Whether a daughter, sister, niece, friend or neighbor down the street, little girls can be fun to shop for. At an age where she’s exploring her hobbies and enjoying life, gifts can fuel her delight. 

All 5-year-old girls don’t have the same interests. This is where you can discover what she loves to do and get her something that matches who she is. Especially as her interests can change weekly, you can help her uncover what she truly loves. 

When shopping online or in-store, the kids’ toy department can be overwhelming. With so many options, it can be tough to know where to start. 

To help, here we share 20 of the best Christmas gifts you can get for the 5-year-old girl in your life. 

1. Stuffed Toys 

Few other things in life can bring comfort and joy to a girl than a stuffed toy. These animals and characters come in all textures and levels of softness. You can also find these common and lovable toys in all sizes and price points. 

Find what her favorite character or animal is and get her a personalized toy to match. If she’s into animals like elephants, this soft and snuggly elephant is just $24 from Amazon. 

2. Lite Brite

The popularity of Lite Brite toys hasn’t faded, making it a great gift for the girl in your life. Give her the opportunity to express her creativity through lights. With small pegs of different colors, she can transform a dark canvas into a colorful design. 

These lite bright toys come in a variety of sizes and difficulty levels. That way, you can get her one that meets her interest level. This one from Amazon is just $15 and can bring her enjoyment for days. 

3. Books

Fuel her imagination with a new set of books. Book sets can help inspire a love for reading and a desire to learn. They can also create great opportunities for you and her to spend time together traveling through a story. 

Books for the 5-year-old level come in a variety of stories and characters. No matter her interests, you can find a book set that will connect with her. They may also make her want to read them for herself. Books come in a range of prices. check it out here

4. Puzzle

Give her an activity to challenge herself with a puzzle. Choose from a range of difficulty levels to help her create the full puzzle. Find a theme or setting that interests her and provide a fun activity to last for hours or days. 

You can find puzzles on essentially any topic and theme, so finding one she’ll like is an easy task. Amazon has a range of puzzle options, such as this underwater scene for just $12. 

5. Camera

If she likes to take pictures with your phone or camera, get her one for herself. Toy cameras can look very similar to the real thing. They come in a variety of colors so you can get one that fits her style. 

Toy cameras come in a range of functions, as well. From basic features to more advanced, they are perfect for her current age and in the future. This one from Amazon is just $27 and comes with a charger and microdisk so she can take and keep her photos. 

American Girl Doll

A doll can be a fun way for her to express her style and care for something. American Girl Dolls come in a range of character profiles, so she can get one that looks like her or choose her own features. 

These dolls are durable and last for years. She can also pick out clothes and accessories for her doll to keep the entertainment going. 

6. Barbies

If she’s not quite ready for an American Girl Doll, a Barbie doll is another great gift idea that’s great for little girls. They come in a range of characters and themes, so you can find one that cliques with who she is. 

You can also find accessories and additional toys to make the fun last for days. No matter her interest or hobbies, you can find a Barbie that represents what brings her joy. Barbie dolls are very affordable.

7. Card Game 

Fuel her love for competition and games with an easy beginner card game. Give her the opportunity to play with friends and family with group games like Uno or Phase 10. These card games are easy to learn and easy to keep on playing.

They also present a level of challenge that will keep her interested and engaged. You can find a range of card games with different themes and strategies. 

8. Coloring Book

Equip her as an aspiring artist with coloring books and crayons as a gift for Christmas. You can find a book theme for all her interests. Help her practice her skills of staying inside the lines as she colors and creates works of art. 

From princesses to animals to crafts to much more, there’s a coloring book for her. Get her pictures and messages that encourage her, like this. Remember to get her something to color with, too. Pair a book with a new set of markers, crayons, or colored pencils so she can get the right to coloring. 

9. Board Game

Create opportunities for family fun with a board game gift. Games designed for this age group are easy to learn and can help teach kids counting, math, and problem-solving skills. With games like Candyland, Sorry! and many more, you can bring fun for the whole family. 

These timeless classics are easy to find on sites like Amazon. Fuel her competitive spirit in a constructive way with a fun and engaging board game.  

10. Play-Doh 

Provide entertainment for hours with a collection of Play-Doh for the 5-year-old girl in your life. This safe and unique crafting activity is great for taking on the go and can be reused over and over again. 

Play-Doh comes in a variety of colors. You can even find gift sets that come in different colors.  

