars in insurance costs in the future.

Wheel Witness stands out as the best brand, but Anker, like a few other manufacturers on our list, also competes for the title. Hence, pick one according to what truck you have and what lifestyle you follow.

Now, which of these are you going to buy? Are you considering purchasing two dash cams? Let us know your opinions below!

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