As an HR professional, you wear a number of hats and are often juggling a combination of job postings, candidate sourcing, interviews, and onboarding processes.

What if you had technology that could streamline all those hats into one system?

If you’re a small business, finding the right applicant tracking system can be daunting. There are 100s available to choose from.

We’ve narrowed the choices down to three; Workable, BreezyHR, and ApplicantPro. Looking at functionality, pricing, and reviews, we think you’ll find something here to fit your business.

Workable: Best Applicant Tracking System

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an applicant tracking system.

Of the three reviewed, Workable offers the most integrated system options.

At-a-glance views of candidates at each stage of the hiring process, and detailed reporting systems to help you improve and grow. For the small business owner, this is an all-around budget-friendly and easy to use system.

Our Next Best Applicant Tracking System: BreezyHR

Applicant tracking is a “breeze” with BreezyHR. Offering a wide selection of phone apps, 24/7 customer service, and other special customizations so you can hire candidates and run your business on-the-go.


The Workable applicant tracking system is our top pick due to its easy set up and multiple integration options.

An easy, affordable, intuitive applicant tracking system with a 10-minute set up and “try before you buy” trial membership makes Workable an overall solid choice.

Of the three applicant systems in this guide, Workable is the simplest to use. After initial set-up, you have immediate access to your dashboard and a selection of “how to” tutorials to get you and up and running within minutes.

A “promote” button allows you to promote your job listings across social media and other job boards driving traffic and growing your application and resume database.

Workable’s wide selection of integrated applications and job boards make it a stand out among BreezyHR and ApplicantPro.

Beyond the already wide selection of job boards such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster, U.S. Jobs, CareerJet and a number of other free job boards, Workable also has 15 more job boards available at discounted rates.

Everything, free or paid, comes through your Workable subscription so you don’t have to keep up with multiple sites.

Additionally, Workable includes a built-in database which you can access within your subscription. This resume database allows hiring managers to review resumes already posted for proactive candidate sourcing and hiring.

Within this system, you can search for and message candidates who fit your job profile. Special features include options to filter and organize by role and by type of meeting as well as candidate tracking by phase in hiring process.

Other features include custom scorecards and custom evaluation questions which can be linked to a candidate once they’ve been interviewed.

Helping run your business with optimum performance, Workable has a suite of customer service availability. Phone support during business hours and 24/7 support through e-mail and live chat are only the beginning.

An e-mailed onboardin process with how to videos, tutorials, FAQs and a training session flesh out the customer support and training options offered by a Workable subscription.

A full integration system including integrated e-mail and calendar systems with human resources software makes it easier to organize and run your business. With Workable, the entire hiring team is on the same page.


With a 15-day free trial, the option to pause/unpause your membership, and a tiered pricing structure Workable is a perfect budget-friendly option. Cancel at any time. Great for those who like to “try before you buy”.

Job posting membership options begin at $39/month for 1 job posting and increase to $129/month for 5 job postings. For a growing small or mid-size business, $399/month gets 40 job postings and unlimited users.


There is little downside to Workable. Unlike BreezyHR, Workable is only compatible with Android phone apps.

Additionally, though it is a 10-minute “plug and play” kind of set-up, there is no welcome program for those in the trial program.

And lastly, this applicant tracking system cannot be used by recruiters or staffing firms. It will block your efforts if you fall in this camp. For an applicant tracking system meant for recruiting or staffing firms, BreezyHR and ApplicantPro are better options.

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Keeping organized is the name of the game when sourcing candidates and Workable’s intuitive system has all the tools to help you get and stay organized.

At-a-glance viewing of to-do lists, planning and scheduling tools, and candidate information make it ideal for keeping your hiring process streamlined.

The most integrated of the applicant tracking systems, Workable currently offers around 30 applications.  The usual suspects of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google are some of the most well-known systems.

However, other systems include Slack, Tableau, and Trello.  With so many integrated options to choose from, Workable makes social recruiting and communication a snap.


BreezyHR is a great choice for a small mobile business (SMB) owner who manages a virtual team or who runs their business from their phone.

This applicant tracking system is compatible with all major phone system apps such as iOS, Android, and Windows and is the only one compatible with Outlook.

