10 Best Egg Cookers For Your Kitchen in 2018

Egg boilers, commonly known as egg cookers are a very nice addition to your home if you are an egg lover.

Having the ability to boil multiple eggs at once, at unbelievable speeds on top of that, makes the egg cooker a really nifty item to own.

It is very recommended to people that don’t have a lot of time on their hands or don’t want to use the oven just to cook a few eggs.

Another reason why I would recommend having one would have to be the amount of space they take up. With only a few inches in diameter, you will have zero issues storing them any place you want them to be!

When it comes to egg boilers, one would want to pay special attention the amount of eggs you can boil at once, the amount of electricity this product consumes and how washable the individual contents of the product are.

To help you out in that task and thereby narrowing your decision on picking an egg cooker for your home, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best egg boilers on the market!

Without wasting any more time, here are the top ten egg boilers for your kitchen!

Egg Cooker Review Center 2018

Image Egg Cooker Price Max Eggs Rating
Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker #1 – Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker Check Price 6 99.5%
Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Egg Poacher Egg Cooker #2 – Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Check Price 7 98.8%
Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker #3 – Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker Check Price 4 97.2%
Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker #4 – Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker Check Price 7 95.8%
Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker #5 – Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker Check Price 12 93.4%
Chefman RJ24-V2-Red Modern Stylish Design Electric Countertop Egg Cooker #6 – Chefman RJ24-V2 Electric Egg Cooker Check Price 4 90.2%
Elite Platinum EGC-207 Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker #7 – Elite Platinum EGC-207 Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker Check Price 7 86.4%
Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker #8 – Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker Check Price 7 83.4%
SimpleTaste Egg Cooker #9 – SimpleTaste Egg Steamer Check Price 6 81.2%
West Bend 86628 Automatic Egg Cooker #10 – West Bend 86628 Automatic Egg Cooker
Check Price 7 79.4%

Ready to buy?

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 picks, we’re going to give you more detail on each of them. Once you’ve decided which is best for you, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.

1) Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Giving you the ability to cook up to six eggs at once in any way you want them to, the Dash Go sets the pole up high on the list. Not only are you able to make poached eggs, you can also have them scrambled, boiled or even turned into an omelet!

This gives this egg cooker a lot of versatility even though one would think that considering the small size, it would have limited functions. Another stunning feature would have to be the fact that you can put all of the parts that are non-electric in your dishwasher. That means that you will not have to waste additional time cleaning the waste up after munching up all of your eggs!

What We Liked About It – I was very surprised by the one year warranty and all the addendums I had received in the box when I purchased this item. Not only was I acquainted with a handful of delicious recipes but I was also gifted a book curated by professionals, just for the sake of getting me to make even better meals. That was a really nice touch by the company and I really appreciate the respect they show towards their customers.

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2) Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Egg Poacher & Egg Cooker

Not only a double agent but also a lucky number holder! Having the ability to cook up to seven eggs at once, I was hesitant to believe in the quality of the eggs that would come out. After numerous experiments, I was finally convinced of the efficacy of this egg cooker.

The boiled or poached eggs that came out were very easy to peel and their taste didn’t undergo any changes! Another great feature of this egg cooker is definitely the cooking timer with the auto-off feature. Set your eggs up, push a button and go about your day as the auto off feature is there to prevent the eggs from overcooking or burning down your house!

I was also impressed with the measuring cup inside the box and the numerous different trays I was supplied with. It made me feel much more professional and it really made me feel like a genuine cook!

What We Liked About It – There are a lot of things to like about this model but the one that puts the icing on the cake has to be the lifetime warranty. I’m not sure how Elite Cuisine can do it, but somehow they do.  They want their customers to feel absolutely satisfied at all times and for now, they have me reeled in!

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3) Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

Reminded me of a small spacecraft or a UFO the first time I saw it. I really liked the design as it basically represented eggs inside of an egg which gave off a nice and aesthetic visual display. Its capacity is among the largest ones on the market, with the ability to poach or boil up to ten eggs at once.

