Buying the perfect gift for someone can seem quite overwhelming or confusing. Maybe you have your eye on something that you “think” is the perfect fit. However, once you stop and truly think about it, will it really be what your recipient will love?

What about those people in your life that love A Christmas Story movie? You know the ones. They start quoting the scenes as soon as Thanksgiving is over and don’t stop till after Christmas.

Sometimes you’ll even find them quoting the scenes throughout the year! They make sure they watch it as many times as they can during the season, especially the 24-hour marathon! 

If you have those in your friends and family group that truly are fans, then you’re in luck! There are several gifts that you can give to them that will fit their love of the movie perfectly. Check out the list below of the top A Christmas Story gift ideas you’re going to want to investigate!

Best A Christmas Story Gifts Ideas

1. The Leg Lamp

You know any true movie fan has to have this lamp! While you can go the full-size route, this mini 20-inch version is perfect for your loved one. It sits perfectly on someone’s desk, side table or nightstand to help them get in the spirit of the season.

The lamp is a replica of the one in the movies and is sure to please all who are fans of the movie. It will be their “major reward” for the holiday season.

2. A String of Leg Lamp Lights

If you want to get the leg lamp for your loved one but maybe you don’t want to get a life-size version, here’s the next best thing! These leg lamp lights are the perfect way to decorate your tree, kitchen area, or window frame for the holidays.

You’ll find a total of 10-lights on the string and they measure around 30” long. This will allow you to string them indoors or outdoors for the perfect accent in your Christmas decorating.

3. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Shirt

For those who love to wear their movies on their sleeves, here’s the perfect gift. This t-shirt is made out of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend and offers a super soft feel.

The design features little Ralphie and the famous saying, “you’ll shoot your eye out” on the front. This is a great addition to any movie fan’s repertoire of gifts that they can even wear year-round if they choose. This shirt is officially licensed as A Christmas Story t-shirt and anyone you give it to is sure to love it!

4. A Pink Nightmare Shirt

Who can forget the iconic scene as Ralphie walks down in the gift sent to him by his aunt? This pink nightmare t-shirt is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face who has fallen in love with this movie over the years

It features Ralphie in the pink bunny suit with the words “pink nightmare” embossed on it as well.

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This is another 100% authentic t-shirt that has been officially licensed as part of this classic from 1983. You can machine wash this shirt as well as the other one to make sure it stays in tip-top shape all year. 

5. Pink Bunny Suit

Speaking of the pink nightmare, why not actually give someone the bunny suit? These pajamas are perfect for those cold winter evenings during the holiday season.

You can bundle up in the bunny suit as you sit down with hot chocolate, and of course, your favorite Christmas movie! Whether you’re giving a gift to a male or female, these are the perfect item for those who are fans.

6. Red Ryder BB Gun T-Shirt

Don’t forget the one thing that Ralphie begged for the entire Christmas season. There was just one thing on his list and this shirt will be sure to please that one person on your list!

This colorful red t-shirt is another great idea for anyone who loves the movie, and it is a year-round gift. It is made in the US and offers a comfortable fit for almost any size.

The shirt is already preshrunk so picking a size should be simple. It offers a soft cotton feel for those who love to slide into their favorite t-shirt before relaxing with the family. 

7. Official Red Ryder BB Gun

What Christmas Story movie fan wouldn’t love to have this under their tree? The official Red Ryder BB gun that Ralphie was after the entire movie! This official replica of the gift in the movie is perfect for those adult collectors in your life.

They’ll surely love this item as it takes them right back to the scene where Ralphie gets his on Christmas morning. This version does not have the sundial or compass but it is a great version for any fan.

8. Onesie for Little Fans

Are new parents on your gift list? Do they love the movie as much as you do? Then this onesie is the perfect little addition! This soft onesie offers short sleeves and comes in a variety of colors for the new little fan.

The front of the shirt has the lamp with the words Fra-gee-lay embossed on it. Of course, the leg lamp is on there as well! This is a great item for parents of little ones who are huge fans!

9. Quote Coffee Mugs

Do you have coffee lovers on your gift list? Then this mug is right up their alley. Featuring famous quotes from the movie, your loved one will enjoy their favorite coffee or tea in their new Christmas Story Mug!

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With the words, “I Triple Dog Dare You” at the top, they’ll be ready to face down any challenge that comes their way. The mug is white, and the words are in green and red colors to truly get you ready for the Christmas season.

10. Leg Lamp Coffee Mug

Here’s one more way for the movie lover in on your gift list to have the infamous leg lamp all year. This leg lamp coffee mug features the leg as the handle with a photo of the fragile box on the side of the cup.

This is another officially licensed product of the movie and features high ratings on Amazon. This high-quality item is ready for coffee, tea, milk, or whatever you like to sip on in the mornings as you’re getting ready to go about your day.