The Features

Mobile business at its best, BreezyHR offers business owners the opportunity to message their teammates as well as source and move candidates through the hiring stages.

Those piles of resumes on your desk which may or may not fit your job posting are a thing of the past with Breezy’s automated grader system.

Helping you filter through a stack of resumes, their system grades the candidate against the job, doing the filtering for you, so you can focus on the candidates who do fit the job description.

Additionally, though there are several sorting options available, one that stands out is the option to sort candidates by phase within the hiring process or by location.

Offering a branded career site, customizable e-mail templates, and automated candidate grader which compares and filters candidates based on job posting requirements, and modifiable questions.

Breezy’s unique features are a far cry from the “one size fits all” approach. Saving you time and money, these features allow you to create and add a career page to your website through the Breezy system with just a few clicks of a button.

Like Workable, Breezy integrates a number of systems to streamline your processes such as e-mail and calendaring. Additionally, they offer 20 job boards both free and paid saving you time and money.

Job boards such as LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed are probably the most well-known. But, to get your job postings into a wide selection of candidates, Breezy allows you to share on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, too.

You can also e-mail to your existing network. Keeping your hiring team on the same page, you can invite them to view postings and applicants through your Company To-Do List.

Keeping everything in one place, Breezy offers a simple report generator. This allows you to get an idea of where your candidates are coming from and how many looked at the posting compared to how many applied.

This kind of data can help you improve current and future job postings; whether your applicant pool is limited or overfull with applicants who don’t fit the bill.

One of the most unique and unusual features not offered by either Workable or ApplicantPro is the video interviewing capabilities. When your time is limited and you’re on the go, every minute counts.

As the worker retention rates evolve into the benefits of remote work, this video feature is a perfect solution for interviewing someone who will be working remotely or isn’t even in your city.

Support is a breeze with a full suite of customer service options. Going above and beyond, BreezyHR offers 24/7 live online support.

Phone support during business hours, e-mail support, and video tutorials including a short video to walk you through the set up process.

While a number of these options are offered with the other systems, Breezy goes a step farther. Their onboarding e-mail plugs into Google Chrome allowing you to easily link to a profile on LinkedIn or AngelList.

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A free 7-day trial and one free job posting makes BreezyHR one of the most affordable of all the applicant tracking systems. You can’t beat free!

Paid plans begin with 3 job postings at $49/month and up to 40 postings for $299/month; perfect for a small to medium sized business. An added bonus tier is custom pricing for unlimited postings at an enterprise level.

Unlimited users, no set up fee, and no binding contract make it a great option for businesses that have a lot of people on the hiring team such as recruiting or staffing agencies.


There are some great features within the BreezyHR system, unfortunately there are a few downsides. Some of these downsides are why it’s in second place in our guide.

With the shortest trial time of the three systems, it’s a bit limited and doesn’t really enough time to get to know the site.

Though it does offer one free job posting, it also requests a credit card at the same time seemingly with the assumption one will pay for more postings.

Lastly, a chat window is available to offer tips and tricks. This can be useful as you get to know the system, but can also be distracting.


Whether you recruit for the same roles constantly or just need the freedom of mobility to run your business, BreezyHR is a solid option.

Republish roles with the click of button, organize your candidates, see which job postings are live or review those in draft.


For personalized service and assistance, ApplicantPro can’t be beat. Rather than onboarding you and leaving you to navigate their system on your own an ApplicantPro Rep contacts you to determine your needs.Perfect for the small business owner who enjoys personalized service.

The Features

ApplicantProis aptly named as it strives to balance support of both the business owner and the applicant. Their system helps cut down on the time-consuming elements of job seekers calling or e-mailing with questions.

It’s free chat support for applicants as well as up to 50 free texts per month for a super easy way to stay in communication with potential applicants.

Tracking candidates using ApplicantPro can get a bit tricky due to its number of steps and drop down menus to get to the information you want to see.

However, you can rank your applicants by a system of stars and or by stage of hiring phase to more easily sort and filter them.

The personalization of your applicant tracking system doesn’t end with your Account Rep phone calls, it’s offered at every stage of the process.