It’s important to note that only four eggs can be poached at once and the omelet try only had three places to fit. That was a fact I had to learn the hard way as I wasn’t really paying attention during the ordering process. The engine behind the scenes contains a 600-watt heater, surrounded by a very sturdy build consisting of stainless steel.

I really think that Cuisinart have outdone themselves with this one! Additional features that were very welcomed would have to be the blue indicator that used LED lights, an alarm and a measuring cup which could be filled with up to 180mL of water.

What We Liked About It – As I was searching for a place to tuck the cord in, I found that the egg cooker had a special storage room built in just for that job! This really made things easier for me as I didn’t have to waste time searching for an adequate place to put it in. The product itself also looked much better and more professional without a cord sticking out of it. This egg cooker is headed in the right direction with their creative way of dealing with major nuisances. Can’t wait to see future models out of the woodwork!

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4) Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker

The design was really cute and well thought out. It actually made me fall in love with this model from the get-go. As for features, it doesn’t really stand out in any sort of way but it still lets you boil up to seven eggs at once.

A great addition to this egg cooker was a non-stick poaching tray, making the cleanup process even easier on the user. The inbuilt timer proved to be very effective and easy to program so I had no issues with under or overcooking!

What We Liked About It – A distinct feature of this egg boiler is its weight. Only having a pound to its name, I found that it can be transported very easily. If you have small children, you can assign them an easy task with the boiler and because it’s so easy to maneuver with the thing, they won’t have much trouble learning the ropes. Just remember to not leave them unsupervised for longer periods of time, better safe than sorry!

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5) Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker

This model reminds me of a wedding cake and it sure can be of use to a lot of people just like a real one! Twelve eggs at once seems a bit extreme at first, but when you consider bigger families it becomes evident that this product is very much needed for such occasions.

Because all of its accessories are washable in any dishwasher, the cleanup process isn’t a hassle you have to worry about. With the ability to make poached, boiled and scrambled eggs at such an amazing rate, it proves to be a much-needed upgrade to the previous model, the Dash-Go Rapid Cooker.

What We Liked About It – This monstrosity ensures that you will never have to worry about leaving any of your guests disappointed or malnourished. Put the eggs in, press a button and voila, nicely boiled eggs come out ready for consumption!

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6)  Chefman RJ24-V2-Red Modern Stylish Design Electric Countertop Egg Cooker

More colors! That’s the motto of the Chefman it seems, who have put in much work into the visual appeal of their egg cooker. I really fancied the buzzer on this egg cooker, as it annoyed the hell out of me but also ensured that I would be there once my eggs were done cooking.

Almost all of the parts were non-electric so my dishwasher could handle them without any problems. I once forgot to put any water in that thing as my mind was in another dimension and the egg cooker shut itself off automatically!

This has probably saved me a lot of explaining to do and I was really glad that nobody got hurt in the process as too much heat in a closed off environment can do a lot of damage.

What We Liked About It – The on and off button was really big and I didn’t have to scramble my way through all the buttons just to find a way out. I also liked how they gave me premium access to their websites that included tips, tricks and professional videos from chefs all over the world!

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7) Elite Platinum EGC-207 Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker

The first thing I noticed were the knobs, thank goodness someone thought of them! It makes grappling with the lid a lot easier and I didn’t have to feel on eggshells all of the time. What caught me off guard was the speed of this thing.

The water was ready almost instantaneously and as far as I recon, I had my boiled eggs in less than five minutes. The huge, red power button was a really nice addition to the whole mix as it stood out from everything else. This helped a lot as you were always aware of what was going on both inside and outside of your egg cooker!

What We Liked About It – I have never seen a piercing pin work as efficiently as it did with this model. The eggs I cooked were always nice and easy to peel with the yolk never showing any color but yellow. Very recommended!

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8) Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker

Although the company behind this egg cooker didn’t really put too much effort behind the visual appeal which is very basic in its nature, the materials used in building it are top-notch. The stainless steel ensured that I never had to worry about the stature of this egg cooker as I knew that it could survive harsh treatment.