11. Legos 

Give her the power to construct her own towns and buildings with a lego set. What began as a toy set of standard shapes that fit together has evolved into a variety of kits to meet every interest. 

For girls especially, the line of “Friends” sets can be a great gift for the Lego-lover. Name an occasion or theme and you’ll likely be able to find a Lego set that matches. For example, you can find an Advent Lego set on Amazon to recognize the holiday season. Start or add to her extensive Lego collection with a kit that relates to her unique personality and interests. 

12. Princess Dresses

Let the princess in your life dress the part with a dress-up set. Let her choose which dress to wear for the day, or get her the dress that her favorite princess wears. 

You can find pretend play dresses individually or in a full set. For example, this one from Amazon comes with 21 pieces. With so much to choose from, she can mix and match her favorite styles. 

13. Bath Toys 

If she loves her time in the bath, get her some toys to enjoy it even more. Squirt toys like this Baby Shark set for $10 can bring laughter and joy to bathtime for both you and her. 

If it’s a challenge to get her to take a bath, a fun set of bath toys can make the activity more enjoyable. Find the animal or characters she likes and let her have some fun as she gets clean. 

14. Hatchimal 

Whether she’s just getting started on her collection or already has several, Hatchimals can be a great gift addition. These collectible little creatures have grown in popularity with the ability to help them hatch. By caring for and holding the eggs, she can hatch new friends to continue playing with. 

Hatchimals can be found in most toy stores, including on Amazon for less than $20. These sets can also come with different themes so she can continue collecting all different colors and characters. 

15. FurReal Pets 

Teach her the responsibility and joy in caring for a pet with a FurReal puppy, kitty or another animal. These toys can do tricks and can interact with her as they play together. Depending on what animal it is, it can bark, purr and jump in response to certain actions. 

For example, this FurReal puppy sits when she strokes his back. The fur is also soft and cozy, so she can have fun snuggling with her pretend pet. You can find them at many toy stores, including Amazon

16. Kitchen Play Set

Let her explore the fun of cooking without actually making a mess with her own kitchen playset. These sets come with realistic kitchen utensils and spaces but are designed for children. Let her imagination run wild with the opportunity to create her own dishes in her own kitchen. 

Many of these sets come with a variety of kitchen items and food so she can practice cooking and serve for hours. For example, this Melissa & Doug Star Diner Restaurant set comes with menus, a variety of kitchen tools, and food that she can keep on serving. 

17. Sports Equipment 

If she’s starting to explore her love for sports and activity, get her a gift to help fuel her passion. Many sports equipment items come in a range of colors and patterns so you can easily find something that matches her personality. Whether she’s girly or more sporty, an outdoor activity toy can be a great option. 

From soccer balls to tennis rackets to a softball glove, get her something for the sport she loves. You can also find one that’s as colorful and fun as she is, like this

18. Bicycle

Whether she’s just starting to learn or ready for the next level, a bicycle that fits her size can be a great way to keep her enjoying the outdoors. Bikes come in a range of sizes, colors, and features so you can find one she will be comfortable in. Get one that matches her style, whether that’s bright pink and girly or sporty and fast. 

Bikes also come in a range of prices so you can find one that matches your budget, too. Some starter bikes can be very affordable, like this one. Shop around to be sure to get the one that’s right for her. 

19. Hair Clips 

Give her some accessories to bring out her style and creativity with fun hair clips. These clips come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes so you can find a set that is right for her hairstyle. From simple clips to extensions to flowers, the options are endless. 

Find something that matches her personality and that she can play around with. For example, these fun extensions from Amazon are just $12 and can fuel her passion for fashion. 

20. Growing Kit

Let her grow her own garden with a growing kit. These fun toys are easy to use and can help develop her green thumb. 

While some toys help kids grow actual flowers or plants, others can bring about fun surprises. For example, this growing kit from Amazon transforms little beans into unique messages. Growing kits can be affordable and make a great gift, with many kits just around $10-15 depending on the skill level and purpose. 

Find A Gift That’s as Creative and Fun as She Is 

As you search for that perfect Christmas gift for the 5-year-old girl in your life, keep her personality and style in mind.

Know her interests and hobbies and find a fun toy or activity that matches that. Keep her skill level in mind as you choose toys or activities that she might be ready to try out. By remembering who she is, you can find a gift that’s sure to bring delight and joy to her.

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