ApplicantPro’s customizable dashboard lets you develop your own questions and assessments for prospective candidates based on your needs and requirements.

This helps keep you organized and avoid the pitfalls of applicants not fitting the requirements as they will be flagged, saving you time and allowing you to more quickly find candidates who fit your skillsets and company culture.

The ApplicantPro system when it comes to job boards is more targeted than Breezy or Workable. They offer over 5,000 niche sites specific to industry and city, some are free and some are for a fee.

Additionally, ApplicantPro offers 10 job boards for free such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and so on. It also integrates with your Craigslist and social media sites such Facebook and Twitter.

As part of your 30-day trial, the longest option compared to other systems, they include a careers website page specific to your company. While other systems offer the same, you have to pay first. This Careers webpage is offered during your free trial.

Customer support is offered 7 days a week during their business hours from 8am – 5pm MST. You can contact customer service by phone, e-mail, or live chat.

They also offer video conferences, training sessions (including two with your free trial), and a knowledge base on their website for quick access to frequently asked questions.


Pricing at ApplicantPro is based on number of employees, not job postings. If your business has less than 20 employees, prices begin at $79/month. For 21-50 employees the price goes up to $99/month and up to $129/month for 51-100 employees.

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They do offer annual pricing, essentially giving you two months free. For the small business with 20 employees or less, the annual fee is $795/annually; for 21-50 employees it’s $990/annually; and $1290/annually for 51-100 employees.

A 30-day free trial, no set up fee, and no contract gives you ample time to try out the system and if decide it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time.


The personalized service offered through ApplicantPro is a double-edged sword. If you’re not sure about the system or not as tech savvy as others, this is a good option. Account Reps are ready to assist you from the first phone call or e-mail request.

Unfortunately, the personal assistance can take over a week to get you properly set up eating into your 30-day free trial. Compared to the other two systems in which you could be set up and posting jobs within minutes.

Additionally, there is no option to try it on your own as won’t get your login details until after a couple of phone calls with the Account Reps.

Unlike the other two systems, ApplicantPro only integrates with BambooHR and leaves you wanting if you use other tools outside the HR space or you want to sync  your calendar.

Lastly, the interface can be a bit more difficult to navigate as opposed to Workable and BreezyHR.


ApplicantPro’s limited integrations, system apps, and multi-step process to view profiles make it less intuitive than the other two systems mentioned here.

However, it’s dedicated personalization and extensive free trial period make this a great choice for those small business owners who may not be as tech savvy as others.

Final Take on Applicant Tracking System

According to SmallBizDaily, HR departments will increasingly focus on data to improve recruiting processes.

As new advancements are made in the industry, it’s important to be more efficient with your time and resources so you can focus on the heart of your business—your customers.

Applicant tracking systems can help streamline processes and free up time for HR professionals to focus on other things such as employee retention resulting in better hires and less turnover.

For organizations facing piles of applications such as a restaurant, tech firm or staffing agency, an applicant tracking system can help keep your postings and candidate profiles organized.

Saving you time and money, the applicant tracking system can easily help you sort through candidate profiles matching your roles, scheduling your interviews, candidate communication processes, and tracking by phase of the hiring process.

It’s an at-a-glance overview helping you quickly move through the hiring process syncing it all to your calendar and inbox. All of these systems offer any number of job board posting opportunities so you can spread the word about your hiring needs.

Rather than spending your time posting on job sites one at a time, applicant tracking systems only make you post to one location and one click of a button sends job listings to all the integrated job boards.

By paying a monthly subscription to one of these applicant tracking systems, you free up your time and can spend more time focusing on hiring the right fit for your business and keeping your applicants organized.

Though Workable, BreezyHR, and ApplicantPro all offered custom careers pages making it easy for prospective candidates to apply, only ApplicantPro includes the option within your free trial.

These applicant systems were our top choices for their ease-of-use, personalized service or 24/7 customer support, and tracking and organizational options so you can spend your time and resources more wisely.

Whether you’re a new small business, your business is growing, or you just want to get more organized about your hiring approach and processes, there’s an applicant tracking system that’s right for you.