While a seven egg capacity isn’t something you can gloat with, the miscellaneous included within the entire package were the real power behind this product. A measuring cup, a poaching tray and an egg piercers ensured that none of my eggs ever broke down and I always had the amount of water needed to do the job in my trays!

I also liked the automatic turn-off feature if the temperature went beyond a certain threshold. This meant that even if there wasn’t enough water in the tray, one wouldn’t have to worry as the egg cooker would just shut down, preventing any damage from occurring.

What We Liked About It – This is an all around great product with many included features. Nothing really stands out but on the other hand, there isn’t one spot that hasn’t been sufficiently covered by this model. My likability stems mostly from the balanced outlook of this egg maker. It will satisfy most anyone and unless you are in need of any specific features, you will be more than happy!

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9) SimpleTaste Egg Cooker

Very simplistic design that translates into the overall performance of this egg cooker. Ease of use being the main goal of this product, one would have to look at all the ways this was accomplished. Starting off with the cooking process, it’s very simplified as once you add in the water and the eggs, with a press of the button the entire operation is basically unfolding itself on its own.

Another point would have to be the ease of disassembling and assembling the product, making the cleanup process very fast and painless. The automatic turn off feature in case things went south was just an added bonus but I felt like I had to mention it!

What We Liked About It – Besides simplicity, one has to also think about functionality. Most of the time, these two don’t go hand in hand and are actually contra-lateral to each other. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that you can steam, boil or poach your food items. You heard it correctly, this product isn’t just limited to eggs.

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10) West Bend 86628 Automatic Egg Cooker

My first impression of this egg cooker wasn’t really the best. I didn’t find anything that was worthy of my words as the design was very simplistic and it didn’t feature anything else which hasn’t been seen before.

However, upon taking a closer look, I could see that it had quite the sturdy materials used in its build up.  The base was very heat resistant, basically giving me the ability to use the cooker without stopping in my tracks.

What We Liked About It – The measuring cup included with this model was a really nice breath of fresh air. I felt in control with that thing in my hand, as I could easily manipulate the numbers both in my head and in reality!

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How We Chose The Top Egg Cookers On Our List

Egg cookers have always been rated by a few of their talents. Here they are, fully uncovered:

1) Speed Of Cooking

Ideally, you want your eggs to be ready in around five to ten minutes. Everything else is overkill.

2) Capacity Of The Cooker

Most of the products in this realm hover between six and twelve. Depending on your needs, more might not always be better!

3) Ease Of Cleanup

The easier it is to disassemble an egg cooker, the lesser the burden when trying to clean it when you have finished boiling your eggs.

4) Materials Used In Building

I always tell the people around me to go for stainless steel as it is really the best material out there for such a delicate job!

5) Automatic Safety Features

I already mentioned that the auto off feature saved my life once. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you, especially if you have other things looming on your mind!

Why You Need An Egg Cooker In Your Kitchen

Having to search for a kettle, put water in it, wait for the water to boil and then put the eggs inside of the kettle, once again waiting for the lukewarm water to accommodate the eggs is such a complicated process.

If you want to enjoy life more you have to make it as simple as possible. Remember: Eggs are super nutritious and should be a staple in your diet.

Because I enjoy eating eggs and because you will often find eggs on my dinner table, I see no reason why one shouldn’t make a long term investment and get themselves one of the models featured in this article.

With an egg cooker, you can do so many things with your eggs and you never have to change your platform. Again, always remember the proven health benefits of eating eggs. Having an egg poacher WILL help you be healthier.

Boil, poach, create an omelet and so much more!

It saved me so much time, energy and nerves as I no longer had to go through a ritual when cooking eggs.

Just put some water in, place the eggs, press a button and that’s it!

This sort of simplicity and comfort is something that you have to consider as it is a gift towards your own self.

It’s a showcase of love and affection towards your own being so I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has to deal with eggs on a common basis!

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